Saturday, June 12, 2021

When Will The Covid Pandemic End?


Miami Herald: When will the pandemic end? And will you need a booster shot? Where we'll be in 2022 

MIAMI — It’s 2022. And people have learned to live surrounded by the novel coronavirus and its many variants moving across the world that cause COVID-19. 

Employees are back in the office using a staggered schedule. Kids are in the classroom again. 

Live theater, concerts and sporting events are playing to audiences across South Florida. And people no longer need to wear a mask to enter a store or dine at a restaurant. Occasionally, you’ll still see someone masked up. 

The typical Miami kiss greeting is more exclusive, reserved for those you truly trust. And negative tests are still required for international travel.

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WNU Editor: Over 400 Americans died from Covid-19 yesterday (link here). The pandemic in the US is still far from over .... New U.S. COVID-19 cases and deaths jump to two weeks highs (Market Watch). But the US is not alone (see below). And there is the danger of variants (see above video).  

UK To Extend Lockdown One Month As Indian Variant Spooks Officials Into Vaccine Scramble (Zero Hedge)  

Moscow Shuts Down Workweek Over Massive COVID-19 Spike (RFE)  

India records 91,702 new COVID-19 cases over past 24 hours (Reuters) 

Nine in 10 African nations set to miss urgent COVID vaccination goal -- UN News 

Update: Like the common flu, this is probably going to be the case for the Covid coronavirus .... How does COVID-19 end in the US? Likely with a death rate Americans are willing to 'accept' (USA Today).


Anonymous said...

If you reduce the PCR cycles from 40+down to 30, as the inventor of the technique demanded, THEN you will see all these false positives disappear like magic.

Read up on the PCR test, its inventor and Nobel prize winner Dr. Mullis, and what he had to say about Dr.Fauci before he died a year before the outbreak.

So convenient. The guy who warned us about misusing his test for the detection of viral fragments dies a year before the outbreak warning us of the demon Fauci and his Democrat, ghoulish playbook

It's a coup
They stole the election
They used the fake pandemic as cover
They're terrorists
True terrorists

Hang them all. Nothing else will suffice for this crime against humanity


Anonymous said...

"Over 400 Americans died from Covid-19 yesterday "

You are getting old like the politicians.

How many were cancer patients, diabetic, obese etc.?

When local newsaper print obits n the trials and tribulations of people, who have succumbed, they usually have a full sleight of serious, life threatening pre-existing conditions.

Anonymous said...

the cause of death is the virus and as such is listed as that no matter what other health issue a person had

Anonymous said...

Most blue states will make Biden's July 4 vaccine goal. The red ones won't.

Anonymous said...

11:41 & 11:48 are the same stupid person, who is not quite human.

Getting a vaccine when you have already had the disease can be harmful, It can cause an overreaction. But all you are going for is vaccination rate and not immunity rate, natural or acquired.

You app0arently do not know the admonishment of Paracelsus or the Chinese proverb that all medicine is poison. If a person had a bout of COVID, getting vaccinated could harm them.

It would be easy to test people for COVID antibodies before vaccinating them. But them you would not have your control over people forcing them to get vaccinated or to jump.

11:41 you are a stupide turd and it is all you will be for your whole life.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house." - Heinlein

Heinlein had 11:41's number.

B.Poster said...

Anon (10:27)

Your first paragraph is spot on. The way the PCR tests are being administered is ridiculous and is bound to lead to massive amounts of false positives. As for the remainder of your post, I'd say the jury is still out.

The important thing now is end the lockdowns, end them now, and end the threat of future ones once and for all. They haven't worked, will never work, and only make things worse.

As to when the pandemic will end, if this isn't a bio weapon, the typical time it takes for a pandemic to "burn itself out" is two to three years. This would mean late 2021 to late 2022 with the most likely end being around mid 2022. If it's a bio weapon, then the usual rules may not apply.

