Sunday, June 13, 2021

President Biden Is Expected To Reassure Europe At Tomorrow's NATO Summit


VOA: Biden to Reassure Allies of US Commitment to NATO Mutual Defense Clause 

BRUSSELS - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is set to discuss revising its strategic concept when its leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, gather Monday in Brussels. 

NATO last updated the document outlining its purpose in 2010. The security threats and challenges it faces have changed since then, according to the organization’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg. 

“For instance, in the current strategic concept, China is not mentioned with a single word. And climate change is hardly mentioned at all. And of course, our relationship with Russia was at a very different place at that time compared to where we are today,” Stoltenberg told reporters Friday. “Today, we are the low point since the Cold War in our relationship with Russia, and more sophisticated cyberattacks, and many of the challenges have evolved over these years.”  

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WNU Editor: The problem with NATO is that some of its major countries (i.e. Germany) have failed in their financial commitments and promises to build-up and modernize their military. 

So what to expect tomorrow?

President Biden will come and say the US is committed to NATO. But the ones who should stand-up and make that commitment are those NATO members who have failed in delivering the promises that they made to boost their defense budgets. 

Will President Biden pressure these governments as former President Trump did? 

I doubt it. 

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Jac said...

NATO is obsolete. We desperately need to have a new alliance, with different agreement and other countries.

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Jac said...

I heard about a Joe Biden "solo" talk after he meets Putin.
The American side think it will be safer for Biden, and yes it will be. That said, it will not be safe for the United States because Putin will have the possibility of crossing all the borders that it will not have to do in the case of a joint conference.

Anonymous said...

President Trump stated the truth about Germany. They don’t care about NATO enough to spend money on their obligations. He was right to want to withdraw 12,000:troops from Germany. Biden can slur all the platitudes he wants, the reality doesn’t change.
What is NATO without German strong commitment? A debate club in time of crisis.