Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Israeli Strike Targeting A Hamas Commander In The Densely Populated Jabalya Refugee Camp Leaves Scores Killed


CNN: ‘Children were carrying other injured children’: Witness describes aftermath of Israeli strike on Gaza refugee camp  

Jerusalem CNN — An Israeli strike targeting a Hamas commander in the densely populated Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza has left catastrophic damage and killed a large number of people, according to eyewitnesses and medics in the enclave.

“I was waiting in line to buy bread when suddenly and without any prior warning seven to eight missiles fell,” an eyewitness, Mohammad Ibrahim, told CNN. 

“There were seven to eight huge holes in the ground, full of killed people, body parts all over the place,” he said. “It felt like the end of the world.”  

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WNU Editor: Dropping a bomb to kill one Hamas commander even though it would mean hundreds of civilians killed and wounded. Hamas's massacre of Israeli citizens on October 7 has now resulted in a conflict where the rules of war no longer apply. 

Israeli Strike Targeting A Hamas Commander In The Densely Populated Jabalya Refugee Camp Leaves Scores Killed  

Israeli airstrike 'kills Hamas commander who set up terror group's paraglider unit used to carry out October 7 -- Daily Mail  

Israel says its fighter jets targeted Hamas commander in deadly strike on Gaza refugee camp -- SKY News  

Israel confirms airstrike hit Gaza refugee camp -- The Hill  

Airstrike hits Gaza's largest refugee camp; IDF says target was Hamas commander: Full coverage -- Yahoo News  

IDF says Jabaliya strike killed top Hamas commander, collapsed terror tunnels -- Times of Israel

FBI Director Wray Says Threat Of Attacks By Hamas On American Soil Has Risen "To A Whole Other Level"


FOX News: FBI Director Wray warns terror threat to Americans at 'whole other level' amid Hamas-Israel conflict  

He says Hamas or other terror groups could exploit conflict to carry out attacks.

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday warned that the threat of a terror attack against Americans has been raised to a "whole other level" due to ongoing conflict in the Middle East. 

"The reality is that the terrorism threat has been elevated throughout 2023, but the ongoing war in the Middle East has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the United States to a whole other level," Wray told lawmakers on the Senate Homeland Security Committee.  

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WNU Editor: The FBI Director is also warning that antisemitism is on the rise .... FBI director warns of ‘historic’ antisemitism levels (The Hill). 

FBI Director Wray Says Threat Of Attacks By Hamas On American Soil Has Risen "To A Whole Other Level"  

Hamas attack will inspire greatest US terror threat since ISIS, FBI director says -- Reuters  

FBI says Hamas attack will inspire most ‘significant’ terror threat to US since Islamic State -- The Guardian  

Hamas greatest terror threat to the West since Islamic State, warns FBI director -- The Telegraph 

FBI Director Christopher Wray warns Congress of terror threats inspired by Hamas' attack on Israel -- CBS  

FBI Director Warns Threat Of Attacks By Hamas On American Soil Raised "To A Whole Other Level" -- Zero Hedge

Russia - Ukraine War News Updates -- October 31, 2023 (Videos)


WNU Editor: A lot of updates today. Ukraine' army is under a lot of pressure along the front lines in the east. I am impressed that they are still holding on.

Yemens' Houthi Rebels Claim Responsibility For Drones And Missiles Launched Towards Israel's Coastal City Of Eilat


Daily Mail: Iran boasts its proxies 'won't stay silent' and hints of war across the region as Tehran-backed Huthi rebels fire drones into Israel from Yemen and pledge allegiance to the Hamas 'axis of resistance' 

* Houthi rebels said they fired a series of drones towards Israeli city of Eilat 

* Iran today warned the situation in the Middle East could 'get out of control' 

Iran today boasted its powerful proxies 'won't stay silent' and hinted the fighting between Israel and Hamas could engulf the Middle East after the Tehran-backed Huthi rebels fired drones into the Jewish state from Yemen. 

The Huthis, who seized Yemen's capital Sanaa in 2014 and control large swathes of the country, said they fired a series of drones towards the Red Sea city of Eilat this morning in retaliation to Israel's war against Hamas. 

'These drones belong to the state of Yemen. We are fighting with words and drones,' Abdelaziz bin Habtour, prime minister of the Huthi government, said.  

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Yemens' Houthi Rebels Claim Responsibility For Drones And Missiles Launched Towards Israel's Coastal City Of Eilat  

Yemen's Houthi rebels claim attacks on Israel, drawing their main sponsor Iran closer to Hamas war -- ABC News/AP

In first, Arrow downs Eilat-bound missile from ‘Red Sea area’; Houthis claim attack -- Times of Israel  

Israel intercepts 'aerial target' near Red Sea city of Eilat -- Jerusalem Post  

Israel uses ‘Arrow’ aerial defense system for first time in war to intercept missile -- Al Arabiya News  

Yemeni army launches large-scale ballistic, drone strikes on occupied territories to support Palestinians -- Press TV (Iran)  

Yemen’s Houthis say they launched ballistic missiles, drones at Israel -- Al Jazeera  

Israel-Gaza Situation Report: Arrow Interceptor Downs Ballistic Missile Over Red Sea -- The Warzone

Are The U.S. Administration's Bills On Israel, Ukraine Aid 'Dead On Arrival' In Both House And Senate?