To date, no one on leadership is acting as though they seriously think it's a bio weapon. The current China hysteria pushed by our leadership is seen by most as a distraction being put forth by US leadership. As the head of NATO pointed out recently they, in the context meaning western European leadership, do not view China as an enemy. Essentially they are telling our (American) leadership class the should thw current tensions between the US and China become "hot" no help from them will be forthcoming.

If it's a bio weapon, we're a little late in starting the investigation process. The perpetrators will have long since moved or destroyed the evidence. As such, the sudden 180 degree change appears to be entirely political.

As to what is an acceptable death rate, we'd first need accurate numbers. In the US at least cases and deaths are vastly overstated. The actual death rate is likely around .005%. Before we can do things like confront China regarding the origin of this we must first fix our misguided government response to this. Until such time I see little real enthusiasm among Americans to confront China. As to the rest of the world, I sense even less enthusiasm for such a confrontation and we will need stalwart and capable allies in order to be successful.

Anonymous said...

reality bytes:
1. we do not know the source for sure
2. if we could prove it started in China, how do we "confront" the country? nukes? stop eating takeout? toss out everything we own made in China
3. fix our country? the GOP in charge when virus arrived here. We now have a Dem to "fix our country?"

Anonymous said...

The Covid death rate in the US military has found a home at 1 in 7500. Anyone remember the days of the USS Roosevelt saga....

Anonymous said...

Start with the truth. That's the first step.
And aside from China , deal with the enemies at home that used the fake pandemic as excuse to push for unconstitutional mail in ballots with almost no oversight in the last minute.

The Democrats DID commit a massive crime.

Deal with this reality too.

There must be justice.

Anonymous said...


I'm reading an article about the Japanese Occupation of Guam. They sent a team of propagandists there to try to win over the Guamanians. One of their arguments was not totally ludicrous. As weak as it was it is light years better than any argument you ever made.

On #2, 7-% of the US does not believe you. The polls are continuing to shift away. What do you hope to gain? You do not believe you.

#3 The virus is mild. It has maybe 5% death rate among the elderly if they catch the disease and less than 1% if younger. The death rate would be lower but for the shyster Fauci, Dims, the press and others stopped effective treatment.

The best option would have been to sequester the sick and the old and let the virus burn itself out. The second best option is to vaccinate. Trump go that He got a vaccine in 35% to 40% of the time predicted. and had 1 million people a day being vaccinated 2 weeks before he left office.

"1. we do not know the source for sure"

Such foolery or bravery. you trying to enrage your neighbors, shill for the CCP or get picked up by DHS?

B.Poster said...

1.) We do not know for sure. This is correct. Given that we are so late in actually discussing a serious investigation into this, I'm not sure if we ever can know for certain. I'm pretty sure I addressed this above. Essentially the 180 degree turn appears to be entirely political in nature. Someone needs a distraction. No one in leadership anywhere in the world appears to take it seriously. The Western Europeans, at the least the head of NATO has, have made it very clear they aren't going to support escalation of a conflict with China at this time.

2.) First step is understand yourself, then understand the enemy, and then you can begin to formulate a strategy. Many of our citizens (American) are completely clueless about what a military confrontation with China will entail, what its cost will be, and what are our ultimate prospects for victory. Until we can properly calibrate our own response to the virus it's going to be impossible to muster much if any enthusiasm for such a confrontation. As I have pointed out elsewhere numerous times, the government response to the virus has caused FAR MORE damage than the virus itself. The Chinese government did not order this. "Nukes?" This is probably out of the question, as China and their major allies are well armed with these as well. Their combined capability in this area likely exceeds ours and, as I have pointed out, we really don't appear to have the necessary network of alliances to sustain such a conflict. "Stop eating takeout?" Perhaps, however, you may hurt allot of good people this way. "Toss out everything made in China?" Perhaps this would be a good place to start. Personally I have tried not to buy "made in China" for many years when it is possible. Enabling an adversary is never a good idea, however, to completely wean ourselves off of "made in China" will probably take some time. There do clearly seem to be non military ways to address this.

