Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Massive Phenomenon In Afghanistan: Television

This is progress....

Iran's Not Sitting Still

...while Saudi Arabia inks a major arms deal with the US.

Iran is in negotiations with Russia to buy 250 state-of-the-art fighter jets, an Israeli newspaper reported, in a pointed response to a new American bid to sell billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to potential Iranian adversaries in the Middle East.

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Three Killed In Somalia As Violence Escalates

Commentary -- July 31, 2007

September 10th in Waziristan -- David Ignatius, Washington Post
Iraq, Iran and How the Surge is Working -- John Burns, Hugh Hewitt Show
Methods That Work in Iraq -- Frederick J. Chiaventone, American Thinker
The Real Long War -- Christopher Chantrill, American Thinker

Inside Gaza: An Arms Dealer's Tale

July 30, 2007 - It is not a fact that he particularly likes to advertise, but, if pressed, Abdel Hamid Bahar will acknowledge that his business is at its best when people are dying. Last Sunday I went to see the black-market arms dealer at his home, a squat, dilapidated structure made of cinderblocks and tin sheeting, in the central Gaza village of Moghraga. We sat on pink plastic chairs in the shade, next to a slightly sickly garden with a couple of banana plants and a slender olive tree. The weapons merchant's business varies widely, of course, depending on how much fighting is going on. Last summer, when Gaza was at war with Israel after the kidnapping of Gilad Schalit, Bahar was pulling in almost $3,000 per month, more than most Gazans earn in a year. How is business now, I asked, with Hamas in power and the streets relatively calm? "Zero," the gun dealer complained, without bothering to hide his frustration.

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War And Politics -- July 31, 2007

Commentary: Hillary Shows Classic Clintonian Weakness On al-Qaeda In Pakistan – Strata-Sphere
Democrats, Answer Questions About Iraq Pullout Plan – Philadelphia Inquirer
Clyburn: Positive Report by Petraeus Could Split House Democrats on War – Washington Post
Leftward Confusion On Iraq: We Are Winning – Strata Sphere
Democrats Rethinking On Iraq? – Pundita
Lieberman Escalates Attack On Iraq Critics -- The Hill

US To Arm Israel And Arab States In $60bn Deal

A story from the Independent looks at this story.

Re-Signing Bonuses For U.S. Military Troops

Strategy Page looks at this trend.

U.S. Seeks To Fix Power Balance Upset By Iraq War

BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.S. promises of military aid or arms sales to strengthen its Middle Eastern allies against Iran and other regional foes seem aimed at repairing a balance of power destroyed by the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Toppling Saddam Hussein ended Iraq's role as a counterweight to Iran, a part it had played since the 1980s in a Gulf security system that Washington had hoped would contain the rival powers.

Supplying advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries sends a message that Washington is committed to backing conservative rulers it had criticized after the 9/11 attacks for spawning Islamist militancy, analysts said.

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More Internal Refugees In War-Ravaged Northern Uganda Return Home

Fewer Child Soldiers, Many Still Brutally Vulnerable

LONDON (Reuters) - The end of brutal wars in West Africa and global efforts to halt recruitment have cut the number of child soldiers, but experts say vulnerable boys and girls are still forced into battle from Latin American to Asia.

Armed with Kalashnikovs and machetes, drunken, drugged and traumatized children were at the heart of wars in the 1990s in Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo marked by atrocities committed by young killing machines.

Those wars are now largely over and the United Nations children's fund UNICEF estimates some 250,000 child soldiers remain active in the world -- down from earlier estimates of 300,000.

But other experts say that figure is little more than conjecture given the impossibility of getting hard data on the ground.

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This War Is Finally Over.

Pakistan: Another Mosque Painted Red, Islamic Revolution Feared

Embattled Cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz recently said “There are many Ghazis (His brother and Deputy who was killed during Op Silence at Red Mosque) living to be martyred” […] "God willing, Pakistan will have an Islamic revolution soon."

