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Top U.S. Senator On Intelligence And Homeland Security: Russia Trying 'To Bring Down Our Entire U.S. System'

PJ Media: GOP Intelligence Senator: Russia Trying 'to Bring Down Our Entire System'

WASHINGTON -- A Republican member of the Senate Intelligence and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees warned Sunday that Russian hackers this election cycle "don't seem to be as focused on a candidate as they are just trying to be able to bring down our entire system."

The Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russia's 2016 campaign influence operation continues, and Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) lamented on ABC that distractions have taken Americans' eyes off the ball.

"I think the whole thing has gotten confused, quite frankly, is that Americans turn on the TV every day and regardless of what channel or where they go to look for news online or in print, it's constantly something else seems to be the story. I think we've lost track of the fact that the Russians were trying to interfere in our election and to sow chaos into our democracy. And every single day, I see a growing chaos in our democracy just in the constant accusations back and forth," he said.

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Update #1: Facebook says it has uncovered a coordinated disinformation operation ahead of the 2018 midterm elections (Washington Post)
Update #2: Wyden accuses Putin of seeking to exploit US divisions after Facebook revelations (The Hill)

WNU Editor: Hard to believe that a few Russian bots, Facebook sites and posts, and hacks can bring down the entire U.S. system .... that America is this fragile .... but if the above US senator, the Washington political establishment, and the media are to be believed .... that is where we are today.

Russian President Putin Has Created A Political Wing Within The Russian Military

Russia's President Vladimir Putin inspects warships on the Neva river during the Navy Day parade in St Petersburg, Russia, July 29, 2018. Reuters

Reuters: In Soviet echo, Putin gives Russian army a political wing

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin has created a new directorate inside the Russian army to promote patriotism, evoking memories of a Soviet practice that once saw soldiers taught the precepts of Marxism and Leninism by political commissars.

The move, approved by Putin in a presidential decree published on Monday, will affect Russia’s around 1 million active military service people and appears designed to ensure soldiers’ loyalty at a time when Moscow is locked in a geopolitical standoff with the West.

“In conditions of a global information and psychological confrontation (with the West) the role of political and moral unity within the army and society drastically grows,” Alexander Kanshin, who sits on a civilian body that shapes military policy, told Interfax news agency in February.

In the Soviet Union, a similar directorate worked to ensure that the army stayed loyal to the then ruling Communist party.

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Update: Putin Recreates Soviet-Era Patriotic Directorate in Russia's Army (Moscow Times)

WNU Editor: For some reason the Beatle's song "Back to the USSR" comes to mind.

U.S. Military Bases In Europe Are Dependent On Russia For Their Energy Needs

Ramstein Air Base in Germany

RCD: U.S. Military Sites in Europe Are Dependent on Russia for Electricity

As the Nord Stream II pipeline is beginning construction in the Baltic Sea, President Donald Trump warned that Germany has become “captive to Russia.” Representatives in Congress are also worried about European dependence on Russian energy. To ensure stable operation of critical sites, especially military assets abroad, backup power solutions should be an imperative.

In the first quarter of this year, Russian pipelines supplied 41% of Europe’s gas. Russian natural gas is cheaper for much of Europe because it does not need to undergo the liquification process. Countries that ship gas long distances have to transform it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) by cooling it to -260 degrees Fahrenheit. This shrinks the gas’ volume, making it easier to store and ship. When LNG reaches its destination, it is changed back to a gas and piped to homes and businesses to generate electricity.

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WNU Editor: If a major war breaks out between Russia and the U.S./Europe, the Russians are not going to cut off Europe's gas supplies, they are going to use conventional and nuclear weapons to obliterate these bases.

Iran Rejects President Trump's Offer For Talks

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani attends a news conference at the Chancellery in Vienna, Austria July 4, 2018. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner/File Photo

Reuters: Iran rejects Trump offer of talks as 'humiliation', without value

LONDON (Reuters) - Senior Iranian officials on Tuesday rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer of talks without preconditions as worthless and “a humiliation” after he acted to reimpose sanctions on Tehran following his withdrawal from a landmark nuclear deal.

Separately, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Trump’s repudiation of the accord reached in 2015 was “illegal” and Iran would not easily yield to Washington’s renewed campaign to strangle Iran’s vital oil exports.

In May, Trump pulled the United States out of the multilateral deal concluded before he took office, denouncing it as one-sided in Iran’s favor. On Monday, he declared that he would be willing to meet Rouhani without preconditions to discuss how to improve relations.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said Trump’s offer to negotiate with Tehran contradicted his actions as Washington has imposed sanctions on Iran and put pressure on other countries to avoid business with the Islamic Republic.

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WNU Editor: The Iranian government is responding to this .... President Trump Says He Is Ready To Meet With Iran 'Anytime They Want To' – With No Preconditions (July 30, 2018). The Iranian government is also pursuing a legal route against the U.S. government for its repudiation of the 2015 accord. The problem for the Iranian government .... and why this legal challenge will fail .... is that no document was signed, and no treaty was voted on. It was simply a verbal agreement and understanding among all the parties.

Are Current US-Taliban Talks Undermining The Afghan Government?

DW: US-Taliban talks could undermine Afghan government

A meeting between US officials and Taliban members in Qatar has raised hopes for peace in Afghanistan, but it also undermines the Afghan government's writ. Is the US willing to pay this price for Taliban talks?

Last week, a delegation led by Alice Wells, US deputy assistant secretary of state, held talks with representatives of the Afghan Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in a bid to kick-start peace negotiations and end the protracted Afghan conflict.

A Taliban official who participated in talks told Reuters news agency there were "very positive signs from the meeting," which, according to him, was conducted in a "friendly atmosphere."

The meeting, however, "could not be called peace talks," Taliban officials said, but admitted it could pave the way for future direct talks with Washington.