Zero Hedge: Bills On Israel, Ukraine 'Dead On Arrival' In Both House And Senate As Shutdown, Funding Battles Gear Up 

As the nation celebrates Halloween, the House and Senate are engaged in some spooky late-stage Republic chaos over aid to Israel and Ukraine amid a backdrop of yet another government shutdown looming in two weeks. 

* The government will run out of money (again) in roughly two weeks, requiring Congress to act (again). 

* According to Democrats and GOP Neocons such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, America needs to send billions of taxpayer funds to both Israel and Ukraine, and won't consider any legislation that doesn't combine the two. 

* House Republicans under newly minted Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), as well as a group of Senate Republicans, want Israel aid separated from Ukraine aid, while the Biden White House wants to jam a $105 billion foreign aid package ($14B to Israel, $60B to Ukraine) through Congress. 

* The House's plan (if they can even pass it) to separate Israel aid from Ukraine aid is DOA in the Senate, while both the Senate's combined package and the Biden admin's package is DOA in the House.  

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WNU Editor: I am confident that both the House and Senate will come to an agreement on this aid. But it is going to take time.

Secretaries Blinken & Austin Testify On $100B National Security Funding Request For Israel And Ukraine


The Hill: Blinken, Austin testify on $100B national security funding request 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are slated to testify Tuesday morning in a hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee, regarding the Biden administration’s more than $100 billion emergency aid request for conflicts in Israel and Ukraine. 

The majority of Democrats and many Republican senators support tying aid for the two countries together. 

But, the aid request faces much deeper problems in the Republican-led House, where new Speaker Mike Johnson has proposed cutting out the Ukraine aid and focusing on Israel alone. He’s also proposed cutting money for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to pay for it, as The Associated Press reported. 

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WNU Editor: There were a number of protests during the hearing (see video below). 

Gen. Eric M. Smith, The Marine Corps’s Commandant And Top Officer, Hospitalized After Apparently Having Heart Attack

U.S. Marine Gen. Eric M. Smith, the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, speaks to Marines from Marine Corps Recruiting Station Montgomery and Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, Feb. 10, 2023. U.S. Marine Corps Photo  

DNYUZ/New York Times: Top Marine General Hospitalized After Apparently Having Heart Attack 

Gen. Eric M. Smith, the Marine Corps’s commandant and top officer, was hospitalized on Sunday evening after an unspecified medical emergency, the service said on Monday. 

The Marines announced General Smith’s hospitalization in an email to reporters but provided no further details about his condition. One current and one former defense official familiar with his condition said he apparently had a heart attack while jogging.  

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WNU Editor: A three-star is now in charge .... Top Marine general hospitalized, leaving 3-star in charge (Marine Times). More here .... With Gen. Smith hospitalized, a 3-star is in command of Marine Corps (Breaking Defense). 

Gen. Eric M. Smith, The Marine Corps’s Commandant And Top Officer, Hospitalized After Apparently Having Heart Attack  

UPDATED: Marine Commandant Gen. Eric Smith Hospitalized After Heart Attack -- USNI News  

Marine Corps General Eric Smith, 58, is hospitalized 'after suffering a heart attack while out jogging' -- Daily Mail  

Marine Corps commandant hospitalized after 'medical emergency,' officials say -- ABC News  

Top Marine general hospitalized -- Politico  

US Marine Corps commandant hospitalized following medical emergency -- CNN

UN Says A Record 6.9 Million People Are Internally Displaced In DR Congo

France 24: A record 6.9 million people are internally displaced in DR Congo, says UN 

Escalating violence has pushed the number of people internally displaced within the Democratic Republic of Congo to a record 6.9 million, the United Nations said Monday. 

The conflict between M23 rebels and militias loyal to the DRC's government has intensified in the eastern province of North Kivu since early October, particularly north of the provincial capital Goma. 

The UN's International Organization for Migration said many people who have fled their homes but stayed within the DRC's borders desperately needed help to meet their basic needs.  

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Update: UN says record 6.9 million people internally displaced in the DR Congo (Africa News)  

WNU Editor: Quoting The UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) .... "With ongoing conflict and escalating violence, the DRC is facing one of the largest internal displacement and humanitarian crises in the world."

U.S. Forces In Iraq And Syria Have Been Attacked With Drones Or Rockets At Least 24 Times In Recent Days

FILE -- Military vehicles of U.S. soldiers are seen at the al-Asad air base in Anbar province, Iraq, January 13, 2020.  

 VOA: 24 Attacks Target US Forces in Iraq, Syria 

Pentagon — U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria have been attacked with drones or rockets at least 24 times in recent days, including at least three attacks on Monday, according to U.S. defense officials. 

At least five of these attacks were launched after U.S. forces struck two facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated groups during the early morning hours of Friday. 

None of the attacks carried out since the U.S. retaliatory strikes on Friday have caused casualties or damage, according to defense officials. 

The latest attack on Monday used multiple rockets to target al-Asad Air Base in western Iraq, a defense official told VOA on condition of anonymity due to security sensitivities. 

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WNU Editor: These attacks are not going to stop anytime soon.

