Thursday, August 31, 2023

Editor's Note

In the past year some readers have asked me why have I cut down on my postings. 

The reason why is simple. 

About ten years ago my mother was diagnosed with dementia. She is now 97, and her dementia is at level 6 (out of 7 levels). 

We made the decision to take care of her at my home, and the journey has been very rough. 

The past year has been especially difficult, and she is now entering the last stages of her life. 

She can be gone tonight. Or she can still be here next year. Only God knows when that will happen.

I am a person who has multiple obligations and responsibilities. Juggling my time and focus has been difficult.

I love posting my thoughts and observations on WNU. The feedback that I get is the bonus.

But there is only so many hours in a day. I post when I can, and when I cannot you will now know why.

Update: Thank you for the many kind comments. 

The picture of my mom below was taken two weeks ago. The drawing on her upper right was done when she was 19 years old. The picture beside that sketch is her granddaughter.

She has lived an incredible life. Those who know her best describe her as Russia's "Forrest Gump". All that I can say is that the people that she has met in her incredibly long life is jaw dropping. And yes .... everyone loves her. The common phrase that I always hear from those who meet her is that she is "so cute". :)

Russia - Ukraine War News Morning News Updates -- August 31, 2023 (Videos)


WNU Editor: Some details on the Pskov attack and possible NATO involvement are being posted. The New Atlas analysis on the war in the above video is also a must see.

Is The US Heading Into A Hot War With Russia?

Daily Caller: Tucker Carlson Predicts ‘Hot War’ With Russia To Defeat Trump In 2024 

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson predicted that a “hot war” with Russia would be used by opponents of former President Donald Trump to beat him in 2024.

“They will do anything to win. So how do they do that? They’re not going to do COVID again, whoever on the right is afraid they’re going to do COVID and mask mandates, they’re not going to do that,” Carlson told podcaster Adam Corolla. “They can’t do that. They’ve already been exposed. That won’t work. There’s going to be — no. What are they going to do? They’re going to go to war with Russia is what they’re going to do. There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in the next year.”  

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Update: US headed for ‘hot war’ with Russia – Tucker Carlson (RT)  

WNU Editor: Many in Russia already believe they are in a proxy war with the U.S./NATO. But having a direct hot war? 

If trends continue, especially in the U.S., I can actually see multiple scenarios where such a conflict can happen, and heaven help all of us if that does happen.

Was A NATO Member State Involved In Launching An Attack On A Russian Airbase?


Euro Topics: Attack on Russian military air base in Pskov 

Several Russian locations have been attacked by drones in recent days. A drone strike which destroyed parts of a military air base in Russia's Pskov region is making big headlines. The base is located around 700 kilometers from Ukraine, but less than 50 kilometers from Estonia. According to the Russian news agency Tass, four II-76 military transport aircraft were damaged. What are the implications of such attacks?  

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Update: Target hit 700 kilometers away!’ Zelensky celebrates Ukraine’s defense industry, possibly hinting at Russia’s Pskov airport (Meduza).  

WNU Editor: The Pskov base is only 50 km away from Estonia and 700km away from Ukraine. There are a lot of people skeptical that Ukraine has the ability and know how to not only know that these aircraft were there, but to launch it in such a concentrated and successful matter. 

But instead of focusing on NATO's possible direct involvement, Russian media is downplaying this attack. This tells me that the Krmelin does not want to inflame tensions, and it certainly does not want to be provoked to retailiate against a NATO member.  

Update #2: The first photos are in, and unlike earlier reports that claimed a number of craft were destroyed (link here), the damage appears to be minimal .... First photos of damaged Russian jets seen after Ukraine’s brazen drone attack on Russia’s Pskov airbase (New Voice Of Ukraine).  

Update #3: The denials are coming in, but I know in Russia no one believes it .... Estonia Denies Link to Russian Airport Drone Strike (Newsweek). More here .... Defense Ministry denies Latvia's involvement in Pskov drone incident (

White House Says Russia And North Korea ‘Actively Advancing’ In Arms Deal Negotiations


Politico: North Korea and Russia meet over arms deal, U.S. intel reveals  

The White House says Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un exchanged letters about working together. 

New U.S. intelligence shows North Korea and Russia are “actively advancing” high-level talks for additional weapons and other materials to assist Moscow’s brutal war in Ukraine, the Biden administration disclosed on Wednesday. 