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WNU Editor:The U.S. may deny claims that they are undermining the Afghan government, but meeting the Taliban without the Afghan government present certainly sends the wrong message to everyone who is involved.

U.S. Closing In On NAFTA Agreement With Mexico. Canada Has Been Shut-Out

President Donald Trump is greeted by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the official welcoming ceremony at the G7 Summit in the Charlevoix town of La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada, June 8, 2018. (Christinne Muschi/Reuters)

National Post: Canada rejected in bid to be part of high-level NAFTA talks between Mexico and U.S.: sources

A source said the U.S. side, fuelled in part by Lighthizer’s dislike of Freeland, has decided to not even let Canada back into the process until it makes a substantive concession.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — American officials have taken the “highly unusual” step of rejecting Canada’s bid to take part in senior-level NAFTA talks between the U.S. and Mexico later this week, sources familiar with the trade negotiations said Monday.

One person said attempts by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to get a seat at the table in Washington Thursday were either ignored, or spurned outright by the office of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

Another source said the request to be at the meeting was made in a low-key fashion “so as not to spark a diplomatic incident” and was followed by “a retreat to diplomatic silence.”

Lighthizer is scheduled to meet Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo of Mexico after similar bilateral meetings between the officials last week made significant progress, analysts say.

Canada’s apparent sidelining follows Lighthizer’s recent comments that he hoped to strike a separate deal with Mexico, then use that as pressure to win compromises from Canada.

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WNU Editor: There are many reasons why I do not understand the Canadian NAFTA position (and I live in Canada making a living in understanding these economic trends). But demanding to retain their NAFTA access to the U.S. market while simultaneously retaining their ability to broker imported Chinese goods while the U.S. is in the middle of a trade war with China does not make sense to me. Nor does it make sense that Canada's manufacturing base be sacrificed to accommodate Chinese demands that their goods can enter Canada at the rate they are entering now. But such is the position that Canada is taking, and the media/political establishment/and business community is all in favor of it. My prediction .... Canada is going to be burned bad if this continues. As for Mexico .... they want a deal now, and they are probably going to get it.

U.S. Intelligence: North Korea Is Constructing New Missiles

Washington Post: U.S. spy agencies: North Korea is working on new missiles

U.S. spy agencies are seeing signs that North Korea is constructing new missiles at a factory that produced the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States, according to officials familiar with the intelligence.

Newly obtained evidence, including satellite photos taken in recent weeks, indicates that work is underway on at least one and possibly two liquid-fueled ICBMs at a large research facility in Sanumdong, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe classified intelligence.

The findings are the latest to show ongoing activity inside North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities at a time when the country’s leaders are engaged in arms talks with the United States. The new intelligence does not suggest an expansion of North Korea’s capabilities but shows that work on advanced weapons is continuing weeks after President Trump declared in a Twitter posting that Pyongyang was “no longer a Nuclear Threat.”

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WNU Editor: Japan's reaction has been contradictory. On the one hand saying the threat has been minimized .... Japan withdraws Patriot missiles as North Korea tensions cool (Nikkei Asian Review), and on the other hand saying the opposite .... Japan cites continued N. Korean “threat” in new missile defense system details (NK News)

More News On Reports That North Korea Is Constructing New Missiles

U.S. detects new activity at North Korea factory that built ICBMs: source -- Reuters
North Korea 'working on new missiles', US officials say -- BBC
North Korea Is Working on New Missiles, Report Says -- Bloomberg
US intelligence agencies determine that North Korea is constructing new missiles: report -- The Hill
WaPo: New indicators show North Korea potentially working on missiles -- CNN
US Intelligence Detects North Korea Developing New ICBMs - Reports -- Sputnik
US Intelligence: North Korea Is Continuing to Produce ICBMs -- The Diplomat
North Korea's missile program reportedly continues after Trump and Kim Jong Un's pledge to promote 'peace and prosperity' -- Business Insider

Monday, July 30, 2018

U.S. Wants The Afghan Government To Abandon The Rural Areas Of The Country To The Taliban

An Afghan Army soldier in Kabul, the capital, one of the urban population centers that a shift in strategy is meant to safeguard.CreditMohammad Ismail/Reuters

New York Times: Newest U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan Mirrors Past Plans for Retreat

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is urging American-backed Afghan troops to retreat from sparsely populated areas of the country, officials said, all but ensuring the Taliban will remain in control of vast stretches of the country.

The approach is outlined in a previously undisclosed part of the war strategy that President Trump announced last year, according to three officials who described the documents to The New York Times on the condition of anonymity. It is meant to protect military forces from attacks at isolated and vulnerable outposts, and focuses on protecting cities such as Kabul, the capital, and other population centers.

The withdrawal resembles strategies embraced by both the Bush and Obama administrations that have started and stuttered over the nearly 17-year war. It will effectively ensure that the Taliban and other insurgent groups will hold on to territory that they have already seized, leaving the government in Kabul to safeguard the capital and cities such as Kandahar, Kunduz, Mazar-i-Sharif and Jalalabad.

The retreat to the cities is a searing acknowledgment that the American-installed government in Afghanistan remains unable to lead and protect the country’s sprawling rural population. Over the years, as waves of American and NATO troops have come and left in repeated cycles, the government has slowly retrenched and ceded chunks of territory to the Taliban, cleaving Afghanistan into disparate parts and ensuring a conflict with no end in sight.

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WNU Editor: The Soviets implemented the same strategy when they were in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and it failed. The fact that the U.S. is following the same policy does not surprise me. It is being pursued to to fulfill President Trump's  election promise to leave the country and the war .... Can Trump Get America Out of Afghanistan? (Gil Barndollar, National Interest). My prediction .... if the U.S. and its allies do withdraw from Afghanistan, within a year the Afghan government will fall and the country will be fractured into competing tribal/sectarian regions. But it will no longer be a U.S. problem and responsibility (unless of course Al Qaeda or ISIS become dominant).