U.S. Forces In Iraq And Syria Have Been Attacked With Drones Or Rockets At Least 24 Times In Recent Days

Iran proxies step up attacks against American forces overseas in light of US support for Israel -- FOX News

Iran says strikes on US troops are due to its support for Israel, presence in region -- Times of Israel  

Attacks on US Forces in Iraq and Syria Continue After American Airstrikes -- Air And Space Forces Magazine

Time - Ukraine President Zelensky ‘Feels Betrayed’ By The West

Time: ‘Nobody Believes in Our Victory Like I Do.’ Inside Volodymyr Zelensky’s Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight 

Volodymyr Zelensky was running late. 

The invitation to his speech at the National Archives in Washington had gone out to several hundred guests, including congressional leaders and top officials from the Biden Administration. Billed as the main event of his visit in late September, it would give him a chance to inspire U.S. support against Russia with the kind of oratory the world has come to expect from Ukraine’s wartime President. It did not go as planned. 

That afternoon, Zelensky’s meetings at the White House and the Pentagon delayed him by more than an hour, and when he finally arrived to begin his speech at 6:41 p.m., he looked distant and agitated. He relied on his wife, First Lady Olena Zelenska, to carry his message of resilience on the stage beside him, while his own delivery felt stilted, as though he wanted to get it over with. At one point, while handing out medals after the speech, he urged the organizer to hurry things along.  

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Update: Zelenskyy angry with allies and no longer optimistic, but continues to believe in Ukraine’s victory – Time (Ukrainska Pravda) 

WNU Editor: The Russian press is having a field day on this Time article .... Zelensky ‘feels betrayed’ by West – Time (RT), and here .... Aides believe Zelensky is ‘delusional’ – Time (RT). There are also runors that Ukraine President Zelensky will be firing Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny .... Tensions Rising Between Zelensky and Top Brass Over Ukraine Counteroffensive (Sputnik).

As to what is my take.

The West is distancing itself away from the Russia - Ukraine war, and they are certainly distancing themselves from Ukraine President Zelensky. 

Top China, Russia Officials Show Off Their Tight Ties At Beijing Defense Forum While Taking Aim At The U.S.

China and Russia cast U.S. as agent of global instability at military forum © Provided by The Washington Post  

Washington Post: China and Russia cast U.S. as agent of global instability at military forum 

Chinese and Russian military officials on Monday criticized the United States as an agent of global instability at a Beijing military forum, where Russia’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, also threatened grave consequences over Western involvement in the war in Ukraine. 

“The Western policy of steady escalation of the conflict with Russia carries the threat of a direct military clash between nuclear powers, which is fraught with catastrophic consequences,” he said, according to Russia’s state-run Tass news agency.  

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WNU Editor: For the past 50 years (after Nixon went to China in 1973) one of the corner stones of US foreign policy was to make sure that Russia and China do not form a strategic political and military alliance. To see this all now crumbling as quickly as it has is a surprise to me. 

Top China, Russia Officials Show Off Their Tight Ties At Beijing Defense Forum While Taking Aim At The U.S.  

China and Russia take aim at U.S. at Beijing defense forum -- NBC/Reuters 

Top China, Russia officials warn foreign forces stoking turmoil -- France 24

China, Russia target US at security forum -- RFA  

China touts global security vision at a defense forum in Beijing – with Russia by its side -- CNN 

PLA spokesman urges US to build 'favorable atmosphere' for both militaries -- China Daily 

China, Russia to tackle security threats together — Chinese top brass -- TASS  

Western arrogance, Asia tensions, nuclear threat: Key warnings from Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu in Beijing speech -- RT  

Chinese military to strengthen cooperation with Russian armed forces — official -- TASS 

Russia’s Shoigu claims US fuelling tension to uphold ‘global dominance’ -- Al Jazeera  

China, Russia Show Off Tight Ties Again at Security Forum -- Bloomberg

Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Has Entered The Mediterranean

STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR (Oct. 28, 2023) The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group transits the Strait of Gibraltar, Oct. 28, 2023. The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group is on a scheduled deployment to provide the national command authority flexible, tailorable, warfighting capability to maintain maritime stability and to ensure access, deter aggression and defend U.S., allied and partner interests. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Merissa Daley)  

Naval News: IKE Carrier Strike Group Enters the Mediterranean Sea 

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group (IKECSG) transited the Strait of Gibraltar on October 28.  

US Navy press release 

As a part of the U.S. Navy’s globally-deployed forces, IKECSG will join the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group in support of the defense of Israel and to deter aggression throughout the region. 

By direction of the Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, IKECSG will transit to U.S. Central Command to demonstrate its readiness to flex to any contingency. IKECSG remains committed to ensuring the security of allies and partners.  

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Update: Eisenhower carrier strike group enters the Mediterranean (Navy Times).  

WNU Editor: This is where the US Navy's big ships are currently located (see image below). For a complete breakdown of US Navy deployments .... USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Oct. 30, 2023.

World Bank Warns Middle East Conflict Could Lead To $150 A Barrel


BBC: World Bank warns oil prices could reach $150 a barrel 

Oil prices could rise to more than $150 a barrel if the conflict in the Middle East escalates, according to the World Bank. 

A drawn-out war in the region could drive big rises in energy and food prices, just a year after prices spiked due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

For now oil prices remain steady at around $90 a barrel and are predicted to fall. 

However, the Bank warns that this outlook could quickly reverse. 

Under its worst case scenario, the World Bank said a situation could develop that was comparable with the oil crisis of the 1970s, which would could push oil prices up to between $140 and $157 a barrel.  