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently traveled to North Korea to try to secure additional artillery ammunition, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters. Since that visit, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un have exchanged letters pledging to increase their cooperation.  

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White House Says Russia And North Korea ‘Actively Advancing’ In Arms Deal Negotiations 

Russia says it will deepen ties with North Korea, doesn't confirm Putin-Kim letter exchange -- Reuters  

Russia-North Korea arms talks are ‘actively advancing,’ U.S. warns -- NBC  

Russia and North Korea ‘actively advancing’ in arms deal negotiations, says US -- CNN  

U.S. says Russia has made 'shameful' moves toward new North Korea arms deals -- NPR  

North Korea-Russia arms deal inches closer -- The Hill  

Putin and Kim Jong Un have been trading letters as secret talks on getting North Korean weapons into Russia's hands are 'actively advancing,' White House says -- Business Insider  

White House says it has intelligence that Russia is trying to buy artillery ammunition from North Korea -- Daily Mail 

US warns N Korea against selling weapons to Russia for Ukraine war -- Al Jazeera  

Russia, North Korea 'Actively Advancing' Arms Deal For Ukraine War: White House -- Zero Hedge

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Tweets On The Russia - Ukraine War

Tweets Of The Day

An Interesting Interview With Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. In the current environment Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's remarks that the US drop its “bad policy” of military confrontation with Russia and seek peace instead will be ignored by Washington.

US State Department Urges All Americans In Haiti To Leave Immediately

FOX News: US citizens urged to leave Haiti as soon as possible, as State Department flags 'current security situation'  

State Department warns of 'current security situation and infrastructure challenges' in urging Americans to leave 

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday urged all U.S. citizens to leave the Caribbean country of Haiti as soon as possible. 

"Given the current security situation and infrastructure challenges, U.S. citizens in Haiti should depart Haiti as soon as possible via commercial or private transport," the State Department said in an updated security alert. 

"Multiple airlines and charter companies currently offer flights from Haiti’s international airports (Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien)."  

Read more ....

 US State Department Urges All Americans In Haiti To Leave Immediately  

US embassy in Haiti urges citizens to leave country 'as soon as possible' -- Reuters 

US citizens urged to leave Haiti immediately -- The Hill  

US Tells All Citizens to Leave Haiti as Violence Escalates -- Bloomberg  

State Department warns U.S. citizens to leave Haiti as soon as possible -- UPI  

US urges all Americans in Haiti to leave immediately and 'use extreme caution' -- Mirror

In A Charity Event Ukraine Telecom Operator Kyivstar Says 400,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Have Been Killed

WNU Editor: Kyivstar is a major telecom provider in Ukraine (link here). In their promo Kievstar said “400 thousand heroes will never answer the phone again”. The video has been removed, but this Reddit page was able to save it (link here). 

I think what they wanted to say was 400,000 Ukrainian casualties not 400,000 soldiers killed.

Russia - Ukraine War: Military Summary And Analysis For 8.30.2023 (Videos)


WNU Editor: A lot of interesting updates today.

Ukraine Orders Evacuations Near Kupyansk In Northeastern Ukraine Amid Russian Army Advances

RFE: Ukraine Orders Evacuations Near Kupyansk Amid Russian Shelling; Drone Attack Reported In Pskov  

Ukrainian authorities ordered the mandatory evacuation of residents near the frontline city of Kupyansk in eastern Ukraine as Russian shelling continued to take a civilian toll in the region and as U.S. leaders announced a new tranche of military assistance to aid Kyiv in its fight against the invasion. 

Meanwhile, officials in Russia in the early hours of August 30 said a drone attack in the northwestern city of Pskov had forced the closure of the local airport, Russian media reported. Details remained unclear, but authorities said the drone attack was repelled with no injures but that four military planes were damaged. 

The past 24 hours marked another bloody day in the war, with deadly attacks reported on civilian areas and heavy fighting reported in the east and south of Ukraine.  

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WNU editor: The Western media focus is on Ukraine's counteroffensive in the south,. But Russia's counteroffensive in north-east Ukraine continues to progress, and these evacuations orders from Kyiv do not surprise me. 