Mexico's Murder Rate Is Now At A Record High

A police officer looked on as members of a forensic team worked at a crime scene where a man was gunned down in Cancún, Mexico, on Sunday. Photo: Israel Leal/Reuters

Wall Street Journal: Mexico’s Murder Rate Hits Highest Level in Decades

The number of homicides rose 27% last year, highlighting the challenge facing President-elect López Obrador

The number of murders in Mexico rose sharply last year, pushing the homicide rate to its highest level since at least 1990 as violence among drug gangs persisted and highlighting the challenge faced by the incoming administration to contain criminal violence.

The National Statistics Institute said Monday the number of murders rose 27% last year to 31,174, the most on record going back to 1990 and equivalent to 25 per 100,000 inhabitants. The homicide rate rose from 20 per 100,000 in 2016, and was above the recent high of 24 in 2011.

Criminal violence began soaring in 2008 after the government engaged the military and federal police in efforts to rein in powerful drug gangs that were taking control of hot spots around the country. After a lull from 2012 to 2014, the violence took off again in 2015.

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WNU Editor: The economy, crime, and Mexican citizens fleeing the country for a better life will be the biggest problems facing President-elect López Obrador when he assumes office later this year.

Zimbabwe Chooses A New Leader In First Post-Mugabe Election

Reuters: Zimbabwe counts votes after first post-Mugabe election

HARARE (Reuters) - Counting began in Zimbabwe on Monday in the first election since the removal of former president Robert Mugabe, a watershed vote that could pull a pariah state back into the international fold and spark an economic revival.

The election is a two-horse race between 75-year-old President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a long-time Mugabe ally, and 40-year-old Nelson Chamisa, a lawyer and pastor who is vying to become Zimbabwe’s youngest head of state.

Mnangagwa is viewed as the frontrunner, though the latest opinion polls showed a tight race. There will be a runoff on Sept. 8 if no candidate wins more than half the votes.

Voting closed at 7 p.m. (1700 GMT). The official result has to be announced within five days but there will likely be an indication of the outcome on Tuesday.

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More News On Zimbabwe's Election To Choose A New Government

The Latest: Counting underway in Zimbabwe's historic vote -- ABC News/AP
Zimbabwe election: High turnout in first post-Mugabe poll -- BBC
Zimbabwe Holds a Peaceful Vote, Its First Ballot Since Mugabe’s Fall -- The New York Times
The Zimbabwe election isn't just about who wins, but how it's won -- Wilf Mbanga, The Guardian
Zimbabwe's historic election: A look at the top candidates -- FOX News/AP

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi: US Trade Gap Complaints ‘Perplexing’ But China’s Door Is Still Open For Talks

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi addresses the media during a news conference following his meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias (not pictured) at the Foreign Ministry in Athens, Greece, April 23, 2017. REUTERS/Michalis Karagiannis

SCMP: US trade gap complaints ‘perplexing’ but China’s door is still open for talks, Wang Yi says

Foreign minister repeats stance that Beijing doesn’t want a trade war

Washington’s complaints about trade imbalances between the US and China are “perplexing” but Beijing’s door remains open for talks, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday.

Wang, who is also a State Councillor, added that dialogue should be based on mutual respect while threats and pressure would be “counterproductive”, reiterating that Beijing did not want a trade war with Washington.

“China’s door of dialogue and negotiation remains open, but any dialogue must be based on equality, mutual respect and rules. Any threat or pressure by one side will only be counterproductive,” Wang said during a joint news conference with Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in Beijing.

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WNU Editor: China's door is not open for trade talks, and what's perplexing to the Chinese foreign minister is not the trade imbalance, but that the U.S. is now doing to China what China has been doing to the U.S. for years. This analysis is correct .... China Is Losing the Trade War With Trump (Donald L. Luskin, WSJ).

Update: This is only going to escalate .... Trade War Casualties: Factories Shifting Out Of China (Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes).

Update #2: Another analysis saying the same thing .... US is winning the trade war, and Chinese growth falling to 5 per cent will be the proof (David Brown, SCMP).

Update #3: I expect the Chinese will be doing this in the coming months, and the trade war will become a currency war with graver consequences .... Should We Expect A Large Chinese Yuan Devaluation? (Seeking Alpha).

President Trump Says He Is Ready To Meet With Iran 'Anytime They Want To' – With No Preconditions

CNBC: Trump: I am ready to meet with Iran 'anytime they want to' – with no preconditions

* President Donald Trump on Monday said that he would be willing to meet with Iran "anytime they want to."
* A meeting with Rouhani would be "good for the country, good for them, good for us, and good for the world," the president said.
* In July, Rouhani's chief of staff, Mahmoud Vaezi, said Trump had asked eight times for a meeting with Rouhani, and was rejected each time, according to a state-run news agency.

President Donald Trump on Monday said that he would be willing to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani "anytime they want to," and that he would impose no preconditions on such a meeting.

"They want to meet, I'll meet. Anytime they want," Trump said. The president's comments came amid escalating tension between the U.S. and Iran. Earlier this month, Trump threatened Rouhani in an all-caps post on Twitter that called out the Iranian leader by name.

A meeting with Rouhani would be "good for the country, good for them, good for us, and good for the world," the U.S. president said.

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WNU Editor: Iran's leaders have rejected President Trump's offer for unconditional talks .... Iran Sues U.S. to Stop Imposition of Trump’s New Sanctions (Washington Free Beacon).

