Friday, February 15, 2008

Blowback From The Assassination Of Imad Mughniyeh

Summary Of News Reports:

Hezbollah Vows To Hit Back -- Washington Times

Hizbollah's 'Open War' Threat To Israel -- The Telegraph

Hezbollah Threatens Attacks On Israeli Targets -- International Herald Tribune

Hizbullah Chief Mourned In Beirut -- Video From The Guardian

Mughniyeh Was in Midst of Planning Mass Terror Attack -- Israel National News

Killing Of Hezbollah Operative Costly For Syria -- MSNBC

Syria 'To Name Mughniyeh Killer' -- BBC News

Iran, Syria Probe Mughniyeh Killing -- Yahoo News

Mughniyah's Killing Offers Lessons For The U.S. -- MSNBC

Imad Mugniyah, Iran and al Qaeda -- National Review

Mughnieh Killing Exposes Hizbullah -- From Beirut To The Beltway

A Fitting Death For Terrorist Imad Mughniyeh -- Telegraph

Hezbollah Appoints Successor To Slain Commander -- Reuters

Mugniyah's Mother Pleased All Her Sons Died In Name Of Jihad -- Ynet News

My Comment: The death of Imad Mughniyeh, after being free to do anything that he wanted to do for the past 25 years, is probably a big shock for Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. There is no immunity from the actions that you are responsible for, and that while leaders in the West, Israel, and opponents to people like Imad Mughniyeh are always on guard for terrorist attacks, it appears that on the opposite side these leaders must sometimes be reminded that they are also not immune.

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