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WNU Editor: The World Bank report is here .... Conflict in Middle East Could Bring ‘Dual Shock’ to Global Commodity Markets (World Bank). 

World Bank Warns Middle East Conflict Could Lead To $150 A Barrel  

Oil prices could reach ‘uncharted waters’ if the Israel-Hamas war escalates, the World Bank says -- AP  

Oil prices could hit $150 if Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies, World Bank -- Financial Times  

World Bank warns Middle East conflict could lead to spike in fuel prices -- UPI  

World Bank warns conflict in Middle East could deliver a dual shock to commodity markets -- CNN

US House Speaker Signals Israel’s Needs More ‘Urgent’ Than Ukraine’s

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson speaks at an annual leadership meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, October 28, 2023 © AP / David Becker  

The Hill: Johnson suggests Israel-only aid bill could come to House floor this week 

Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Sunday said a standalone bill for Israel aid will come to the House floor this week, sending an indication that President Biden’s request for aid to Ukraine will be further delayed. 

“We’re going to move a stand-alone Israel funding bill this week in the House. I know our colleagues, our Republican colleagues in the Senate, have a similar measure,” Johnson said in an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”  

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 Update #1: House Speaker Mike Johnson aims to pass Israel aid package this week — teeing up showdown with Biden (NYpost)  

Update #2: Israel’s needs more ‘urgent’ than Ukraine’s – US House speaker (RT)  

WNU Editor: It looks like the Republican party is fracturing on this issue .... McConnell goes all out as Ukraine fight fractures GOP (Politico).

Is Israel Planning To Ethnically Cleanse Gaza?

The Cradle: Leaked: Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza  

The plan advocates the forced transfer of the population of the Gaza Strip to Sinai permanently, and calls for the international community to be leveraged to assist the move 

 Israeli culture magazine Mekovit published on 28 October a leaked document issued by Israel’s Ministry of Intelligence recommending the occupation of Gaza and total transfer of its 2.3 million inhabitants to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. 

The document, issued on 13 October, identifies a plan to transfer all residents of the Gaza Strip to North Sinai as the preferred option among three alternatives regarding the future of the Palestinians in Gaza at the end of the current war between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance. 

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Update: Intelligence Ministry ‘concept paper’ proposes transferring Gazans to Egypt’s Sinai (Times of Israel/AP).  

WNU Editor: The U.S. position appears to be shifting .... Biden Forced To Call Off His Plans For Ethnic Cleansing Of Gaza (Moon of Alabama).

Monday, October 30, 2023

Israel - Hamas War -- News Updates October 30, 2023


BBC: Tank seen on key Gaza road as Israeli forces push deeper into north 

Israeli forces have pushed deeper into the northern Gaza Strip, with tanks briefly cutting an evacuation route to the south, Palestinian witnesses say. 

One tank was filmed on Salah al-Din Road, sparking speculation it could be part of an advance on Gaza City. 

A video showed a car turning around after approaching the tank, which seems to open fire and destroy it. 

Later, Israel's military said a soldier being held hostage by Hamas was rescued in an overnight ground operation. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the freeing of Pte Ori Megidish, who was said to be "doing well", as an "exciting achievement" that expressed Israel's commitment to release the more than 230 other hostages.  

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Live Updates  

Live: Netanyahu rules out ceasefire with Hamas, saying ‘this is a time for war’ -- BBC  

Live updates: Israel deepens military assault in the northern Gaza Strip -- AP  

Live: Respect of humanitarian law in Gaza not an ‘option’ but an ‘obligation’, UNRWA chief says -- France 24 

Live Updates: Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu rejects calls for cease-fire -- DW 

Israel-Hamas war live: more than 420 children killed or injured in Gaza every day, says Unicef; Netanyahu rejects ceasefire -- The Guardian  

Israel-Gaza war latest updates: Netanyahu rejects calls for ceasefire as Israeli tanks attack Gaza's main city -- ABC News Australia 

Live: Israel says it will not agree to ceasefire as clashes continue on Israel-Gaza frontier -- Middle East Eye 

Israeli troops advance in Gaza, hostage rescued and ‘impossible’ hospital evacuation: What to know Monday -- CNN 

Israel - Hamas War -- News Updates October 30, 2023  

Israel pushes deeper into Gaza and frees Hamas captive; Netanyahu rejects calls for cease-fire -- AP  

Israeli forces appear to be advancing on Gaza City from two sides -- The Guardian 

Israeli forces attack Gaza's main city from two directions -- Reuters  

Israeli forces move further into Gaza as Netanyahu declares ‘time for war’ -- Al Jazeera  

Netanyahu warns of ‘long’ war by ‘air, land and sea’ in Gaza -- France 24  

Netanyahu declares it is ‘time for war’ as Israel hails hostage release -- The Guardian  

Hamas releases new hostage video, Netanyahu denounces 'cruel propaganda' -- Reuters  

Israeli officials identify Shani Louk's body, beheaded by 'sadistic animals' -- FOX News  

Hamas releases video showing three women hostages in Gaza -- Al Jazeera  

Hostage soldier rescued in Gaza, says Israel -- The Guardian  

Thousands break into UN warehouses in Gaza; satellite images show destruction in Gaza -- CNBC  

What are Israel and Hamas working with in the face of brutal Gaza urban warfare? -- ABC News Australia 

Israel's war strategy in Gaza is slowly revealing itself. Here's what we know -- ABC News Australia