What also dos not surprise me is Oleh Syniehubov, the Kharkiv regional governor, admitting to the Guardian that most residents in this region are refusing to leave, blaming that most were not necessarily pro-Russian but rather often clinging on to “their basic ancestral home” where “all their relatives and family live”. .... ‘I couldn’t take it any more’: holdouts quit Kupiansk after renewed Russian shelling (The Guardian). More here .... An evacuation order finds few followers in northeastern Ukraine despite Russia's push in the region (AP). 

I know this part of Ukraine. The vast majority of these people have always identified themselves as Russians or as Russians living in the territory of Ukraine.

Russia Reports Widespread Drone Attacks Across Several Regions


CNN: Russia sees biggest drone assault on its own territory since invading Ukraine, as Kyiv strikes back through the skies  

Russia has seen the biggest drone assault on its territory since it launched its war on Ukraine while Moscow killed two men in a near-simultaneous bombardment on Kyiv, as the aerial intensity of the conflict ratcheted up. 

Six Russian regions including Moscow came under attack early Wednesday, while in the city of Pskov, near the Estonian border, several transport planes were reportedly damaged when drones targeted an airport. Russian officials haven’t reported any casualties, and claimed to have thwarted almost all of the strikes.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: Kyiv is saying that multiple targets were destroyed. Moscow has a different point of view .... Russian Air Defense Repels Mass Attack of Ukrainian Drones. All You Need to Know (Sputnik). More here .... Russian air defenses repel multiple coordinated drone raids – MOD (RT).

Russia Reports Widespread Drone Attacks Across Several Regions  

Ukraine updates: Russia says drone attacks hit 6 regions -- DW  

Ukraine war: Wave of drone strikes hits several Russian regions -- BBC

Regions Across Russia Targeted in Major Drone Attack -- Moscow Times  

Ukrainian drones strike deep in Russian territory, Moscow says, while a barrage in Kyiv kills 2 -- AP  

Ukrainian drones attack six Russian regions and hit military planes -- The Guardian 

Ukrainian drones strike six Russian regions, destroy planes at airfield -- Reuters 

Russia accuses Ukraine of biggest drone attack of war -- The Hill 

Russia Reports Ukrainian Drone Attacks in Multiple Regions -- VOA

'Drone attack' at airport in western Russia: Regional governor says Putin's military is repelling assault in city of Pskov near Estonian border -- Daily Mail  

Six Russian Il-76 Planes, Tu-22 Bomber Hit in Night Drone Raid on Pskov -- Newsweek

Military Coup In The African Nation Of Gabon


Reuters: Gabon officers declare military coup, President Ali Bongo detained 

LIBREVILLE (Reuters) - A group of senior Gabonese military officers appeared on television in the early hours of Wednesday and said they had taken power, after the state election body announced President Ali Bongo had won a third term. 

Appearing on the television channel Gabon 24, the officers said they represented all security and defence forces in the Central African nation. 

They said the election results were cancelled, all borders closed until further notice and state institutions dissolved. There was no immediate comment from the government of the OPEC-member nation.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: This coup happened minutes after Gabon's state body announced President Ali Bongo had won a third term in an election that many saw was fraudulent .... Gabon's Ali Bongo re-elected president in disputed election (France 24). 

 The ousted President was also a strong supporter of efforts to restore the civilian government in Niger .... Niger Coup: President Tinubu welcomes ECCAS support for ECOWAS (Premium Times). This coup is a huge blow for the West and their African allies.  

Update: This is the 8th coup in West and Central Africa since 2020 .... Gabon coup attempt follows military takeovers in former French colonies in Africa (France 24). 

 Update #2: Gabon is a member of OPEC, but the wealth is not being seen by much of its population .... Gabon's economy: A wealth of resources that fails to trickle down to the population (France 24). 

Military Coup In The African Nation Of Gabon  

Live: Gabon's President Bongo appears in video message from house arrest -- France 24 

Gabon live: President under house arrest as coup leaders meet for next step -- Al Jazeera  

Gabon coup: Army annuls elections and seizes power -- BBC  

Soldiers in Gabon say they’ve seized power and detained a president whose family ruled for 55 years -- AP  

Gabon military officers declare coup after Ali Bongo wins disputed election -- The Guardian  

Military officers in Gabon declare coup and place president under house arrest -- CNN  

Gabon coup attempt sees military chiefs declare election results "cancelled" and "end to current regime" -- CBS  

Gabon: Military seizes power after reelection of Ali Bongo -- DW  

Gabon Military Officers Say Deposed President is Under House Arrest -- VOA  

Gabon coup leaders to meet and decide Bongo fate, new leader -- Al Jazeera  

Who is Brice Oligui Nguema, alleged coup leader in Gabon? -- Al Jazeera  

Gabon’s wealthy, dynastic leader thought he could resist Africa’s trend of coups. He might be wrong -- AP

EU Officials Say Russian Sanctions Are Working

Insider: EU officials say sanctions against Russia have had 'hard tangible effects,' and that the country's future is bleak 

* Sanctions on Russia have had a withering effect on Moscow's economy, the European Union said. 

