Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Picture Of The Day

Putin and Biden look awkwardly ahead as photographers swarm around them before their talks inside the Swiss villa

The two leaders were flanked by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (left) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov 

WNU Editor: There is a good collection of photos of today's summit at the Daily Mail .... Biden and Putin's showdown starts with a VERY awkward photo op: Joe says 'it's better to meet in person' as face-off begins with little eye contact, few words spoken and aides telling press to 'go away' (Daily Mail). 

These photo's show how awkward the situation is. Take it from this Putin watcher. When I see Russian President Putin "man spreading", I know that is his signal of telling the other person "f___ you". It is a Russian thing.


Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ but America is losing. Look at the 4 sets of legs.

Meathead's knees are together like a timid person. He is going to get in trouble with his staff.

Blinken's knees are apart but his feet are together. It appears a mixed signal and it is. Blinken is a lion at home and a mouse abroad.

Putin's and Labrov's knees are apart and feet are apart. Both Russians are confident.

Maybe Meathead can mansplain to Putin that he, Meathead, garnered 81 million votes!

America Loser loser loser

Anonymous said...

Putin is there to do one thing. Judge for himself if Biden, or his handlers, will react strongly if he takes a free hand in Ukraine or the Baltics. Would not be surprised if the FSB has an asset somewhere close to Biden. Not necessarily to get national security information but to understand who’s in charge and their red lines.

Anonymous said...

Biden react strongly? You jest?

Biden reacts strongly to how his caretakers treat him.

Biden mutters he'll 'get in trouble with my staff' for taking extra question

It might be a joke. It might be a troll. Except he has said it time after time.

Look at the picture. Putin is looking off into the distance unlike Blinken and Lavrov. The cameras do not concern him.

Mas Biden. Ele está olhando para o Blinken.

Unknown said...

666 in brains soon on big head