To predict or think of an impending Islamic Revolution in Pakistan is not at all a hard task now. Even keen observers of developments in Pakistan would agree what the cleric said. Self exiled leader Benezir Bhutto guessed it too sitting hundred miles away from the land. The fear of Islamic Revolution which might erupt from religious seminaries or madrassas, is gaining ground as things are shaping up in Pakistan, especially after the fall of Red Mosque. The military operation and subsequent fall of Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) early this month actually have galvanized radical sentiments in Pakistan. This has been fuelled and coupled by anti Musharraf and anti-US wave prevalent in the region including in neighboring Afghanistan. Though it had little effect on neighboring India so far.

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Iraq -- War News Updates July 31, 2007

Iraqi Leader Faces Revolt Within Party -- Yahoo News
U.S. Toll In Iraq Lowest In 8 Months -- Yahoo News
US Helicopter Down In Iraq, Crew Safe -- Yahoo News
Iraqi Armed Forces Turn To China While Pentagon Dithers – American Thinker
China Arming Both Sides In Iraq – Washington Times
The Purging Of al-Qaeda In Iraq – Strata-Sphere
NOVAK: Pentagon Plan To Forestall Turkey From Invading Iraq... -- Human Events
Brown Warns Bush Of Early Iraq Pull-Out -- Telegraph
Brown Disappoints Critics of Iraq War -- New York Sun
Britain Will Take Troops Out Of Iraq Regardless Of US, Says PM – Independent
Children Hardest Hit By Humanitarian Crisis In Iraq – Guardian
‘Untouchable’ Corruption In Iraq ministries – MSNBC
US Army Kills 8, Detains 40 In Precision Raids Throughout Iraq -- Kuwait News Service
Petraeus: 'A Lot of Soul Searching' -- ABC News
Iraq's Soccer Success Exposes Politicians' Failure -- Reuters
Joint Chiefs Nominee: Iraq Security 'Better, Not Great' -- CNN
Iraq Report: Attacks Fail To Materialize After Soccer Victory -- Fourth Rail

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 31, 2007

Second Korean Hostage Found Dead In Afghanistan -- Independent
Afghans Recover Body Of Slain Korean Hostage -- Reuters
Families Plead For US Help To Rescue Hostages -- Times Online
Families Losing Hope For Hostages -- CNN
Afghan Taliban: "We Might Stop Killing Hostages" -- CBS News
South Korea Asks U.S. For 'Flexibility' In Hostage Crisis -- International Herald Tribune

Suicide Car Bomb Hits U.S. Convoy In Afghan Capital -- Reuters
Twisted Taliban Politics – Strategy Page
Royal Marine Killed In Gunfight With Taliban – Telegraph
Afghanistan: Attacks On Schools On The Rise --AKI
AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Trapped By Their Own Plans -- Strategy Page

Monday, July 30, 2007

Iran, Iraq, the U.N. 598 Resolution, and Chemical Weapons

Yesterday the Persian Journal published a very succinct but insightful article on the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War, who helped to end it and how. Read more .....

Ivorian Leaders Try To Turn Page On Brutal Civil War

Analysis -- Russian Jet Fighter Deal To Iran

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli intelligence is investigating reports of a pending arms deal between Iran and Russia. If those reports prove accurate, then Tehran may be negotiating the purchase of up to 250 SU-30 Flanker strike fighters from Moscow. It would represent the largest arms deal in Iranian history, and provide enough airframes to replace Iran's existing inventory of U.S.-made F-4s, F-5s and F-14s, as well as Russian-built SU-24s.

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Another article to read on Iran and Russia is ..... Cold War II | Russia Gives Iran Long Range Offensive Capabilities.

The Calm Days After The Fall Of Baghdad

The Educated Soldier recalls the calm days after the fall of Baghdad. Belmont provides comments.

Inside Iran's Nuclear Nerve Centre: Halfway House To An Atomic Bomb

The rush to process uranium is to generate electricity, officials tell Julian Borger in Isfahan. But there are no power stations.