* That's one of the main reasons why Russia's economic future looks "bleak," according to one official. 

* Despite Putin's show of defiance, scholars say Russia is in a far worse state than the Kremlin has let on. 

Russia's economic future is looking grim amid signs that sanctions against the nation have had a lasting impact on its ability to function, according one European Union official. 

The European Union imposed 11 rounds of sanctions against Russia starting shortly after it invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Measures included kicking Russia out of the SWIFT global financial communication system, greatly limiting energy imports from Russia, and establishing a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian oil. 

"Some people claim these sanctions have not worked. This is simply not true. Within a year, they already limited Moscow's options considerably causing financial strain, cutting the country from key markets and significantly degrading Russia's industrial and technological capacity," EU official and European Commission vice president Josep Borrell said in a recent statement. "To stop the war, we need to stay the course."  

Read more .... 

Update: Russia earns less from oil and spends more on war. So far, sanctions are working like a slow poison (AP) 

WNU Editor: Other EU leaders have a different point of view .... Germany's Baerbock decries weak impact of Russia sanctions (DW). 

As to what is my point of view. 

All my family members, friends, and contacts in Russia are telling me the same thing. Sanctions have worked in making Western goods and products more expensive, but the shelves are not empty and all the basic needs are being met. And I expect no changes for the foreseeable future.

Russia is now a war time economy. The economy has been shifted to fight a war, not to boost a civilian economy. The standard metrics that the EU is using to measure the impact of sanctions on Russia do not apply.

The EU report is here .... Yes, the sanctions against Russia are working (EEAS).

Russian Propaganda Targeting Ukrainians To Surrender

WNU Editor: A lot of these ads on social media are focused primarily on Russian-Ukrainians to surrender.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Russian President Putin Agrees to Visit China in His First Overseas Trip Since The ICC Arrest Warrant

Putin commits to China visit in first major trip since arrest warrant  

FOX News: Putin commits to China visit in first major trip since arrest warrant 

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to make a trip to China this fall in what will be his first trip outside of Russian or allied territory since the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest. 

Putin's regime is preparing for him to appear at China's Belt and Road Forum in October, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. 

He has remained primarily within Russia or countries formerly held by the Soviet Union since the court issued its warrant in March, though he has also visited Iran.  

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Russian President Putin Agrees to Visit China in His First Overseas Trip Since The ICC Arrest Warrant  

Vladimir Putin Reportedly Visiting China In Farthest Foreign Visit Since The Hague Issued A Warrant For His Arrest -- Forbes  

Bloomberg: Putin to visit China in first trip abroad since his arrest warrant -- Kyiv Independent  

Vladimir Putin agrees first foreign trip since arrest warrant issued - report -- Evening Standard

Erdogan Announces Trip To Russia Where He'll Seek To Restore Grain Deal With Putin

Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Turkey's President Erdogan meet on the sidelines CICA summit in Astana © Thomson Reuters


Bloomberg: Erdogan Plans to Meet Putin Next Week to Discuss Grain Deal  

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to meet Vladimir Putin in Russia next week to discuss reviving the Black Sea grain deal. 

Erdogan could possibly go to Russia on Sept. 8, before traveling to India to attend the Group of 20 Summit in New Delhi, according two Turkish officials familiar with the matter. The Turkish presidency declined to comment. 

Erdogan wants the deal, which allowed Ukraine to export grain via the Black Sea and which Russia pulled out of last month, to be restarted. Global wheat prices have been volatile since then and especially after Russia targeted some Ukrainian crop-export infrastructure with drones. Erdogan is working to make sure that the world doesn’t face a food crisis, Omer Celik, spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AK Party, said Monday.  

Read more .... 

