Thursday, December 1, 2022

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Warns A Conventional Clash With NATO Will Quickly Escalate Into A Nuclear Conflict


RT: Russia warns of ‘huge’ risks of sliding into nuclear war  

A conventional clash may very likely escalate into an outright atomic conflict, Sergey Lavrov has cautioned  

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned that any conflict between nuclear states is likely to escalate into an all-out nuclear war, and thus should be avoided at all costs. 

Аny war between nuclear powers is unacceptable. Еven if someone decides to start it using conventional means, there will be a huge risk of it escalating into a nuclear one,” Lavrov stated during a press conference on Thursday.  

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  1. Well maybe ivan should stay at home where he belongs.

    Brinkmanship is fraught with peril.

  2. When I see an arrogant diplomat playing at brinkmanship, I think the pugnacious shit looks punchable.

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  4. Thus Russia tired of their lives?