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Arm Sales To The Middle East -- A Commentary

The proposed multibillion-dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia has raised the hackles of Congress, which objects to arming the Saudis as long as they tolerate extremism. Tom Lantos (D-CA), Anthony Weiner (D-NY), and Robert Wexler (D-FL), and seven other Democratic co-sponsors will propose a resolution to block the deals once Congress has officially been notified of the sale. The Democrats, as it turns out, are not the only ones to object, but to be fair, Iran actually understands the geopolitical goals of the sale:

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Lebanon Rivals Talk Peace

U.K. PM Brown And President Bush: We Are At One In The Fight On Terror

Gordon Brown and President George W. Bush stood side by side for the first time at Camp David today, insisting that the “special relationship” between Britain and America would endure and dismissing any notion of a loosening of transatlantic ties.

But Mr Brown hinted that a decision about a British troop withdrawal from Iraq could be made soon, announcing a “full statement to Parliament” on its return in October. The easy rapport seen between Mr Bush and Tony Blair was noticeably absent.

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U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown Heads To Camp David

UN Expert: Rape Rampant in Congo

Sexual atrocities in Congo's volatile province of South Kivu extend "far beyond rape" and include sexual slavery, forced incest and cannibalism, a U.N. human rights expert said Monday.

Yakin Erturk called the situation in South Kivu the worst she has ever seen in four years as the global body's special investigator for violence against women. Sexual violence throughout Congo is "rampant," she said, blaming rebel groups, the armed forces and national police.

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Uganda Rebels Want $2m For Talks

Uganda's rebels are demanding $2m from donors, or they say they will not return to peace talks in South Sudan.

Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) technical adviser David Nyekorach told the BBC the money was needed for consultations with its various groups.

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Comment: What a pathetic shakedown for money.

Hamas Shows Gaza To Foreign Reporters

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Never mind the international isolation, growing poverty and reports of violent retribution against its defeated Fatah rivals. In Hamas' own eyes, its takeover of Gaza has made the coastal strip "safe, clean and green."

In an attempt to get that message across, Hamas took two busloads of foreign journalists on an air conditioned tour of Gaza on Monday — including a stop in a refugee camp where the deposed prime minister waved from his balcony and a prison visit hosted by one of Hamas' most powerful military men.

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Tunnels Are Conduit For Weapons To Gaza -- Yahoo News
Israel Wounds Seven In Gaza -- Reuters

Lessons From the Past for Iraq and Afghanistan

Commentary from Douglas Farah.

Seven Killed In Militant Violence In Pakistan

SLAMABAD (Reuters) - Seven people died in Islamic militant attacks on Monday and a mosque and shrine have been occupied in northwestern Pakistan, officials said, as the country struggles to cope with increasing violence.

Pakistan has been hit by a string of attacks and suicide bombings, especially in its tribal areas near the Afghan border, following a military assault on the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, complex in the capital Islamabad early this month.

More than 100 people were killed in that assault and an anti-government backlash has followed.

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More news from Pakistan:
Shut Down By September 27 Or Else... -- Daily Times
Pakistan Says Draft US 9/11 Law Could Harm Relations -- Yahoo News
Musharraf May Quit Army To Seal Bhutto Deal: Minister -- Yahoo News
Red Alert In Pak Amidst Presence Of 600 Bombers In Islamabad -- Hindustan Times
Militants Flourish In Al-Qaida's New Haven, Pakistani Leader Faces Bleak Choices -- International Herald Tribune
Govt Planning To Shut Down All Afghan Refugee Camps: Rind -- Daily Times
Militants Seize Shrine In Pakistan -- Yahoo News

US Sinks North Korean Ship Bound for Iran

How come we have heard nothing from any major news service or network????
This would be BIG news if true.
So is it?

U.S. Announces Major Middle East Arms Package

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Monday announced military aid packages worth more than $43 billion for Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in an effort to bolster Mideast allies against Iran and others.

The United States plans to offer a $13 billion package for Egypt over 10 years and a $30 billion package for Israel over the same period, increases over previous military funding, as well as unspecified defense aid to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states, said U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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Other News:
Reports: Iran To Buy Jets From Russia -- Jerusalem Post
Iran Criticizes U.S., Saudis Arms Deal -- APNews

Comment: The arms race is on. The players are clearly positioning themselves for future conflicts.