Update #1: Turkey's Erdogan to visit Russia 'soon' to discuss grain deal (Reuters)  

Update #2: Erdogan Announces Russia Trip Where He'll Seek To Restore Grain Deal With Putin (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: I have doubts that the grain deal will be restored. The West has shown no interest to meet Russian demands that their grain exports will not be impeded by Western sanctions.

Ukraine President Zelensky Wants The U.S. And The EU To Pay For Ukraine's Elections

CBS: Zelenskyy won't hold Ukrainian elections without 'financial support' from US, EU 

KYIV, Ukraine. (TND) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is demanding more aid from his country’s allies, saying it will be unable to properly hold an election otherwise. 

The statement came in an interview published by Zelenskyy’s office Sunday, in which the president named the ongoing war with Russia and martial law as significant factors preventing an election.

“I told him: if the United States and Europe give us financial support... I'm sorry, I will not hold elections on credit, I will not take money from weapons and give it to elections either,” Zelenskyy said, recalling a conversation with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “But if you give me this financial support, if the parliamentarians realize that we need to do this, then let's quickly change the legislation and, most importantly, let's take risks together.”  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: Newsweek is trying to parse the Ukrainian President's words .... Fact Check: Is Zelensky Refusing to Hold Ukraine Election Unless U.S. Pays? (Newsweek). The problem is that on Ukraine President Zelensky' own web site, he is very blunt on what he needs .... Volodymyr Zelenskyy: The United States and the EU should share the risks of possible elections in Ukraine during the war (Ukraine President Official Web Site).  

Update: There is some truth to this .... Ukraine considers elections to boost Zelensky’s popularity – El Pais (RT)

Update #2: US Senator Graham is onboard (see tweet below).

At The Start Of The War Sholz And Macron Were Surprised That Putin Did Not Bring Up The Issue Of Sanctions In Their Discussions

Ukrainska Pravda: Scholz reveals details of talks with Putin: conspiracy theories and odd reaction to sanctions 

Journalist Stephan Lamby has gained access to the transcript of a conversation between German Сhancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron during which they discussed their talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The talks between Scholz and Putin were held on 4 March 2022, day nine of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Scholz revealed in his conversation with Macron that the situation "is not getting better".  

Read more ....  

Update #1: Putin’s attitude to Western sanctions shocked Scholz – Bild (RT)  

Update #2: Scholz, Macron wonder why Putin kept quiet about sanctions in 2022 talks with them — Bild (TASS)  

WNU Editor: It is always something to see the "Masters of the Universe" being surprised when they notice their actions are being ignored by others. This Bild article tells me that the Kremlin had already game-planned-out the impact that sanctions would have.

BBC Admits There Has Been A Dramatic Rise In Ukraine's Number Of Dead

Flags fly above soldiers' graves in a cemetery in Lviv  

BBC: 'Dying by the dozens every day' - Ukraine losses climb 

There has been a dramatic rise in Ukraine's number of dead, according to new estimates by unnamed US officials. The BBC's Quentin Sommerville has been on the front line in the east, where the grim task of counting the dead has become a daily reality. 

The unknown soldiers lie piled high in a small brick mortuary, not very far from the front line in Donetsk, where 26-year-old Margo says she speaks to the dead.

"It may sound weird… but I'm the one who wants to apologise for their deaths. I want to thank them somehow. It's as if they can hear, but they can't respond." 

At her cluttered desk outside the mortuary's heavy door, she sits, pen in hand. It is her job to record the particulars of the fallen. 

Ukraine gives no official toll of its war dead - the Ukrainian armed forces have reiterated that their war casualty numbers are a state secret - but Margo knows the losses are huge.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: These stats do not include Ukraine missing. My Ukraine sources are quoting double what the BBC is reporting, and they are also not including the missing.

Ukraine Claims To Have Developed Submarine Kamikaze Drones

Naval News: Ukraine’s new underwater drone Marichka breaks cover 

On August 23, 2023, several Ukrainian accounts on social media released a video showing Ukraine's new underwater suicide drone named "Marichka". 

According to the footage, the Marichka is a black-colored unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) with a length of 6 meters and a range of about 1000 kilometers. It can perform attack, transport or reconnaissance missions. 

The payload capacity and other technical details of the drone are yet to be known.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: Ukraine has formed a specialized maritime drone brigade .... Ukraine forms maritime drone brigade (New Voice). More here .... Ukraine unveils specialized brigade dedicated to operating naval drones (Navy Recognition). 