More News On President Trump Saying He Is Ready To Meet With Iran 'Anytime They Want To'

Trump says he is willing to talk to Iran's leader without preconditions -- Reuters
Trump says willing to meet with Iran leaders 'any time' -- AFP
Trump says he'll meet Iran's leaders with 'no preconditions' after tense standoff with Rouhani and reports that the U.S. was ready to bomb Tehran -- Daily Mail
Trump says he would 'certainly meet' with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani -- Los Angeles Times
Trump offers to meet with Iranian President Rouhani, without preconditions -- FOX News
Trump says he'd meet with Iranian leader Rouhani with 'no preconditions' -- NBC
Trump offers to meet Iran without preconditions -- Washington Times
Trump says he would meet Iran's leaders 'anytime' with 'no preconditions' -- Yahoo News

Iran's Currency Hits A New Low

A money changer counts out US dollars for a customer, Tehran, Iran, Jan. 20, 2016. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

Daily Mail/Reuters/AP: Iran's currency in free fall as American sanctions loom following U.S. decision to withdraw from nuclear deal

* Iranian currency plunges to a low of 115,000 rials against one U.S. dollar
* Rial has lost about half of its value since April because of a weak economy
* U.S. set to reimpose sanctions on Iran after pulling out of 2015 nuclear deal

Iran's currency is continuing its downward spiral as increased American sanctions loom, hitting a new low on the thriving black market exchange.

On Sunday, the Iranian rial plunged to a low of 111,500 against one U.S. dollar on the unofficial market, down from about 97,500 rials on Saturday, according to foreign exchange website Bonbast.com.

Other websites said the dollar was exchanged between 108,500 and 116,000 rials.

The rial has lost about half of its value since April because of a weak economy, financial difficulties at local banks and heavy demand for dollars among Iranians who fear the effects of sanctions.

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Update: Iran's rial hits record-low 100,000 to the dollar (France 24)

WNU Editor: Iran's economy is already weak because of mismanagement, poor government policies, and corruption. This recent plunge is just another sign that people who have wealth and money in Iran no longer have confidence in the Tehran government when it comes to the economy.

Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: Russia Has Insider Knowledge On The Military Plans Of The U.S. And Its Western Allies

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. © Alexandr Sherbak/TASS

TASS: Russia has information on possible military plans by US, other countries, says Lavrov

Lavrov assures Moscow has information about schemes hatched by the militaries of both the US and other Western countries against Russia

DVORIKI /Vladimir Region/, July 30. /TASS/. The Russian Federation possesses the information about military plans of the US and other countries against it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday in his speech before the participants of the Russian educational youth forum Terra Scientia.

"Rest assured, we are aware of the schemes harbored by the militaries of both the US and other Western countries against the Russian Federation," Lavrov stated in response to the question about how Russia meets modern challenges in the sphere of security. The minister highlighted that Russia keeps its global military presence to further support its defensive capacity.

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Update: Russia Says It Will Know of U.S. Military Plans Before They Happen (Newsweek)

WNU Editor: I guess Moscow has confidence in its spy networks.

Ecuadorian President: Ecuador Is In Talks With Britain Over The Fate Of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Britain, May 19, 2017. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls Reuters

France 24: Ecuador, Britain in talks over Assange fate: Ecuadorian president

MADRID (AFP) - Ecuador is in talks with Britain over the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up at Ecuador's embassy in London since 2012 when he was granted political asylum, the country's president said in an interview published Sunday.

"The issue of Mr. Assange is being treated with the British government and I understand that we have already established contact with Mr. Assange's lawyers so we can find a way out," Ecuador President Lenin Moreno told top-selling Spanish daily newspaper El Pais.

"Mr. Assange has been in this situation for over five years and we have to find a way out for him. A way out that defends his rights, mainly his right to life, and which at the same time can give Ecuador the possibility to not have what, without a doubt, represents a problem for our country."

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WNU Editor: My gut is telling me that the Ecuadorian government is trying to arrange safe passage for Julian Assange to a safe country (probably Iceland). But this is nothing new, and the U.K. government has been insistent in the past that once he steps out of the embassy he will be arrested because of his legal problems with other countries .... notably with the U.S.. But Ecuador wants Julian Assange gone, and it looks like for Julian Assange, his time is running out.

U.S. Official: U.S. - Taliban Peace Talks Ended With 'Positive Signals' Last Week

Taliban walk as they celebrate ceasefire in Ghanikhel district of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan June 16, 2018. REUTERS/Parwiz/File Photo

Reuters: 'Very positive signals' after U.S., Taliban talks: sources

PESHAWAR, Pakistan/KABUL (Reuters) - A meeting between a senior U.S. diplomat and Taliban representatives in Doha last week to discuss a possible ceasefire ended with “very positive signals” and a decision to hold more meetings, people with knowledge of the talks said on Sunday.

The meeting between a delegation led by Alice Wells, deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, and Taliban representatives was first reported in The Wall Street Journal but has not been officially confirmed.

According to one Taliban official, who said he was part of a four-member delegation, there were “very positive signals” from the meeting, which he said was conducted in a “friendly atmosphere” in a Doha hotel.

“You can’t call it peace talks,” he said. “These are a series of meetings for initiating formal and purposeful talks. We agreed to meet again soon and resolve the Afghan conflict through dialogue.”

He said the talks had been held without the presence of Afghan government officials at the insistence of the Taliban.

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WNU Editor: I am not optimistic of these talks. The Taliban want only one thing from the U.S. and its allies .... withdrawal from Afghanistan so that they can then intensify their military operations against the Afghan government. The fact that these were held without the presence of Afghan government officials at the insistence of the Taliban is all that anyone needs to know.

Friday, July 27, 2018

What Do China’s Military Hawks Think Of President Trump?

The People's Republic of China flag and the U.S. Stars and Stripes fly along Pennsylvania Avenue near the U.S. Capitol in Washington during Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit, January 18, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Hyungwon Kang

Xiaofeng Wang, The Diplomat: What Do China’s Military Hawks Think of Trump?

Well-known hardliners react to the new U.S. security strategy and trade war.

