Thursday, June 17, 2021

CNN's Jeff Zeleny Slams Biden's Handlers : 'I've Never Seen A President So Protected By His Aides'

Daily Mail: 'I've never seen a president so protected by his aides': CNN's Jeff Zeleny slams Biden's handlers for 'screaming at him' to stop him answering questions 

* CNN's chief national affairs correspondent Wednesday criticized Biden's aides 

* He said that the press team were too controlling of the 78-year-old president 

* Biden has frequently joked about annoying his press team with too much talk 

* Zeleny spoke after a contentious press conference in Geneva 

* Biden was asked about meeting with Vladimir Putin and snapped 'What the hell?' at the reporter who posed the question 

* The president later apologized to CNN's Kaitlan Collins for being a 'wise guy' 

Joe Biden's aides are preventing him from taking questions, according to CNN's chief national affairs correspondent, who claimed Wednesday night that the president's advisors are regularly 'screaming at him to stop'.

Jeff Zeleny spoke on Wednesday after Biden's much-hyped meeting with Vladimir Putin in Russia. 

Biden angrily confronted Zeleny's CNN colleague Kaitlan Collins, asking her: 'What the hell?' when she questioned him about the summit. Biden later apologized, before boarding the plane to leave. 

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Update: CNN's Zeleny after Biden presser: I have never seen a president 'so protected by his aides' from our questions (FOX News)  

WNU Editor: The ones who are really protecting President Biden are not his aides, but media outlets like CNN.  

Update: The reaction to how the media treats President Biden continues .... EXCLUSIVE: 'We hear more about Biden's favorite ice cream flavors than the fact he can't answer basic questions': Republican Rep. says president is 'clearly incapable of running the country' with aides 'protecting' him from the press (Daily Mail).


Anonymous said...

Zeleny is harsh. Look back at 2009 and many critics noted Obama the first president with training wheels was pretty scarce.

Anonymous said...

^ yeah, but Obama was a novice. Not so with Joe, who has been in politics most of his life. This is different. This is a man with age-related issues that will only get worse with each passing day. And wack-tard Kamala is waiting in the wings.

Anonymous said...