3.) "fix our country." What I meant by this was to fix how we have responded to COVID-19. China did NOT order this. A great place to start would be to STOP using the PCR tests in the ridiculous manner they are being used. "The GOP in charge when virus arrived here..." everyone who is paying attention knows our death numbers and probably case numbers as well are vastly overstated. With cases surging in places like Brazil and Europe combined with a recent surge in India and the consensus being that deaths are understated in places like Brazil, India, and Russia all of sudden our response especially that under president Trump suddenly doesn't look so bad. I remember when the aforementioned countries were raking us over the proverbial coals regarding our response to this!! Additionally, I credit Trump leadership with getting us a vaccine in record time and the marketing campaign to get Americans to take this in drove. As to whether or not a rushed through improperly tested vaccine is such a good idea is another topic entirely.

Anonymous said...

60% herd immunity is the best we are going to get, which would combine vaccines with infection earned anti bodies. The real number people should be keeping track of is the 65+ vaccine rates which nation wide are pretty solid (Utah in dead last at 60%, national average is 75%).

B.Poster said...

Anon (1:49),

Start with the truth is excellent advice!! In areas where we do not "know," honest analysis is needed in order to determine it.

As to how the "fake pandemic" was and is being used is relatively easy to determine as is the massive crime committed by the Democrats. As to any Chinese culpability, this is going to be harder to prove. Much of the massive crime and its proof are bubbling beneath the proverbial service and its going to be problematic to keep a lid on this forever. As such, I think it very possible that this explains the sudden 180 in the narrative regarding this. Someone desperately need a distraction. As to provoking such a fight to hide one's crimes, the best that can be said is the leadership class is completely clueless.

Anonymous said...

товарищ плакатман!
ах, вы вернулись после многих нападений, когда люди на военном участке увидели, что вы наш агент, но неважно, так что просто продолжайте говорить вещи, чтобы вызвать хаос в капиталистической стране, и это хорошо для нашей страны!

Anonymous said...

if you can say nothing in the way of substance but only say evil things about others who post then you are truly a person who is ignorant, emotionally immature, and a true misfit

Anonymous said...

11:41/2:42 is the prolific scold today. Must have gotten bored looking at porn.

Anonymous said...

sorry mommy won't let her little boy or girl view adult stuff...well, in a few years, after you get toilet trained.

Anonymous said...

1 at 12:07 PM
you cite a Chinese proverb. Does that mean China is NOT vaccinating its people? wrong. they are.
if blue states have a significantly lower rate of the virus than red states and this correlates to how many get vaccinated, then what this shows is that getting the vaccine works..there may be some consequences involved in getting the vaccine but overall it proves that where it is used it is effective and also shows THAT YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON..HAVE YOU BEEN VACCINATED? since you babble on, I assume not. Lots of luck.

Anonymous said...

Lapides you can do better, come on man!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on the data (published when and where) for the Pew polls YOU cite coward.

Anonymous said...

"you cite a Chinese proverb. Does that mean China is NOT vaccinating its people? wrong. they are."

There is nothing in the proverb that is anti vax. From the proverb a take away would be if a person has natural immunity from have had COVID, then do not vaccinate them as the risk benefit analysis would show that it is risky. You might get a bad autoimmune response.

But #s again. They confuse you.

Anonymous said...

“If your strength is small, don’t carry heavy burdens. If your words are worthless, don’t give advice.” – Chinese Proverb

Anonymous said...

Republicans, particularly those in the Senate, have not been able to break through to much of America with that particular note, unable to place much political pressure on Democrats who are wavering on these proposals.

In a late April Washington Post-ABC poll, 65 percent of Americans supported the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that Biden signed into law in March, while just 31 percent opposed it.

Support for Biden’s $2 trillion spending plan on roads, bridges and other infrastructure ranged in April, the last time it was reliably polled, from 49 percent approval in a Fox News poll to 68 percent approval in a Monmouth survey. But every poll shows support levels well above those not approving of that kind of mega-spending plan.
Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said there’s bipartisan support for an infrastructure package "especially at a time when rebuilding the economy is so important." (Washington Post Live)

Republicans have tried to beat the drum against the Biden agenda. For weeks Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has hammered away, echoing the critique from Larry Summers, former top economic adviser to the Clinton and Obama administrations, that the pandemic relief package spent way too much money and could prompt an inflation run.