Unlike President Obama, who gives first priority to terrorism, Iran, and North Korea, President Trump labeled conventional security challenges posed by Russia and China as prime threats, which signals a fundamental change in America’s threat judgment. It not only increases the possibility of confrontation and conflict between China and the U.S., but also explains the reason why Trump stages a trade war against China.

So said Luo Yuan, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Strategic Culture Promotion Association, in the press conference for the release of the annual report reviewing U.S. military power.

Retired Army Major General Luo Yuan is widely regarded as a key figure among Chinese “military hawks” for his hardline opinions against the United States and its allies like Japan. His frequent appearances on national television and his hundreds of thousands of followers on Sina Weibo (the Chinese parallel to Twitter) have given his strong influence both on traditional and online media. Previously, Luo’s hawkish opinions on China’s territory disputes with Japan had raised great concerns both domestically and internationally.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: I concur with the above report that China's hawks do not see any reason to change any of their policies. After-all .... they have been massively increasing their defense budget for the past few years, and they have been engaged in protectionist trade and economic policies against the U.S. economy. If I sense anything it is regret that the U.S. has become aware of what China is doing.

Syrian President Assad Wants Russsian Military Forces In His Country For The Long Term

Moscow Time: Russian Military Needed in Syria Long Term, Assad Says

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday Russian forces were needed in the country long-term and for more than just fighting terrorism, Russian news agencies reported, citing an interview with the leader.

"Russian armed forces are needed for balance in our region, at least in the Middle East, until the global political balance changes. And this might not even happen, we do not know. So it is important and necessary," Interfax news agency cited Assad as saying in an interview with Russian media.

He added that Syria's agreement with Russia over the Hmeimim military base was signed to last over 40 years, indicating that the relationship between the two countries was of a long-term nature, Interfax reported.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Besides the security guarantees, what Syrian President Assad really wants is billions in reconstruction and economic aid from Russia .... but I say good luck to that.

Should The Pentagon Be Planning For An Occupation Of Iran?

Joe Karle, Modern War Institute: The Pentagon Should be Planning for an Occupation of Iran, Even Though It’s a Nightmare Scenario

If President Donald Trump’s most recent tweets about Iran are any indication, a military confrontation with Iran is not off the table. And yet, there is almost certainly little consensus, even within the administration, about the wisdom of such a course of action. Mark Perry’s recent Foreign Policy article about Defense Secretary James Mattis’s efforts to avert war with Iran notes Mattis harbors no illusions regarding Iranian threats, but that he is also keenly aware any military strike would have broad and negative repercussions for the United States.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: The above author should add a fourth point to his analysis on why occupations fail .... and that is the will of the population from the occupying power to occupy another country. From my read on what is the sentiment in the U.S. and the current political environment, I would say that 90% (or more) of the American population would be against any occupation of Iran ... . a guarantee failure in my book. As to the question should the Pentagon plan for an occupation of Iran, I say do it. All that it will show is how difficult/costly/and bloody it will be.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis: U.S. Not Pursuing Regime Change, Collapse In Iran

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis testifies before a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the “Defense Department budget posture in review of the Defense Authorization Request for FY2019 and the Future Years Defense Program” on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., April 26, 2018. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Reuters: U.S. not pursuing regime change, collapse in Iran: Mattis

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has not instituted a policy of regime change or collapse in Iran, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Friday, saying the goal was still to curb what Washington sees as Iran's threatening behavior in the Middle East.

Mattis made his comments after days of back-and-forth bellicose rhetoric between Iranian and U.S. officials, with President Donald Trump promising dire consequences for Iran if it continues to make threats toward the United States.

Asked at the Pentagon whether the Trump administration had instituted a policy of regime change or collapse toward Iran, Mattis said, "There's none that's been instituted."

"We need them to change their behavior on a number of threats that they can pose with their military, with their secret services, with their surrogates and with their proxies," Mattis told reporters during an off-camera briefing.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Media reports are telling an opposite story .... Senior Trump Advisers Believe It’s Possible to Hasten Collapse of Iranian Regime (Haaretz).

U.S. Intelligence Report: Chinese Theft Continues In Cyberspace As New Threats Emerge

Washington Post: Chinese theft continues in cyberspace as new threats emerge, U.S. intelligence officials warn

China continues to steal intellectual property and trade secrets from U.S. companies for its own economic advancement and the development of its military but “at lower volumes” since the two countries forged an agreement in 2015 meant to curb the practice, according to a report published Thursday by American intelligence agencies.

The assessment, which also incorporates the findings of private-sector security experts, comes amid roiling trade tension between the United States and China that has spawned dueling tariffs on billions of dollars worth of goods. It is unlikely to quell concerns from the White House that China continues to pose a significant threat to American companies.

The report shows that China mounts a multifaceted approach to stealing secrets, which include computer software source codes, chemical formulas, and technology that can be used in weapons systems. Although it relies on computer hacking, China also acquires technology and know-how through joint ventures and purchases of companies, academic and research partnerships, and front companies meant to “obscure the hand of the Chinese government,” the report found.

Read more ....

Update #1: China, Russia, and Iran are working harder to steal US trade secrets and pose a 'significant threat to America’s prosperity,' according to a government report (Business Insider/AP)
Update #2: How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies (Zach Dorfman, Politico)

WNU Editor: The U.S. is not the only target that China is active against .... China ‘regrets’ EU’s allegation of intellectual property theft lodged with World Trade Organisation (SCMP/AFP).

Venezuelan Inflation To Hit 1 Million Percent This Year

CNBC: Venezuelan inflation predicted to hit 1 million percent this year

* "Sadly, it is a long story of economic mismanagement."
* Over 1.5 million people have left the county since 2014.