Ukraine Claims To Have Developed Submarine Kamikaze Drones 

Ukraine shows off its next-generation 20-foot-long underwater drone designed to sink Russian warships from below the surface -- Insider  

Ukraine unveils suicide submarine to take out Russia's warships -- DNYUZ/The Telegraph  

Ukraine unveils new underwater drone Marichka to counter Russia Navy in Black Sea -- Navy Recognition

US Inelligence Accuses Some Westerners Of Laundering Russian Propaganda

CNN: Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners  

Washington CNN — Russian intelligence is operating a systematic program to launder pro-Kremlin propaganda through private relationships between Russian operatives and unwitting US and western targets, according to newly declassified US intelligence. 

US intelligence agencies believe that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is attempting to influence public policy and public opinion in the West by directing Russian civilians to build relationships with influential US and Western individuals and then disseminate narratives that support Kremlin objectives, obscuring the FSB’s role through layers of ostensibly independent actors.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: Here are some who are not buying this CNN/US intelligence report .... Another Day, Another CIA Press Release Disguised As News (Caitlin Johnstone). More here .... "Information Designed To Show ..." (Moon of Alabama).

Monday, August 28, 2023

Russia - Ukraine War: Military Summary And Analysis For 8.28.2023 (Videos)


WNU Editor: A lot of updates today.

Tweets On The Russia - Ukraine War

Tweets Of The Day

Protests Against Syrian President Assad's Government Growing


The Guardian: Syrian protests enter second week with calls for Assad to go 

Demonstrations have grown steadily throughout the south, centring around the province of Suwayda 

A spate of protests and strikes across government-held areas in southern Syria have continued into their second week, with demonstrators increasingly unafraid to call for the removal of the president, Bashar al-Assad. 

Protesters gathered in the southern city of Suwayda on Monday, closing provincial roads. The province of Suwayda has remained under government control since Syria’s 2011 uprising and is home to much of the country’s Druze minority. 

Video shared by the activist-led organisation Suwayda24 showed several hundred people gathered in a central square waving Druze flags and chanting “long live Syria, and down with Bashar al-Assad”.  

Read more ....  

Update: Protesters demand end to authoritarian rule in Syria (Reuters)  

WNU Editor: The protests stem from tough economic times .... Syria: Protests over growing economic hardship spread in south (BBC). More here .... Residents in southern Syria raid ruling party offices, block road as protests over economy intensify (AP).

US Republican Senator Mitt Romney Says Ukraine Military Aid Is "The Best National Defense Spending We've Ever Done"

Summit News: Video: Romney Calls Bottomless Ukraine Aid “The Best National Defense Spending We’ve Ever Done”  

Claims it is “the best thing we can do for America”  

Republican Senator Mitt Romney gave a big shout out to the Biden Administration Friday, posting a video in which he claims that sending billions in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine is “the best national defense spending I think we’ve ever done.” 

While the economy at home is dismal, Romney claimed that a “very small amount” of money that the U.S. is sending to Ukraine, more than $200 billion and counting, is benefitting all Americans. 

“The single most important thing we can do to strengthen ourselves relative to China is to see Russia defeated in Ukraine. Because they are allies, and Russia being weakened weakens their ally, China,” Romney said.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: Reading the comments section in the above tweet one discovers there is a lot of public support for this policy.

French President Macron Says The French Ambassador Will Stay In Niger Despite Junta Ultimatum


Le Monde/France 24: Macron says French ambassador still in Niger despite ultimatum 

Niger's military rulers, who seized control of the government in July, had given the French envoy to the country 48 hours to leave on Friday. 

France's ambassador to Niger is still in the coup-hit Sahel country despite an ultimatum from the new army leaders to leave his post, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday. August 28. During a major foreign policy speech to ambassadors gathered in Paris, Macron confirmed that French envoy Sylvain Itté was listening in from Niger's capital Niamey despite being given a 48-hour deadline to leave the country last Friday.  

Read more .... 