Hamas Leader And Family Enjoy An Easy Life In Qatar

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders leading a prayer before hosting an Iftar Ramadan fast-breaking dinner in Qatar with Qatari officials and international diplomats April 13, 2023. (Hamas.ps)

Times of Israel: Far from Gaza hardships, Hamas chief and family enjoy easy life in Qatar  

Thanks to Doha’s sponsorship and the wealth he accumulated as Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh and his children today live a life of wealth and privileges denied to other Gazans 

Shortly after the start of Hamas’s brutal attack against Israel on October 7, a video began circulating of the terror group’s leader Ismail Haniyeh in his elegant office in the Qatari capital Doha, watching the bloody onslaught unfold on Al Jazeera and “prostrating in gratitude” with a group of other Hamas officials for the killing of over 1,300 Israelis, among them at least 1,000 civilians.

For years, Haniyeh has been rebuked by many Palestinians for leading a comfortable life away from the hardships of Gaza in the oil-rich Gulf monarchy, which offers shelter to the terror group’s leaders and an internationally recognized platform to spread its propaganda through Al Jazeera.  

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 WNU Editor: Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is not the only leader leader who is protected and far away from the war that he has helped to ignite. Almost all of the world's leaders are protected and immune from the policies and strategies that they implement.

Is U.S. Aid To Ukraine Rebuilding America's Industrial Base?

The Federalist: No Mitch McConnell, Ukraine Aid Is Not ‘Rebuilding Our Industrial Base’ 

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to reassure Ukrainian aid skeptics that billions in foreign assistance is being spent on American manufacturers to build weapons at home. 

“If you look at the Ukraine assistance,” McConnell said on CBS, “a significant portion of what’s being spent in the United States and 38 different states, replacing the weapons that we send to Ukraine with more modern weapons, so we’re rebuilding our industrial base.” 

But a closer examination of the aid for Ukraine reveals an overwhelming majority of taxpayer dollars are going overseas. Just a fraction of the $113 billion spent has gone to “rebuilding our industrial base.”  

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WNU Editor: Defense spending always boosts the economy, but after the stimulus it is always followed by inflation and economic contraction. And as for rebuilding America's industrial base. I doubt it.

Is The Russian And Chinese Air Force Pathetic?

The Next Big Future: China and Russia’s Air Forces Exposed in Actual Combat 

Russia’s Air Force is getting wrecked in the Ukraine War. China’s Air Force is mainly copies of the same Russian planes that are getting wrecked in the Ukraine. 

The US military has no interest in telling everyone how pathetic the Russian and Chinese Air Force is. Why? The US military wants to justify getting more planes and more equipment. The collapse of the Soviet Union and now the failure of the Russian military in the Ukraine has exposed the planes and pilots of potential American opponents as garbage.  

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WNU Editor: Russian and Chinese war planes may not have the engines and the avionics that US warplanes may have, but their missiles, at least for the Russian air force in Ukraine, are proving to be very effective.

Massive U.S. And NATO Naval Buildup In The Eastern Mediterranean Continues

Responsible Statecraft: Tracking the US military build-up today in the Middle East 

An up-to-date accounting of the Pentagon’s response to the Israel-Gaza conflict so far. 

The U.S. has significantly increased its military presence in the Middle East in the nearly three weeks after Hamas launched attacks against Israel and took hundreds of hostages on Oct. 7. Among other things, the Pentagon has deployed two aircraft carrier strike groups as well as a range of fighter aircraft to the region. 

The official reason for the new deployments is to deter Hamas’s allies, including Iran and Hezbollah, from launching attacks against Israel and sparking a wider regional war. That logic will be put to the test in the coming days if Israel follows through on its planned ground invasion of Gaza, which is sure to face sharp condemnation from throughout the Middle East.  

Read more ....  

WNU Editor: 50+ warships and submarines and counting. This is a massive deployment that is far more than what is needed as a deterrent.

EU Promise To Supply Ukraine With One Million Artillery Shells Falls Apart With Only 30% Delivered

The EU hopes to sign off another €500 million to fund member states’ weapons deliveries to Kyiv - KAI PFAFFENBACH/REUTERS © Provided by The Telegraph 

The Telegraph: EU delivers only a third of one million artillery shells promised to Ukraine 

The European Union has delivered only a third of the one million artillery shells it had promised to Ukraine, as the bloc’s plan to ramp up munition production falls behind schedule. 

Brussels has supplied Kyiv with about 300,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition since signing off on the scheme to bolster its dwindling stocks earlier this year, Bloomberg reported.  

Read more ....  

Update #1: Promised One Million Artillery Shells To Ukraine, EU ‘Falls Apart’ In Arming Kyiv, Achieves Only 30% Goal (EurAsian Times)  

Update #2: Ukraine’s Missing EU Ammunition Could Hand Russia Advantage (Bloomberg)  

WNU Editor: Here is a good explanation on why there is an artillery short fall and why it cannot be fixed anytime soon .... Ukrainian MP reveals global ammunition crisis, impossibility of quick fixes (The New Voice of Ukraine)

This US Senator Has Blocked 300 Military Promotions

Sen. Tommy Tuberville  

CNN: Tuberville says he will keep blocking military promotions despite Israel’s war  

Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who has held up military promotions for nine months, slammed a proposal being floated to change the chamber’s rules to allow a vote on many of the nominations en masse and attacked the White House and Senate Democrats for not negotiating with him. 