Venezuela is arguably going through one of the largest economic disasters in world history, with prices soaring uncontrollably each day.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said this week that the Latin American nation is "stuck in a profound economic and social crisis" and that inflation will hit 1 million percent by the end of the year. The Fund compared the situation in Venezuela to Germany in 1923 and Zimbabwe in the late 2000s, where the collapse in demand for money led to historically high prices and dramatic social issues.

"Hyperinflation brings the economic system to a halt: It scares off foreign investors, discourages local business, destroys the value of savings and wages for households, thus damaging long-term economic growth," Francesco Filia, chief executive officer at the London-based fund Fasanara Capital, told CNBC via email.

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WNU Editor: The solution from the Venezuelan government to solve this disaster is to lop-off five zeroes from its currency .... Maduro move to lop five zeroes off currency worries Venezuelans (Reuters). Someone should tell Maduro government that changing your currency is not going to halt hyper-inflation. What will change it will be a change in policies .... which everyone knows is not going to happen with this regime.

The Price For A Ford Class Supercarrier Is Now $15 Billion

U.S. Navy

Warzone/The Drive: CVN-81, The Fourth Ford Class Supercarrier, Is Slated To Cost A Whopping $15B

The price of a single Ford class supercarrier is approaching the size of the entire annual defense budget of Canada.

The cost of an American nuclear-powered supercarrier has risen massively with the introduction of the Ford class and there doesn't appear to be any relief in sight even as the design matures and is reproduced. Updated cost estimates were published in the Congressional Research Agency's latest report to Congress on the Ford class carrier program that was released on July 2nd, 2018. It comes as USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-79), already the most expensive ship ever built, continues to face major developmental issues and unforeseen cost overruns.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Speaking of aircraft carriers .... Mattis's New Unpredictable Carrier Strike Group Deployment Strategy Has Begun (Warzone/The Drive)

Nicaragua Is Now In An ‘Undeclared State Of Siege’

Miami Herald: Nicaragua in ‘undeclared state of siege’ as hooded gunmen rule the streets

Managua, Nicaragua: They ride in the back of Toyota double-cabin pickup trucks, assault rifles slung over their shoulders. No one knows their identities. They always wear black ski masks or hoods.

The gunmen — between 1,000 and 1,500 of them, according to some estimates — are part of a recently formed paramilitary force protecting the continued rule of President Daniel Ortega against a three-month-old civilian uprising. Their main tactic is terror. They conduct roundups, fire at protesters, carry out dark-of-night raids and menace the population.

The Pro-Human Rights Association of Nicaragua said Thursday that paramilitary forces have conducted 595 “kidnappings” and disappearances of citizens since the uprising began April 18. The group said it has tallied 97 killings since July 11.

“Today in Nicaragua, there exists an undeclared state of siege,” Alvaro Leiva, executive director of the rights group, said at a news conference.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: It has been 100 days since the uprising began .... It’s been 100 days since Nicaragua’s heroic uprising started (Tico Times), and the death toll now stands at 448 .... Rights group updates death toll in Nicaragua unrest to 448 (AP).

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Imran Khan Declares Victory In Pakistan Election

BBC: Pakistan election: Imran Khan claims victory amid rigging claims

Former cricketer Imran Khan has claimed victory in Pakistan's election, amid accusations of vote rigging by rivals.

In a television address, he said: "We were successful and we were given a mandate."

His PTI party is still expected to fall short of an overall majority, so it would have to seek coalition partners in order to form a government.

Campaigning has been marred by violence. On voting day a bomb killed 31 people at a polling station.

Mr Khan, the charismatic patrician who captained Pakistan to a World Cup victory in 1992, has long shed his celebrity playboy image and has recently faced accusations that his election challenge was benefiting from military interference in the nuclear-armed republic.

An official confirmation of the vote is still to come.

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WNU Editor: I hope these commentary posts are wrong ....

The Next Prime Minister of Nuclear-Armed Pakistan Really Hates the U.S. (Bruce Riedel, Daily Beast).
Imran Khan's dangerous victory (Shamil Shams, DW)

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Pakistan's Imran Khan claims victory despite partial results -- France 24
Imran Khan claims victory in Pakistan election amid accusations of rigging -- Euronews
Pakistan Elections 2018: Imran Khan's PTI set to become single largest party as rivals allege rigging -- DNA
The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Next Leader -- The New York Times
The many challenges awaiting Pakistan's Imran Khan -- Al Jazeera

Remains Of 55 American Servicemen Were Flown Out Of North Korea Today

New York Times: Remains of U.S. War Dead in North Korea Start Journey Home After 65 Years

PYEONGTAEK, South Korea — Remains believed to be those of about 50 American servicemen were flown out of North Korea on Friday, the first visible result of President Trump’s efforts to bring the American war dead home 65 years after the end of combat in the Korean War.

“We are encouraged by North Korea’s actions and the momentum for positive change,” the White House said in announcing the handover.

An American Air Force C-17 Globemaster cargo plane carrying the remains landed later at Osan Air Base south of Seoul, the South Korean capital. Hundreds of American service members as well as a military honor guard lined up on the tarmac to mark the return of the fallen soldiers.

From Osan Air Base, the remains will be transferred to the Hawaii-based Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, where painstaking forensic work will be carried out to identify them. Remains that were returned in the past from North Korea were found to be mixed with those of unidentified individuals and even with animal bones.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction .... this is going to be the first of many transfers.

More News On The Remains Of 55 American Servicemen Being Flown Out Of North Korea Today

U.S. military takes possession of remains that North Korea says belong to Americans who died in the Korean War -- Washington Post
White House: US plane leaves North Korea with US war remains -- USA Today
US military plane departs North Korea with service members’ remains, White House says -- FOX News
US military plane leaves North Korea with remains of soldiers from Korean War -- The Hill
North Korea hands over the possible remains of American war dead -- CNN

Update: This is incredible.

