Monday, October 25, 2021

China Removes Domes From Mosques In A Push to Make Them More 'Chinese'

The Dongguan Mosque in Xining, the capital of China's Qinghai province. | David Stroup, Author provided Conversation: China is removing ‘Arab-style’ features from biggest mosques in its crackdown on Islamic identity  

The removal of domes and minarets has sparked a backlash and even captured the attention of foreign diplomats. 

In the normally quiet city of Xining, the capital of northwest China’s Qinghai province, everyday interactions between the city’s ethnic groups – Han Chinese, Hui Muslim, Tibetans, Turkic Salars and others – usually pass without conflict or fanfare. 

But thanks to the municipal government’s controversial demolition of the entrance hall of the city’s famous Dongguan Mosque, one of the largest in China, the city finds itself squarely in the cross-hairs of a nationwide campaign to make Islam more Chinese or “sinicise” it – in the official language, “to guide Islam to be compatible with socialism”.  

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Update: China is removing domes from mosques as part of a push to make them more 'Chinese' (NPR)  

WNU Editor: When I was stationed in Fujian province in the 1980s the municipal and provincial leaders were always proud to show me their Islamic (link here) and Buddhist ancestral sites. It is shocking to see how times times have changed in just three decades.


Anonymous said...

That's nothing. Get this:

The USA removes the genitals of young children to appease the satanists and pedophiles among them

Anonymous said...

USA removes free speech, the constitution and human rights to appease Pfizer

Sad but true

If you accept this any longer it'll become norm. Hell on earth.

You reap what you saw

Jac said...

When China is doing something wrong....some have to blame USA. Very sad.