“It’s typical of this place. This administration would rather burn the Senate down and that’s what would happen. … If you change the rules of the Senate then it lasts forever,” Tuberville told CNN’s Manu Raju. “So they would rather burn down the Senate than negotiate.”  

Read more ....  

Update #1: 'They would rather burn down the Senate': Tuberville lashes out at White House as he defends military holds (USA Today)

Update #2: Tuberville: White House would rather ‘burn the Senate down’ than negotiate on military holds (The Hill)  

WNU Editor: The US Senate has a plan to circumvent Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville's military holds .... Senators prep proposal to go around Tuberville's holds (Politico).

Boeing's F-15EX Is Ready For Production

The Aviationist: Boeing Flies Third F-15EX Eagle II, The First Built In Final Operational Configuration  

The F-15EX, designated EX3, is expected to be delivered soon, ahead of the decision for the full rate production. 

After more than two years after the type’s first flight, Boeing flew for the first time the third F-15EX Eagle II, which is also the first to be built in the final operational configuration. 

The aircraft flew only with its primer paint and a small serial number (20-0003) on its twin tails, and will receive its final colors and insignias before the delivery to the U.S. Air Force. 

Read more ....  

Update: Boeing 'launched' the first F-15EX built in final configuration (Bulgarian Military)  

WNU Editor: The price for this version of the F-15EX is $90 million .... Newest F-35, F-15EX contracts are set. Here’s how much they cost. (EXCLUSIVE) (Breaking Defense). More here .... The Newest Air Force F-15EX Fighter Jets Have A $90M Price Tag Each: Report (The Messenger).

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Iran-Backed Militias Continue Their Attacks Against US Bases In Syria And Iraq

RT: Multiple US bases attacked with missiles and drones – media  

Militias in Iraq and Syria have defied American warnings and vowed to keep up the strikes 

 Iran-backed militias have attacked four US bases in Iraq and Syria in a 24-hour period, Al-Mayadeen news reported on Sunday. The attacks came after US forces launched airstrikes against Iranian targets in both countries. 

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced on Sunday that it had targeted the al-Shaddadi base in eastern Syria on Saturday with two drones, and launched rockets at another American base in the al-Omar oil field near Deir ez-Zor, Lebanon-based news channel Al-Mayadeen reported.  

Read more .... 

Iran-Backed Militias Continue Their Attacks Against US Bases In Syria And Iraq  

Simultaneous attacks conducted on US bases in eastern Syria -- Anadolu Agency 

Simultaneous attacks hit 3 US bases in Syria -- Press TV  

US base in al-Omar oil field attacked -- Al Mayadeen  

Attacks On US Bases In Syria Continue Unhindered After Pentagon's Friday Airstrikes -- Zero Hedge

Russia - Ukraine War News Updates -- October 29, 2023 (Videos)


WNU Editor: A lot of updates today.

Report: 10 Million Have Illegally Entered The US Since President Biden's Inauguration

President Joe Biden walks along a stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso Texas, Jan. 8, 2023. Andrew Harnik,AP 

 The Center Square: Illegal border crossers total over 10 million since Biden inauguration  

Total is greater than the individual populations of 41 states  

More than 10 million people have been reported illegally entering the United States since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the greatest number in history and of any administration. 

They total more than the individual populations of 41 states. 

The number of people illegally entering the country surged after Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas halted many preexisting border security policies, advanced sweeping parole and other policies to release the greatest number of illegal foreign nationals into the country, encouraged people from all over the world to use a phone app to enter the U.S., and facilitated U.S. entry application processes in foreign countries, among others.  

Read more ....  

Update: Over 10 Million Illegals Have Crossed US Border Under Biden - Report Claims (Sputnik).  

WNU Editor: The numbers of illegal crossings are exploding in 2023 .... Nearly 4 million illegal border crossers in fiscal 2023 (The Center Square)

Russian Airport In Dagestan Stormed By Pro-Palestinian Protesters


BBC: Anti-Israel mob storms Dagestan airport in Russia 

Israel has urged Russia to protect "all its citizens and all Jews" after a large mob stormed a Dagestan airport, some shouting antisemitic slogans. 

Video footage apparently from the scene shows an angry crowd running in the airport in Makhachkala, reportedly seeking people arriving from Tel Aviv. 

Some of the crowd ran onto the runway and surrounded aircraft there. 

Russia's aviation agency said the situation was under control after authorities had arrived on the scene.  

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WNU Editor: Media sources in Moscow believe the unrest has been encouraged by Ukraine-based Telegram channels running information war operations .... Ukrainian-linked anti-Jewish riot in Russia: What is known so far (RT). 

Russian Airport In Dagestan Stormed By Pro-Palestinian Protesters  

More than 20 people injured in incident at Russia’s Makhachkala airport -- TASS  

Anti-Israeli Mob Storms Airport in Russia's Dagestan -- Moscow Times 

Hundreds storm airport in Russia in antisemitic riot over arrival of plane from Israel -- AP  

Russian security forces remove pro-Palestinian protesters from Dagestan airport -- Reuters  

Anti-Jewish Mob Storms Daghestani Airport As Flight From Israel Arrives -- RFE  

Pro-Palestinian rioters storm Russian airport, flood runway looking for Israeli flight: officials -- FOX News  

Mob storm Dagestan Airport to 'try and intercept Jewish passengers from flight from Israel' in worrying new incident in Russian republic -- Daily Mail  

Pro-Palestine crowd storms Russia’s Dagestan to protest flight from Israel -- Al Jazeera

United Nations Says Civil Order Is Breaking Down In Gaza


Al Jazeera: Palestinians break into Gaza UN aid warehouses as toll tops 8,000 

Thousands of people storm food warehouses in Gaza to take flour and basic needs in a mark of growing desperation. 