Iraq -- War News Updates July 30, 2007

Big U.S. Presence In Iraq Until Mid-2009: Commander -- Reuters
6 Dead After Minibus Explodes in Baghdad -- FOX News
Mesopotamia: The Champions of Asia -- Iraq The Model
If I Go Back To Iraq Anybody Could Kill Me, Says Hero Football Captain -- This Is London
Sunnis, Shiites And Kurds Unite To Hail Cup-Winning Heroes -- Scotsman
Iraqi Parliament Adjourns In Blow To Bush -- Reuters
Iraqi Parliament Adjourns For August -- Yahoo News
UK Pushing Ahead With Basra Exit Plan -- Sydney Morning Herald
Baghdad Raid Night -- Middle East Journal
Corruption 'Mars Iraq Rebuilding' -- BBC News
Third Of Iraqis 'Need Urgent Aid' -- BBC News
Iraq’s Christian Exodus -- National Review
Commentary: A War We Just Might Win -- New York Times -- Commentary On This Article from Tigerhawk.
Gems Of Iraqi Conspiracy Theories -- International Herald Tribune

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 30, 2007

Taliban Kills Hostage -- Reuters
Taliban Kill Male South Korean Hostage: Spokesman -- Yahoo News
Taleban 'Shoot Dead' A Second Korean Hostage -- Times Online
Taliban Ambush Kills Up to 13 Private Security Guards in Afghanistan -- FOX News
Chairman Of Afghanistan's Taliban Military Council Killed -- Fourth Rail
Nato Mulls 'Smaller Afghan Bombs' -- BBC News

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Colombia -- Farc 'Killed Hostages By Mistake'

The 11 politicians who died while being held by Farc rebels were killed during an accidental clash between factions, Colombia's intelligence chief has said.

Andres Penate said intercepted communications showed the left-wing movement had shot dead the hostages after coming across another rebel unit.

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U.S. Intel Can't Keep Up With New Technology

Tens of billions of dollars ...... thousands of personal involved in the shifting through millions of pieces of paper ....... would not having men on the ground be cheaper and more reliable?

Hezbollah: We Are Ready To Strike Israel At Any Time

Hezbollah is spoiling for a fight.

More news from Lebanon:
Hezbollah: We Are Ready to Strike Israel Again -- FOX News
Hezbollah Rejects U.S. Vision Of Mideast -- Yahoo News
Lebanon: Army Kills 8 Militants In Refugee Camp -- Jerusalem Post
Lebanese Troops Move Deeper Into Battle Camp -- Yahoo News
Lebanese Army Seizes Command Bunker -- Daily Star

Iraq -- War News Updates July 29, 2007

Commentary: Neither Washington nor Riyadh are spending any time thinking about containing the chaos that will follow the inevitable American withdrawal from Iraq -- International Herald Tribune
Cutting Costs, Bending Rules, And a Trail of Broken Lives -- Washington Post
US-Led Forces Assault Al-Qaeda Across Central Iraq -- Yahoo News
Truck Bomber Turns Against Jihad In Iraq -- MSNBC
Iraq Car Bomb Kills 4, Wounds 10 In Shiite Area -- MSNBC
Third British Soldier In Three Days Killed In Mortar Attack -- Independent
Turkey Set To Defy US And Hunt Kurdish Rebels -- Telegraph
US Fears That Brown Wants Iraq Pull-Out -- Times Online
British Pullback in Iraq Presages Hurdles for U.S. -- New York Times
Gunfire Erupts After Iraq Soccer Win -- Yahoo News
Four Dead After Iraqi Football Victory -- Times Online
Amputations Bring Health Crisis To Iraq -- Guardian

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 29, 2007

Taliban: Hostages Will Die Monday -- CNN News
Taliban Says No More Talks On Korean Hostages -- Yahoo News
Taliban Leaders Set Korean Hostage Deadline -- Reuters
Plea From Pope: Release S. Korean Hostages -- CBS News
Karzai 'Doing Best' For Hostages -- BBC News
Afghanistan Tries To Shame Taliban Kidnappers -- MSNBC
Afghan Leaders: Free Female Hostages -- Yahoo News
Three British Soldiers Dead In A Week: The Bloody Battle Of Kajaki Dam -- Independent

Possible Saudi Arms Sale Stirs Controversy

They have the money, the people, the contacts. and more importantly the oil .......... lets not kid ourselves ...... the Saudis will get what they want.

