Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Nuclear Threats From North Korea Against The U.S.

N Korea Threatens US In Nuclear Warning -- Al Jazeera

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has warned that the US would not be safe in the event of a conflict.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has vowed that the Korean peninsula would be engulfed by nuclear disaster if war breaks out there again.

Kim warned on Wednesday that the US and South Korea would not be safe in the event of a conflict, as he said the countries' joint military training exercises could escalate to a full-scale war.

"If the war breaks out again in this land, it will bring about a massive nuclear disaster and the US will never be safe," Kim said in his New Year message, broadcast on state TV.

"We are faced with a dangerous situation in which a small, accidental military clash can lead to an all-out war."

Kim said he would not beg for peace and vowed to protect the impoverished but nuclear-armed North with strong self defence measures against enemies.

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