The United Nations relief agency says thousands of Palestinians, desperate due to three weeks of total siege and bombing, broke into several of its warehouses in the Gaza Strip, taking wheat, flour and other basic goods. 

“This is a worrying sign that civil order is starting to break down after three weeks of war and a tight siege,” said Thomas White, director of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza.  

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United Nations Says Civil Order Is Breaking Down In Gaza  

Thousands in Gaza storm UN warehouses; a sign of desperation after weeks-long ‘siege’ -- UN News  

Gaza residents raid food warehouses as ‘civil order’ disintegrates, UN says -- Politico  

Civil order in Gaza 'starting to break down' as food stores ransacked: UN -- CNA/AFP  

UN warns ‘civil order’ declining in Gaza as thousands take basics from warehouses -- CNN  

Civil order ‘starting to break down’ in Gaza as people raid UN warehouses -- The Guardian 

'Civil order' is starting to break down in Gaza, warns UN agency, after thousands break into aid centers for food and supplies -- Insider 

Gaza receives largest aid shipment so far as deaths top 8,000 and Israel widens military offensive -- The Hill  

Gazans plunder UNRWA food supplies as ‘civil order’ breaks down in war-torn Strip -- Times of Israel

Turkish President Erdogan Says Turkey Will Declare Israel A ‘War Criminal’


 BNN: Turkey to Declare Israel a ‘War Criminal’, Erdogan Announces Amid Gaza Tensions 

In the heart of Istanbul, within a sea of pro-Palestine demonstrators, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey leveled an accusation of war crimes against Israel, promising to take its case before the world. This startling declaration came amid the escalating conflict in Gaza, as the death toll of Palestinian citizens continues to rise.  

Israel: A War Criminal? 

President Erdogan’s bold accusation came during a pro-Palestine rally in Istanbul, where he criticized Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. He blamed Western nations for the escalating death toll, alleging their inaction enabled Israel’s incessant attacks. The Turkish president called for a just peace and accused Israel and its allies of fostering a crusade-like atmosphere, further escalating tensions in the region.  

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Update #1: Erdogan: Turkey to Introduce Israel to World as War Criminal (FARS News Agency)  

Update #2: Turkey to declare Israel a war criminal - Erdogan (TASS)  

WNU Editor: Israel has responded .... Israel withdraws diplomats from Turkey after ‘harsh’ rebuke from Erdogan (The Hill). More here .... Israel recalls diplomatic staff from Turkey after Erdogan slams Gaza 'massacre' (France 24). 

Even US politicians are commenting .... Lindsey Graham says Turkey becoming 'The Squad' of NATO after President Erdogan called Israel a 'war criminal' (FOX News).

Elon Musk Says Starlink Will Offer Its Satellite Internet Services To Aid Organizations In Gaza

The Hill: Musk offers aid organizations in Gaza access to Starlink 

Tech billionaire Elon Musk offered the use of his Starlink satellite internet service on Saturday for humanitarian aid organizations in Gaza, as the war between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas continues. 

The Gaza Strip, which is controlled Hamas, has been without internet and telephone communication amid escalating airstrikes and a ground campaign by the Israeli military. This has left civilians unable to call for help and aid organizations unable to communicate. 

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WNU Editor: This is the right thing to do. But Israel is promising that it will retaliate .... Israel Threatens To ‘Cut Ties’ With Elon Musk’s Starlink Over Provision of Internet In Gaza (Blast). 

Elon Musk Says Starlink Will Offer Its Satellite Internet Services To Aid Organizations In Gaza  

Musk says Starlink will support connectivity to aid organizations in Gaza -- Politico  

Musk offers Starlink internet for ‘recognized’ aid organizations in Gaza -- Times of Israel 

Musk says Starlink to provide connectivity in Gaza through aid organizations -- Reuters  

Musk Admits Feeling Pressure Over Providing Starlink To Gaza -- Forbes  

Musk to provide Starlink access to Gaza -- RT Musk Prepares To Save Gaza's Internet With Starlink Deployment -- Zero Hedge

California Gov. Newsom Has Surprise Meeting With China’s Leader Xi

In this photo taken Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023, and released by Office of the Governor of California , California Gov. Gavin Newsom, left, meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Office of the Governor of California via Associated Press  

The Hill: Newsom meets with Chinese leader Xi 

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Wednesday — after being warmly welcomed by other senior leaders. 

Newsom is on a weeklong tour of China, where he will push for climate cooperation. His visit, once customary, is drawing attention after years of heightened tensions between the U.S. and China, The Associated Press reported. 

“I’m here in expectation, as you suggest, of turning the page, of renewing our friendship and reengaging [on] foundational and fundamental issues that will determine our collective faith in the future,” Newsom said Wednesday.  