House Members Say They Will Try to Block Arms Sales to Saudis -- Washington Post
Israel Declines To Criticize U.S. Weapons Sales To Gulf Arab States -- International Herald Tribune
Commentary from Douglas Farah on the Saudi Government and its links to Islamic extremism.

Oman Plays Down Possibility Of New War In Gulf Region

Pakistan -- War News Updates For July 29, 2007

Musharraf, Bhutto To Share Rule -- The Australian
Musharraf Risks Civil War As He Invades The Al-Qaeda Badlands -- Times Online
Bhutto Warns Of Islamist Revolt In Pakistan, Plans Return -- Yahoo News
Zawahiri Backs Militant Action Against Musharraf -- Yahoo News
Cleric To 'Wage Jihad' If US Attacks Waziristan -- Gulf News
600 ‘Suicide Bombers’ Lurking In Twin Cities -- Daily Times
Musharraf Urged To Quit Army Post -- BBC News
Al-Qa'eda Divided Over Musharraf -- Telegraph
Army, Law Enforcers Warned Against Wearing Uniform In Public -- Daily Times
New 'Red Mosque' Springs Up -- News 24

Gunfire, Tears As Iraqis Celebrate Soccer Win

News reports on Iraq's soccer win are from Yahoo, Reuters, Times Online, and the BBC.

Al-Qa'eda Divided Over Drive To Oust Musharraf

You know that what they really want is to get their hands on Pakistan's nuclear weapons ....

CIA Blunders Outlined In New Book

The CIA thought it had an intelligence coup on its hands in 1994. Its friends in the Guatemalan military were bugging the bedroom of Marilyn McAfee, the American ambassador in that country, whom they regarded as suspect because she was fighting human rights abuses by the regime.

Eavesdroppers heard her whispering sweet nothings to someone whom they took to be her secretary, another female diplomat - and the CIA set out to undermine Mrs McAfee by spreading rumours in Washington that she was a lesbian.

There was just one problem. The ambassador, who was happily married, was not having an affair with her secretary. The secret microphones had instead recorded her "cooing endearments" to Murphy, her poodle.

The mistake is just one example of bungling by the CIA chronicled in a new history of the agency by the Pulitzer prize-winning author, Tim Weiner, who has covered intelligence matters for The New York Times for two decades.

His book draws on 50,000 documents in the CIA's archives, dating back to 1947, the year it was founded, and more than 300 interviews with staff, past and present, including 10 former directors. Weiner concludes that "the most powerful nation in the history of Western civilisation has failed to create a first-rate spy service" - a failure, he argues, that is a danger to American security.

Read more......

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lawyers Sap Our Will To Combat Terrorism

One more reason to hate lawyers.....
Glenn Reynolds comments.

US Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

Algerian Military Kills 22 Al-Qaeda Militants

Fighting is starting to heat up in this country again.

Israel And Its Neighbours -- July 28, 2007

U.S.-Backed Fatah Admits Infiltration By Hamas -- World Net Daily
Hamas-Run Gaza Government Starts Paying Salaries Of Thousands Of Civil Servants -- International Herald Tribune
Unconfirmed Report: One Of Two Captive Soldiers Has Died -- Jerusalem Post

Weapons Rife In E Africa, UN Finds

More feeding the beast .....

Crisis Deepens In Iraq's Divided Government

White House To Push Mideast Arms Sales

Feed the beast .........
More from CNN.

Stepping Up Hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Taliban and Al Qaeda Hideouts

The U.S. Air Force plans to deliver its newest and deadliest unmanned aircraft, the Reaper, to the theater of operations in Afghanistan.

"The Reaper is an attack aircraft loaded to the hilt with weapons," Gen. T. Michael Moseley, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told ABC News exclusively.

Four MQ-9 Reapers, defined by the Air Force as "hunter-killers," are expected to arrive within several months, according to Gen. Moseley.

Read more......

Wolf in Sheik's Clothing

Analysis of Robert Gates (U.S. Secretary of Defense) and his comments on America's War On Terror.

