Wednesday, June 23, 2021

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Warns Congress That US Deficit On 'Unsustainable' Path


FOX News: Fed's Powell warns Congress that US deficit on 'unsustainable' path  

The US deficit soared to $1.9T for the first eight months of the fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office said 

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned Congress during his semi-annual testimony that the U.S. budget deficit, which is expected to hit $3.7 trillion this year, is on an "unsustainable path." 

"The United States federal budget has been on an unsustainable path for years now," Powell said Tuesday on the first of his two-day testimony. "And that just means the debt is growing faster than the economy, so debt-to-GDP is rising. That is, by definition, unsustainable." 

The U.S. deficit soared to $1.9 trillion for the first eight months of the fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office said. In May, the gap between what the government spent and what it collected hit $424 billion, more than twice the level it was at one year ago. The nonpartisan agency estimated that revenue in May totaled $175 billion — down $58 billion from last year, the result of a decline in wages and overall economic activity.  

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WNU Editor: I find it incredible to actually hear the US Federal Reserve Chairman admitting that the current deficit situation is unsustainable. And what is even more incredible is the lack of news media coverage on what he said. 

But this is nothing new from the Fed Chairman. He was saying the same thing in 2019 before the pandemic .... Powell: U.S. debt is 'on unsustainable path,' crimping ability to respond to recession (USA Today).


Anonymous said...

Democrats and activist allies are too busy looting the middle class to stop and listen to the chairman.

Anonymous said...

The second congress takes a step to correct it every reader of this blog will be flipping out in the comments because MUH STOCK MARKET!!!!

You can't have a sham economy AND your pensions. Choose one.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Not the USA, and I'm very happy with this decision and sure of it.

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This is only going to accelerate. People know what a sinking ship looks like, and this is it.

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Anonymous said...

I have always felt the problem with economists such as powell is that their days in school didn't include any psycology classes. They are too mechanical in their financial manipulations.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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