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WNU Editor: The Chinese are giving the US President the finger. They have time to talk to the governor, but none for the US President. Beijing is also sending the message that they are going to bide their time until Biden is no longer the US President.

California Gov. Newsom Has Surprise Meeting With China’s Leader Xi  

California Gov. Newsom has surprise meeting with China’s leader Xi amid warm welcome in Beijing -- AP  

Gavin Newsom's meeting with Chinese president could strengthen U.S.-China ties -- Politico

California's Newsom has surprise meeting in Beijing with China's Xi , gets torched for climate 'fearmongering' -- FOX News

‘Divorce is not an option’ for US and China, Newsom says after Xi meeting -- CNN

New U.S. House Speaker Says Russia, China, And Iran Are The New Axis Of Evil

Antiwar.com: New House Speaker: Russia, China, and Iran Are New Axis of Evil 

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Johnson said Putin cannot win in Ukraine Representative Mike Johnson vowed to support the wars in Ukraine and Israel in an interview after becoming House Speaker. 

The Congressman told Sean Hannity that China, Russia, and Iran make up an “axis of evil” that poses a huge threat to the US. The Speaker presented Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran as a trilateral threat to Washington. “Big priorities in this moment right now. 

We have Israel being attacked, we have unrest, we have the Ukraine situation we’ve got to deal with, we have China being aggressive, we have Iran with all the meddling, and China, Russia, and Iran working together. This is a dangerous time.” he said.  

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WNU Editor: It looks like everyone is on the same message .... US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Calls China, Russia, And Iran The New 'Axis Of Evil' That The US Must Deal With (October 22, 20232).

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Russian Media Says Hamas Working To Free 8 Russian-Israeli Hostages

Senior Hamas officials Bassem Naim and Moussa Abu Marzouk, and Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov meet for talks on the release of foreign hostages, at a location given as Moscow, Russia in this handout image released on October 26, 2023. Hamas Handout/Handout via REUTERS © Thomson Reuters  

Moscow Times/AFP: Hamas Working to Free 8 Russian-Israeli Hostages – Reports 

Hamas is trying to locate eight Russian-Israeli dual citizens among nearly 230 taken hostage during its attack on Israel after Moscow's request to free them, Russian news agencies reported Saturday. 

Russia has good relations with the Palestinian militant group, which it does not consider a terror group, and has launched a diplomatic effort to try to free hostages held in Gaza. Israel has said it believes 229 people were taken hostage by Hamas during its massive attack on Israel on Oct. 7. 

"From the Russian side, via the Foreign Ministry, we received a list of citizens that have dual citizenship," senior Hamas representative Moussa Abu Marzook said, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. "We are looking for those people... It is hard but we are looking. And when we find them, we will let them go."  

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Update #1: Hamas is seeking eight Gaza hostages at Russia's request - RIA (Reuters)  

Update #2: Hamas Vows To Release 8 Russian-Israeli Hostages After Talks In Moscow (Zero Hedge) 

Update #3: Hamas promises Moscow to release eight Russians held hostage — MFA (TASS)  

WNU Editor: I guess these talks delivered something .... Iranian And Hamas Delegations Are In Moscow For Talks (October 26, 2023).  

But I am skeptical that Hamas will come through. They are engaged in a full scale war with Israel, and their focus is to survive, not finding 8 Russian-Israeli hostages.

Serbia - Kosovo Talks Break Down


France 24: Kosovo, Serbia leaders break off talks despite EU pressure for breakthrough  

EU leaders on Thursday failed to convince Kosovo and Serbia to make a breakthrough in the protracted push to normalise ties between the two Balkan neighbours. 

Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic held separate talks with top EU officials and the leaders of France, Germany and Italy in Brussels. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said a proposal was put on the table to overcome a key stumbling block on establishing an association of municipalities of Serbian majority in the north of Kosovo. 

"Unhappily, the parties were not ready to agree on that, without preconditions that were unacceptable to the other party," Borrell said. "We will continue insisting and working in order to get an agreement," he added. 

The two Balkan leaders blamed each other for the failure of the talks.  

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Update: Serbia and Kosovo leaders break off talks without result despite EU pressure (AP)  

WNU Editor: This is not going to happen .... European leaders urge Serbia to 'de facto' recognise Kosovo (Reuters).

Kyiv Says Russia Has Dropped Mines Along Ukraine’s Safe Corridor For Grain Ships


Forbes: Russian Planes Reportedly Dropped Mines Along Ukraine’s Safe Corridor For Grain Ships 

Russian planes reportedly have mined the maritime corridor that Ukraine established in the western Black Sea in order to safeguard the export of grain to Europe and Africa. 

It seems to be the first time in Russia’s 21-month wider war that the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s aircraft have deployed sea mines. Ukraine’s southern command reported the ominous development on Wednesday. 

“The enemy ... dropped four unidentified means of impact, probably bottom mines, in the Black Sea ... in the direction of navigation corridors of civil shipping,” the command stated.  

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Update #1: Ukraine suspends Black Sea grain corridor over threat from mines, warplanes (Reuters)  

Update #2: Ukraine claims four mines dropped in grain shipping corridor by Russian air force (Trade Winds)  

Update #3: Is Ukraine’s new Black Sea corridor working? Experts say it has potential (Kyiv Independent)   

WNU Editor: This is an important story with huge global consequences that many in the mainstream media are not covering. I guess the Israel - Hamas war is diverting everyone's attention (for now).