Iran Looks For a Fight

Analysis from Strategy Page.

Two Palestinians Killed By Israeli Soldiers In Gaza

The never ending cycle of violence in Gaza ...... read more.

Iran's Khamenei Says U.S. And Israel Are Main Foes

When the Supreme leader of Iran says you are the enemy ...... and backs it up with actions on the ground ....... and only certain parts of the media report his comments ...... you know we are in trouble.

Lebanon Faces Civil War If Crisis Unchecked: France

France is worried that thing are spiraling out of control.
Robert Fisk from the Independent adds to this discussion.

UK Wanted US To Rule Out Bin Laden Torture

Political correctness running amok ...... read more.

Pakistan -- War News Updates For July 28, 2007

Musharraf Proposes Bhutto Power-Sharing Arrangement -- Times Online
Pakistan Blast Investigation Begins -- Yahoo News
Pakistan Tightens Security After Mosque Suicide Blast -- Yahoo News
Recurring Suicide Bomb Nightmare Haunts Pakistan -- Reuters
Pushtun Politics And The Pakistani Predicament -- Strategy Page
US, Pakistan Differ On Terrorist Sanctuaries -- Daily Times
Red Mosque Closed Indefinitely After Attack -- Khaleej imes
Eight Police Personnel Among 15 Persons Killed In Islamabad Suicide Bombing -- Terrorism Update
Pakistan Suicide Bomb Wave Warning -- CNN News

Iraq -- War News Updates July 28, 2007

Iraqi Leader Tells Bush: Get Gen Petraeus Out -- Telegraph
4 Killed, 10 Hurt By Car Bomb In Baghdad -- Yahoo News
Finding Nonsectarian Military Leaders -- Yahoo News
U.S. Military Deaths In Iraq At 3,646 -- Yahoo News
US Accuses Saudis Of Telling Lies About Iraq -- Guardian
U.N. Spotlights Iraqi Refugee Kids -- Yahoo News
U.S. Widens Push To Use Armed Iraqi Residents -- MSNBC
Iraqi Security Forces & U.S. Advisors Battle Mahdi Army In Karbala -- Fourth Rail
Americans Call In Airstrike in Clash With Shiite Militia -- New York Times
Iraq Government In Disarray, Leaders Play Blame Game -- Reuters
Iraq Salutes Its Asian Cup Soccer Finalist -- LA Times
A Tale Of Abduction And Escape In Iraq -- LA Times
Iraqi Officials Raise Death Toll In Thursday Bombing In Baghdad To 61 Killed -- International Herald Tribune
U.S. Troop Deaths Show Sharp July Decline -- USA Today

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 28, 2007

Taliban In First Heat-Seeking Missile Attack -- Telegraph
British Soldier Killed In Afghanistan -- Telegraph
Afghan Clashes Kill Three NATO Soldiers -- Reuters
50 Taliban And 28 Civilians Killed In Afghan Clashes -- Daily Times
Former Taliban Lawmaker In SKorea Talks -- Yahoo News
Afghans Say May Use Force If Hostage Talks Fail -- Yahoo News
Taliban Says Some Korean Hostages Sick -- Khaleej Times
Robert Fisk On Zahir Shah: The Last King Of Afghanistan

Eritrea Denies Being Main Arms Supplier To Somali Rebels

Iraqi PM Tells Bush: Get Gen Petraeus Out

The Telegraph reports on the deep division between U.S. General Petraeus and the Iraqi Priminister al-Maliki.

"Relations between the top United States general in Iraq and Nouri al-Maliki, the country's prime minister, are so bad that the Iraqi leader made a direct appeal for his removal to President George W Bush.

Although the call was rejected, aides to both men admit that Mr Maliki and Gen David Petraeus engage in frequent stand-up shouting matches, differing particularly over the US general's moves to arm Sunni tribesmen to fight al-Qa'eda."

Commentary: On all levels this is shocking news. If the senior U.S. Commander in Iraq cannot work with the Iraqi Prime Minister and his government, expectations and predictions that the surge will be successful cannot possibly succeed.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What Is Sec. of Def. Bob Gates Been Working On Lately?