But that message has, so far, been largely drowned out, especially in the conservative media echo chamber that is intensely focused on cultural issues that spark outrage and help ratings but do little to help win elections.

“Have we not been able to break through on the message in the broader way? No, we haven’t,” Cramer said Thursday afternoon, a couple of hours before his Newsmax interview shifted into a discussion of critical race theory at the Pentagon.

Anonymous said...

oday President Biden met with G7 leaders to discuss strategic competition with China and commit to concrete actions to help meet the tremendous infrastructure need in low- and middle-income countries.

Build Back Better World: An Affirmative Initiative for Meeting the Tremendous Infrastructure Needs of Low- and Middle-Income Countries. President Biden and G7 partners agreed to launch the bold new global infrastructure initiative Build Back Better World (B3W), a values-driven, high-standard, and transparent infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the $40+ trillion infrastructure need in the developing world, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through B3W, the G7 and other like-minded partners with coordinate in mobilizing private-sector capital in four areas of focus—climate, health and health security, digital technology, and gender equity and equality—with catalytic investments from our respective development finance institutions.

B3W will be global in scope, from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa to the Indo-Pacific. Different G7 partners will have different geographic orientations, but the sum of the initiative will cover low- and middle-income countries across the world.

In announcing this partnership, the United States and its G7 partners are expressing a unified vision for global infrastructure development. As a lead partner in B3W, the United States will seek to mobilize the full potential of our development finance tools, including the Development Finance Corporation, USAID, EXIM, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and complementary bodies such as the Transaction Advisory Fund. In doing so, the Biden Administration aims to complement domestic infrastructure investments in the American Jobs Plan and create new opportunities to demonstrate U.S. competitiveness abroad and create jobs at home.

In addition to the billions of dollars which the United States mobilizes in overseas infrastructure financing through existing bilateral and multilateral tools, we will work with Congress to augment our development finance toolkit with the hope that, together with the private sector, other U.S. stakeholders, and G7 partners, B3W will collectively catalyze hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure investment for low- and middle-income countries in the coming years.

Together with leaders of the G7, the Biden Administration fully endorses the guiding principles of B3W:

Anonymous said...

(CNN)The United States looks increasingly unlikely to reach President Joe Biden's July 4 vaccine goal. We need at least 70% of all adults to have one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and we're on pace to have somewhere between 67% and 68%.

The overall picture masks, however, an underlying pattern: Nearly all of the states Biden won will make his goal, while all of the states he lost are unlikely to.

The vaccine partisan divide among adults is greater than ever currently. As of Thursday's CDC report, 69.9% of adults in the average Biden-won state have received at least one dose, meaning those states have basically already reached Biden's goal with more than a little over three weeks to go.

Compare this to the states Biden lost and Donald Trump won, where an average 54.9% of adults have received at least one dose. The Trump-won states aren't anywhere close to where the Biden-won states are. You'd have to go back more than a month for the Biden-won states to be averaging a vaccination rate as low as the Trump-won states.

When you break it down by individual states, 13 of the 25 states Biden took last fall have hit the 70% mark. An additional 7 states have at least 67% of all adults with one dose, so they'll likely reach the 70% threshold by the time July 4 rolls around.

There are zero states that Trump took last fall that have at least 67% of adults with at least one vaccine dose. The closest is Nebraska at 62.8%, which is lower than all but four states Biden won (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada).

The only Biden-won states that likely won't reach the mark were among the very closest in the last election: Wisconsin and the aforementioned Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. Biden emerged victorious by less than 3 points in all of them.

Indeed, it's not just the binary (did Biden win or lose a state) that is increasingly predictive of vaccination rates, but how much Biden won the state by. On a scale of -1 to +1, the correlation is +0.85 between Biden's 2020 margin in a state and the adult vaccination rate in a state.