Are We About To Face An Oil Price Shock?

WNU Editor: If a war breaks out with Iran .... yes .... get ready for an oil price shock. On a side note, here is an interesting read .... The 4 Key Chokepoints For Oil (OilPrice.com).

Yemen Houthi Attacks On Saudi Oil Tankers Has Resulted In Saudi Arabia "Temporarily Halting" All Oil Shipments Through The Red Sea

Image from OilPrice.com

NBC/Reuters: Saudi Arabia suspends oil shipments through Red Sea strait after Houthi attack

The route is used by tankers heading from the Middle East through the Suez Canal to Europe.

Saudi Arabia said Thursday it was "temporarily halting" all oil shipments through the Red Sea shipping lane of Bab al-Mandeb — one of the most important tanker routes in the world — after an attack on two ships by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi militants.

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said the Houthis attacked two Saudi vessels Wednesday morning, one of which sustained minor damage.

The strait, where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aden in the Arabian Sea, is only 12 miles wide, making hundreds of ships potentially an easy target.

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Oil rises on U.S.-EU trade talks, Red Sea shipping suspension -- Reuters
Oil prices climb as Iran-backed Houthi rebels attack Saudi Arabian tankers -- Business Insider
Saudi Arabia WAR THREAT: Oil tankers BOMBED – Saudis BAN exports through Red Sea straits -- Express
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Factbox: Saudi Arabia suspends oil shipments through Red Sea strait -- SPGlobal
Iran’s Yemeni Proxies Put Oil Shipments in Crosshairs -- Foreign Policy

Australian Officials Belive President Trump Is Ready To Order A Strike Against Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hold a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., February 23, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

ABC News Online: Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say

Senior figures in the Turnbull Government have told the ABC they believe the United States is prepared to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, perhaps as early as next month, and that Australia is poised to help identify possible targets.

It comes amid intense sabre-rattling by US President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani.

The ABC has been told Australian defence facilities would likely play a role in identifying targets in Iran, as would British intelligence agencies.

But a senior security source emphasised there was a big difference between providing accurate intelligence and analysis on Iran's facilities and being part of a "kinetic" mission.

"Developing a picture is very different to actually participating in a strike," the source said.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: The Australian Prime Minister is downplaying these reports (but he is not denying them) .... Australian PM Turnbull says 'no reason to believe' Trump is planning Iran strike (The Guardian).

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani Has Just Threatened The U.S. In Very Specific Terms

Daily Mail: Trump Tower in ruins? Iranian special forces leader warns Trump that war 'will destroy everything you own' and boasted that 'nation of martyrdom' can strike U.S. military

* Major General Qassem Soleimani warned Trump in a speech that a war with Iran would 'destroy everything you own'
* The boast may be a suggestion that terrorists aided by Iran's military are prepared to strike the president's real estate properties
* Soleimani said U.S. military in the Red Sea area are not secure: 'Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him'
* Trump softened his tone toward Iran this week and said he might be ready for a new nuclear deal
* That came after he warned Iran's president that he would 'SUFFER CONSEQUENCES' for threatening the U.S.

The general in charge of Iran's elite paramilitary Quds Forces warned Donald Trump on Thursday that war with the Islamist country would eliminate his entire net worth, suggesting terrorists aided by Iran's military are prepared to strike his real estate properties.

'You know that this war will destroy everything you own,' Major General Qassem Soleimani said during a speech in the central Iranian city of Hamedan.

He also said the Red Sea is not secure while U.S. troops are deployed in the area: 'Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him.'

'We are near you, where you can't even imagine ... Come. We are ready. If you begin the war, we will end the war,' he boasted.

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More News On Iranian General Qassem Soleimani Threatening The U.S. In Specific Terms

Iran's special forces chief warns Trump: 'If you begin the war, we will end it' - Tasnim -- Reuters
Top Iranian General Says His Troops 'Ready to Confront' US -- Military.com/AP
Top Iranian commander says Tehran ready to respond to any US military action -- The Hill
Senior Iran military chief tells Trump: 'We're ready to stand up against you' -- The Guardian
Iranian general Soleimani: Red Sea no longer safe with U.S. presence -- Haaretz
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Iran’s Suleimani threatens Trump: ‘The Red Sea is no longer secure’ -- Al Arabiya
Qassem Soleimani to Donald Trump: 'We are a nation of martyrdom and we await you' -- The National
An infamous Iranian general just called Trump out hard — but he doesn't stand a chance -- Alex Lockie, Business Insider
Iran just threatened the US in very specific terms. Here's how the US must respond -- Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner

After One Year MSNBC Covered 'Stormy Daniels' 455 Times, 'War In Yemen' 0

Saudi Arabia has been leading a series of airstrikes against the Iran-backed Shiite Houthi militants since March 26. Above, a Saudi soldier fired a mortar at the Saudi border with Yemen on Tuesday. Photo: Reuters

FAIR: ACTION ALERT: It’s Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen

Why is the No. 1 outlet of alleged anti-Trump #resistance completely ignoring his most devastating war?

As FAIR has noted before (1/8/18, 3/20/18), to MSNBC, the carnage and destruction the US and its Gulf Monarchy allies are leveling against the poorest country in the Arab world is simply a non-issue.

On July 2, a year had passed since the cable network’s last segment mentioning US participation in the war on Yemen, which has killed in excess of 15,000 people and resulted in over a million cases of cholera. The US is backing a Saudi-led bombing campaign with intelligence, refueling, political cover, military hardware and, as of March, ground troops. None of this matters at all to what Adweek (4/3/18) calls “the network of the Resistance,” which has since its last mention of the US’s role in the destruction of Yemen found time to run over a dozen segments highlighting war crimes committed by the Syrian and Russian governments in Syria.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: As I have mentioned more than once in the past. My beef with the media is not on what they cover, but what they choose to not to cover. This story on MSNBC' s lack of coverage of the Yemen war is unfortunately just one of many examples on how news coverage is often skewed to cover a certain political agenda, while ignoring all other news stories.