A post from Westhawk looks at "Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he is personally engaged in developing contingency plans for a drawdown of U.S. troops from Iraq and emphasized that those efforts constitute a "priority" for the Pentagon."

Unintelligent Intelligence

This article from TCS Daily that analyzes on what passes for Intelligence Reports from the U.S. Government .......... and subsequent coverage from the Main Stream Media ....... also sums up perfectly the reasons why this blog was started.

Good News From Afghanistan (From A Canadian Perspective)

A positive post on developments in Afghanistan from the Ruxted Group in Canada.

An Update From The Bottom Post -- Al Qaeda Seen In Search Of Nukes

Al Qaeda terrorists are continuing to plan attacks against the United States and are seeking nuclear and other unconventional arms for the strikes, a senior Pentagon official told Congress yesterday.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, told a joint House committee hearing that al Qaeda has conducted terrorist attacks against more than two dozen nations since September 11.

Read the entire article here.

Outside View: Pakistan Nuke Threats

Commentary: Is the War Lost? Three Inconvenient Truths About Iraq Right Now

A commentary from TCS Daily.

Other commentary......
The Iraq War Is Lost by Peter Galbraith
The Intellectual Stakes of the Iraq War by Robert Tracinski
The Surge: Another View By Douglas Hanson

Israel And Its Neighbours

Hundreds of Syrian missiles poised for possible first strike against Israel -- World Tribune
Terror group vows to obtain U.S. weaponry -- World Net Daily
Fatah officials blamed for fall -- BBC
Fatah official in Gaza rout quits post -- International Herald Tribune

Land Mine Watch

Colombia's rebels blamed for land mines.

Philosophical Founder Of Modern Terrorist Jihad Conversion

Sayid Imam al-Sharif, the man behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat and whose writings led an entire generation of radical Islamists to terrorism, now says that the theological underpinnings of such actions are completely faulty and should be discarded:
Guardian Reports.
Captain's Quarter's comments.

Sri Lanka War Planes Bomb Tiger Territory

COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan fighter jets bombed suspected Tamil Tiger positions inside territory held by the guerrillas in the north of the island, the defence ministry said.

The Continuing Violence In Pakistan --July 27, 2007 News Updates

Islamists Retake Red Mosque; Suicide Attack In Islamabad -- Fourth Rail
Islamists Retake Pakistan Mosque, Paint Walls Red -- Yahoo News
Red Mosque Suicide Attack Kills 11 In Pakistan -- Telegraph
Blast Near Pakistan Mosque Kills 13, Mostly Police -- Reuters
Islamabad Blast (Video) -- Reuters
Bomber Targets Police As Red Mosque Violence Flares -- Times Online
Blast Kills 11 In Pakistan Hotel -- Independent
Deadly Blast Rocks Pakistani Capital -- CBS News
Pakistan Chaos -- MSNBC
New Violence At Reopened Pakistan Mosque -- ABC News
U.S. Congress Ties Pakistan Aid To Terrorism Progress -- Yahoo News
Strikes In Pakistan Still An Option, Officials Say -- Pakistan Daily Times
Pakistan's Musharraf Rules Out US Strikes -- Yahoo News
US, Pakistan Differ on Cleaning Out Terrorist Sanctuaries -- VOA News

War On The Political Front -- July 27, 2007

U.S. House May Pass Security Bill Today -- Yahoo News
U.S. Senate Approves Anti-Terror Bill -- UPI
U.S. Congress Ties Pakistan Aid To Terrorism Progress -- Yahoo News
Presidential Candidate Romney: Americans Angry With Iraq War -- Breitbart
Murtha Pushes New Iraq Bill – USA Today
Conservatives Call For Bush To Emphasize ‘Leaving Iraq’ – The Hill
Winning In Iraq And Losing In Washington – New York Post
UPI Poll: Congress Worse Than Bush On Iraq – UPI