 French President Macron Says The French Ambassador Will Stay In Niger Despite Junta Ultimatum  

French ambassador stays in Niger, defying junta, as Macron defends French policy -- AP 

Niger coup: France defies ultimatum for ambassador to leave Niamey -- BBC  

Macron says French ambassador will stay in Niger, despite pressure from junta to leave -- Reuters  

Niger: French ambassador to stay despite ultimatum — Macron -- DW  

French envoy to stay in Niger despite ultimatum, says Macron -- Al Jazeera

Libya's Foreign Minister Fired After Meeting With Israel's Foreign Minister


CNN: Libya dismisses foreign minister after meeting with Israeli counterpart 

Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem (CNN)Libya's internationally recognized government dismissed Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush after she met her Israeli counterpart in Rome last week. 

Israel's foreign ministry announced on Sunday night that the meeting had taken place. 

The Libyan foreign ministry rejected reports that the meeting was officially sanctioned and said in a statement that it was "informal," "unprepared" and "did not include negotiations or consultations."

It added that Mangoush "reaffirmed Libya's principles towards the Palestinian cause in a clear and unambiguous manner."  

Read more ....  

Update #1: Libyan PM sacks foreign minister as row over Israel meeting grows (Reuters)  

Update #2: Libya’s Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangoush dismissed: Sources (Al Jazeera)  

WNU Editor: The reaction within Libya for this informal meeting of Foreign Ministers has been violent .... Protests erupt in Libya over contact with Israel (BBC)

Chinese President Xi And Indian Prime Minister Modi Agree To De-escalate Tensions On Their Disputed Border

The Cradle: Xi, Modi agree to 'de-escalate' tensions on disputed Himalayan border  

A 2020 clash between Chinese and Indian troops fighting with sticks and clubs on the ill-defined border killed 24 

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed on 24 August to seek a resolution to years of tensions along the Himalayan border area between the two nuclear-armed countries. 

Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra stated that Modi had spoken to Xi on the sidelines at the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. Modi highlighted India’s concerns about the unresolved issues along the “Line of Actual Control” (LAC), which serves as the effective India-China border. 

“The prime minister underlined that the maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the border areas and observing and respecting the LAC are essential for the normalization of the India-China relationship,” Kwatra said.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: I am skeptical that a resolution will be found anytime soon on this border dispute. The best thing is to do what they are doing now .... try to de-escalate the situation. 

Chinese President Xi And Indian Prime Minister Modi Agree To De-escalate Tensions On Their Disputed Border  

India’s Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping agree on efforts to de-escalate border tensions -- AP  

Modi and Xi meeting: India and China agree to 'de-escalate' border tensions -- BBC  

Xi and Modi agree at Brics to prioritise de-escalation efforts at the Himalayan border -- SCMP

 India’s Modi and China’s Xi agree to ‘intensify efforts’ to deescalate border issue following rare meeting -- CNN

Ukraine Claims To Have Captured The Village Of Robotyne


The Guardian: Ukraine confirms capture of key village on Zaporizhzhia front 

Ukraine making steady progress in Orikhiv sector as it clears dense minefields and trenches Ukraine has confirmed it has captured a key village on the southern Zaporizhzhia front, the latest step in a gradual advance aimed at splitting the Russian lines that defend the overland route to Crimea. 

Hanna Maliar, a deputy defence minister, said on Monday morning that the village of Robotyne, south of Orikhiv, had been liberated, bringing Ukraine into contact with Russia’s main defence line to the south covering routes to the Sea of Azov.  

Read more ....  

Update #1: Ukraine says it liberates strategic southeastern settlement (Reuters)  

Update #2: Ukraine breaches Russia's defenses to retake Robotyne as counteroffensive pushes painstakingly forward (CBS) 

 WNU Editor: For Ukraine the cost of taking this village has been very high ....

Ukraine Boasts That It Has Developed A 'Super Missile'

Ukraine is developing its own missiles as well as relying on Western munitions such as Storm Shadow and US-made HIMARS  

Daily Mail: Ukraine reveals it has developed new super missile which has already demonstrated a 'flawless performance' in attacking Russian forces 

* The weapon destroyed a Russian state-of-the-art air defence system last week 

* Ukraine developed the new 'absolutely modern' missile on its own 

Ukraine is boasting that it has developed a new super missile which has already given a 'flawless performance' in attacking Russian forces. 

The weapon took out a Russian S-400 Triumf air defence system last week in a spectacular strike in annexed Crimea. Initial speculation was that Kyiv had used a British or French supplied Storm Shadow missile with pinpoint accuracy in this deadly strike on Olenivka at Cape Tarkhankut in northwest Crimea. 