U.S. House Republicans Move To Impeach Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein

Business Insider: Republican lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein

* Republican lawmakers say they have introduced articles of impeachment targeting the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.
* Conservative members of the House Oversight Committee have been critical of the Justice Department's ongoing Russia investigation into possible collusion between the Kremlin and members of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.
* They allege Rosenstein failed to produce documents related to the DOJ's probe, and that those that were released were overly redacted as an attempt to "conceal certain facts."
* Rosenstein has rejected the accusations, and Republican attempts to hasten the end of the Russia investigation, which is being led by the special counsel Robert Mueller under Rosenstein's oversight.

After months of threats, a group of conservative Republican lawmakers say they have introduced articles of impeachment of the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

The move follows months of wrangling between members of the House Oversight Committee and the Justice Department over the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

The group, which includes Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio, have accused Rosenstein and the DOJ of not being fully cooperative with the House committee's demands related to the Russia probe.

Rosenstein oversees the special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the federal probe of Russia's US-election interference.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: I am surprised that he is still in his job. He has lost the trust and confidence of the President, and he has alienated many Republicans who oversee the Justice Department. And while I doubt that the U.S. Senate will vote two thirds to impeach him, the very real possibility that the House of Representatives may impeach him should tell him that maybe his time is up.

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House conservatives move to impeach deputy attorney general -- AP
House Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein -- Fox News
Republican lawmakers launch move to impeach Justice Department's Rosenstein -- Reuters
House conservatives introduce resolution calling for impeachment of Rod Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel probe on Russia -- Washington Post

Iran's Government Fires Its Central Banker For Not Stopping The Collapse Of It's Currency

Valiollah Seif, governor of the Central Bank of Iran

New York Times: Iran’s Top Banker Is Dismissed in Shake-Up as U.S. Sanctions Take a Toll

Iran’s central banker was fired on Wednesday in the first senior shake-up since the United States abandoned the nuclear agreement nearly three months ago and restored sanctions, moves that worsened an already weak Iranian economy.

The dismissed official, Valiollah Seif, governor of the central bank for five years, had been widely assailed for what critics called his mismanagement of Iran’s monetary policy, which contributed to a steep drop in the value of the country’s rial currency.

Some also faulted Mr. Seif for failing to foresee that the Trump administration would withdraw from the nuclear agreement, which had eased economic sanctions in return for curbs on Iran’s nuclear work.

President Trump’s decision, announced in May, accelerated a capital flight from Iran that hastened the rial’s decline, unnerving Iranians who saw it as a warning of economic calamity.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Replacing him with someone else is not going to stop the decline of the Iranian economy. This is the Iranian leadership looking for a scapegoat.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Is Grilled By The U.S. Senate On U.S. Foreign Policy And President Trump's Private Meeting With Russian President Putin

The Hill: Pompeo spars with senators at testy hearing

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to tell lawmakers Wednesday what exactly President Trump discussed in private with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week in Helsinki, adding to tension and uncertainty on Capitol Hill over the administration’s Russia policy.

Pompeo’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee grew heated at times as he tangled with lawmakers over what the two leaders talked about during a one-on-one meeting that lasted about two hours with only translators present.

Read more ....

Update: Senators Grill Pompeo About Trump-Putin Summit Details (VOA)

WNU Editor:  U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is no Rex Tillerson.

President Trump Delays Proposed Summit With Russian President Putin Until 2019

Politico: White House delays Trump-Putin meeting, blames Mueller probe

The announcement appears to be part of an optics push that Trump is getting tough on Russia.

President Donald Trump will not host Russian President Vladimir Putin in Washington until 2019, White House national security adviser John Bolton said Wednesday, because it is Trump’s preference not to do so until “the Russia witch hunt is over.”

“The President believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over, so we've agreed that it will be after the first of the year,” Bolton said in a statement distributed through the White House press pool.

Despite the White House’s announced timeline for a second Putin meeting, there is no hard deadline for special counsel Robert Mueller to wrap up his Russia investigation, which Trump has often referred to as a "witch hunt." And there is no public indication that Mueller will do so by the end of the year.

Read more ....

Update #1: Trump delays proposed Putin meeting until 2019 -- AP
Update #2: After criticism, Trump delays second Putin meeting to next year -- Reuters

WNU Editor: As I had mentioned in a previous post, the Kremlin was shocked by the overwhelmingly negative press coverage and condemnations from Congress on the Helsinki Summit .... No Trump - Putin Summit In Washington D.C.? (July 24, 2018). More here .... McConnell: Putin will not be welcome at the Capitol (Daily Mail). In such an overwhelmingly negative atmosphere, the Kremlin saw no point in having Russian President Putin go to Washington, and told President Trump it was not going to happen.

President Trump: EU And The U.S. Have Agreed To Resolve Trade Issues

Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Says U.S. and EU Will ‘Resolve’ Steel, Aluminum Tariffs

President declares ‘new phase’ in U.S.-EU relations.

President Trump on Wednesday declared a “new phase” in the relationship between the U.S. and the European Union, agreeing to hold off on proposed car tariffs and work with the EU to resolve their dispute over metals duties, while also promoting bilateral trade.

Speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House alongside European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Mr. Trump said the U.S. and the EU had agreed to “work together toward zero tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies on non auto-industrial goods.”

“This was a very big day for free and fair trade,” Mr. Trump said. He said the U.S. and EU would “resolve” the steel and aluminum tariffs he imposed earlier this year and the retaliatory tariffs the EU imposed in response.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: If true, this is a huge win for the U.S. President. I am also surprised that the EU's resistance to President Trump's demands were mild .... from what I am reading they made some major concessions.

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