Monday, June 21, 2021

The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Is Far From Over

DW: The coronavirus pandemic is far from over 

Many countries are reporting fewer new coronavirus infections. But global data indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is not quite over yet. DW sums up the current situation in three charts.  

What's the current global trend? The goal for all countries is to make it to the blue section of the chart and stay there. Countries and territories in this section have reported no new cases for four weeks in a row. Currently, that is the case for eight out of 188 countries and territories.  

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 WNU Editor: I agree. This pandemic is far from over.


Jac said...

This map is much more than stupid. The new US cases by 100,000 is hugely better than France or Germany, but the logic D.W. use is just helping the EU propaganda. ( Which is close to the USSR one).

Anonymous said...

false pandemic I'm the biggest witness, here in Brazil they killed 500,000 people with masks and intubation, now it requires a vaccine, they boycotted Chloroquine and it is effective, now this virus does it exist or in fact it doesn't exist and they were only eliminating people with respiratory and cardiovascular problems? 72% of the world's population has a cardiovascular problem I'm one of them.

Anonymous said...

try coffee