But it is now clear Ukraine deployed its own sophisticated new cruise missile. 'The missile was a new one, absolutely modern,' said Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. 

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WNU Editor: In the past few months Ukraine has been boasting that it has developed its own arsenal of "super" weapons. The use of naval drones against Russian targets has been in the news lately. But these weapon systems are not unique. They are basically modifications or tweaks on existing weapon platforms or missile systems.

US Will Conduct A Nationwide Test Of The Emergency Alert System For All Cellphones On October 4


USA Today: Massive emergency alert test will sound alarms on US cellphones, TVs and radios in October 

This is a test. This is only a test. But it's going to be one very big test. 

On Wednesday, October 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET, every TV, radio and cellphone in the United States should blare out the distinctive, jarring electronic warning tone of an emergency alert, accompanied by a notice along these lines: 

 “This is a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, covering the United States from 14:20 to 14:50 hours ET. This is only a test. No action is required by the public." 

Here's what to know: 

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WNU Editor: The test will be conducted between 14:20 EST - 14:50 EST.

Did The U.S. Justice Department Coordinate With The Biden White House To Indict Former President Trump?

New York Post: Biden staffers met with Special Counsel Jack Smith’s aides before Trump indictment  

The White House counsel’s office met with a top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith just weeks before he brought charges against former President Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents — raising serious concerns about coordinated legal efforts aimed at President Biden’s likely opponent in 2024. 

Jay Bratt, who joined the special counsel team in November 2022, shortly after it was formed, took a meeting in the White House on March 31, 2023, with Caroline Saba, deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office, White House visitor logs show. 

They were joined in the 10 a.m. meeting by Danielle Ray, an FBI agent in the Washington field office. Nine weeks later, Trump was indicted by Smith’s office on June 8, 2023.  

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 Update: Weaponized Collusion? Jack Smith's Team Huddled With Biden White House Before Trump Indictment (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: The optics of the White House counsel’s office meeting with a top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith just weeks before he brought charges against former President Trump are horrible. And the kicker is that the US Justice Department and the White House are not even hiding on how they are coordinating their legal efforts aimed at President Biden’s likely opponent in 2024.

Is Ukraine’s Army Running Out Of Men To Recruit?

Many Ukrainians have volunteered to fight - but there is still a shortage  

DNYUZ/The Telegraph: Ukraine’s army is running out of men to recruit, and time to win 

The war in Ukraine is now one of attrition, fought on terms that increasingly favour Moscow. Kyiv has dealt admirably with shortages of Western equipment so far, but a shortage of manpower – which it is already having to confront – may prove fatal. 

Broadly speaking, Kyiv’s highly anticipated counter-offensive has gathered much-needed momentum in recent weeks, with hard-fought gains around the strategically important village of Robotyne. 

If this falls, the road to the Azov sea will be in sight. If Ukrainian forces can reach the coast, they will split the land-bridge connecting Russia with Crimea, potentially routing Moscow’s troops.  

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WNU Editor: The border is closed for Ukraine males of fighting age to leave the country. The country has more than enough men to recruit (i.e. conscript). The problem right now is that many are reluctant to directly fight this war .... Ukraine war: The men who don't want to fight (BBC).

Sunday, August 27, 2023

3 US Marines Killed. 20 Wounded, In Osprey Crash During Training Exercise In Australia


USA Today: 3 US Marines killed, 20 injured after aircraft crash in Australia during training exercise 

Three U.S. Marines died and 20 others were injured after a Marine Corps aircraft crashed in Australia during a training exercise Sunday, officials said. 

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft was carrying 23 Marines when it crashed on Melville Island. 

Three Marines were confirmed dead and five others were flown to a hospital in the mainland city of Darwin and are in serious condition, the Marines said in a statement, The Associated Press reported.  

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3 US Marines Killed. 20 Wounded, In Osprey Crash During Routine Training In Australia  

A US Marine Osprey crashes during drills in Australia, killing 3 and injuring 20, some critically -- AP 

military aircraft carrying more than 20 Marines crashes over Australia, killing 3 and injuring others -- FOX News  

Three U.S. Marines die in Australia aircraft crash during exercises -- CNBC/Reuters  

3 US Marines killed in aircraft crash in Australia during training exercise -- CNN  

Recovery mission and investigations underway after fatal US military aircraft crash on Melville Island -- ABC News Australia