This type of correlation is rarely seen when comparing a non-political and political stat. It gives you an idea of how much partisanship is driving vaccinations.

Back at the beginning of April, when vaccines were becoming more readily available, this relationship did

Anonymous said...


Awe ADHD guy went back to posting complete articles. He is as lame as Biden is senile.

Anonymous said...

In the United States, political polarization has checked efforts to enact even modest federal climate change legislation for decades. Out of frustration, one might even say desperation, some activists have looked to the world of private investing and major corporations—yes, even oil companies—to press a climate change agenda. And those efforts have been somewhat successful. On the one hand, there are now reasonably large investment funds that, through their investment criteria, in effect take resources away from companies that have poor environmental track records and reward those who have better records. On the other hand, activists have also purchased stock in some of the major polluters and used their status as shareholders to push shareholder resolutions and fight for seats as outside members of the boards of directors. Remarkably, a third activist was just elected to the Exxon board.

This strategy should now be extended to the fight to preserve democracy in the United States. All across the United States, Republican majorities in state legislatures are pushing to restrict ballot access, and even to politicize (in their partisan favor) how disputes over the outcomes of close elections will be resolved. Distinguished political scientists see the United States as being on the verge of slipping from a flawed but real democracy to a nation where power will reside in an essentially anti-democratic (small d), even authoritarian party, regardless of what the majority of Americans think and desire. Of course, the Biden administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress are trying to enact federal legislation that would override anti-democratic legislation at the state level. But the odds of such legislation actually being enacted are slipping by the day. And if it is not enacted soon, state-level restrictions on ballot access and state-level gerrymandering could ensure Republican control of Congress as a minority party for years to come.

So far, corporations have been relatively quiet about the fact that the United States, at the hand of one of two major political parties, may be on the verge of losing its democratic system of government. It is true that Delta and Coca-Cola expressed their disappointment over Georgia’s adoption of an anti–voting rights law, and Major League Baseball went further, moving its All-Star Game out of Georgia. But there continues to be relative silence from major corporations around voting rights, even as bills restricting voting edge toward passage in dozens of states. That quiet is explicable. Big business and the Republican Party have had a long, close relationship, and the majority of CEOs probably are (or until recently, were) Republicans. More to the point, CEOs care about making money, and especially their companies’ short-term profitability and stock performance, and so it makes sense for them to try to avoid alienating Republican leaders in Mar-a-Lago, Congress, and the state legislatures.

Which is why corporations must be pushed to take a stand. Both through “democratically responsible” investment funds and shareholder activism, investors can push corporations to state loudly for all to hear which voting measures they approve and which they denounce. Investors could push for corporations to issue “democracy” impact statements, which would detail the corporations’ political contributions, relevant lobbying efforts, and other measures that affect the fight for preserving democracy in the United States. Investors might push corporations to commit not to make direct or indirect campaign contributions to any politician or state party that supports anti–voting rights legislation, or federal candidates who oppose measures that would protect democracy such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Admittedly, determining which investor demands on corporations would be productive in terms of the fight for democracy is not straightforward or obvious. But that is all the more reason why the effort to make those determinations needs to begin right now.

Anonymous said...

There the troll goes.

Anonymous said...

"There are a lot of people and organizations, representing the power structures in the United States, who have a stake in pushing the notion that the virus evolved naturally and was spread by infected bats in the wild. They insisted for over a year that it could not have escaped from a lab. Anyone suggesting it might have was branded a racist who wants to harm Asian people. Now they’ve got egg on their faces. They’ve shown themselves to be rabid partisans who thought it more important to smear Donald Trump than to protect the American people and American interests as they relate to China. They’ve been aided by corporate barons, professional athletes, and actors who care more about filling their pockets with Chinese yen than doing the right thing."

7:50 is that boat, the boat of the guilty.

Anonymous said...

Boy you love censorship!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liar and a coward.