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 27, 2007

Taliban Negotiate For Korean Hostages -- Yahoo News
Report: 28 Afghans Killed In Airstrikes -- Yahoo News
More Troops May Be Needed In Afghanistan -- Telegraph
Deadline Passes For Koreans Held By Taleban -- Times Online
Korean Hostages Alive In Afghanistan, Say Taliban -- Reuters
Spirits Sag in South Korea at Death of Hostage -- New York Times
Dozens Of Afghan Civilians Die In Air Raids: Residents -- Reuters
U.K. In Taliban Policy Split With US -- Telegraph
Taleban Commander Was 'Shot Dead' – BBC News
'Many Taleban Killed' In Clashes – BBC News
NATO Soldier, 60 Taliban Killed In Battles In Southern Afghanistan – L.A. Times
Second Fierce Battle Explodes In Musa Qala -- Afgha.com
Evidence of Iranian Support for Afghan Insurgency Mounts -- e-Ariana
AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Plant Hundreds Of Mines In Helmand Province -- IRIN
AFGHANISTAN: UN Funds Specialists To Help Investigate Mass Graves -- IRIN

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 27, 2007

Iraq: Troops Clash With Shiite Militia -- Yahoo News
Actor Jon Voight Warns of Massive Bloodbath If US Flees Iraq -- Gateway Pundit
Basra 'Will Be Handed Over To Iraqis By End Of Year' -- Independent
Saudis’ Role in Iraq Frustrates U.S. Officials -- New York Times
U.S. Says ills 17 Militiamen In Iraq Clashes -- Reuters
US Troops Battle Kerbala Militia -- BBC News
Pentagon Says Making Contingency Iraq Pullout Plan -- Reuters
Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 25, Wounds 115 -- Reuters
Jordan, Syria: Iraqi Refugees Need Help – CBS News
Iraqis Turn To Gangs To Flee For Safety – International Herald Tribune
Added Forces Credited For Decline In Military Deaths In Iraq – LA Times
Predicated On Defeat – Dr. Sanity
Iraq Report: Al Qaeda Strikes In Baghdad – Fourth Rail
Iraq's "Excess Deaths": Lancing The Lancet -- Tigerhawk
Commentary: The Rule, Not the Exception -- Michael Totten
Entrepreneurs or Insurgents? Economic Growth in Iraq -- U.S. Cavalry On Point
Peace Agreement in Diyala -- Duty in The Desert
Dawn Patrol: Numerous Dispatches From Iraq -- Mudville Gazette

New Violence At Reopened Pakistan Mosque

New Violence at Pakistan's Red Mosque -- Yahoo News

Also, Islamist protesters threw stones and shoes at police and spectators as Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf reopened the divisive Red Mosque in Islamabad.

So, You Want to Join al-Qaeda?

George Wittman at the American Spectator gives a concise description of the stages each recruit must pass and the training received. "It might be a surprise to most people to realize how little training it takes to be a terrorist." Here's the first hurdle ...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Report Sheds New Light On Guantanamo

A study commissioned by the Pentagon contends 73 percent of the detainees held in Guantanamo Bay were a demonstrated threat to coalition forces.

Jihad on Horseback -- A Documentary On Darfur

Two years ago, Al Arabiya producer Nabil Kassem was asked to put together a documentary film on Darfur. What he witnessed there, and recorded in this film, were scenes of unspeakable brutality and untold suffering, scenes he thought would surely wake up an Arab public all too willing to let Darfur pass by. But 'Jihad on Horseback' never made it across the airwaves. Watch part 1 of the film to see perhaps the most provocative Arab documentary ever made.

Part 2 is here.

Colombia Landmines Blamed On Farc

A US-based rights group has blamed left-wing rebels for making Colombia the country with the highest number of landmine victims in the world.

Human Rights Watch says more than 1,000 people were killed by anti-personnel mines in Colombia last year, up from less than 300 in 2001.

The Farc rebel group often places landmines in civilian areas.

The group said the number of civilian victims had increased from 66 in the year 2000, to more than 300 last year.

News, Info, And Intel On Al Qaeda -- July 26, 2007

The Changing And Expanding al-Qaeda Threat -- Policy Watch

British Soldier Killed In Southern Afghanistan

A British soldier was killed in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, bringing the number of foreign soldiers killed this year in the restive nation to 121, an official said.

Somalia Still Bleeds

Douglas Farah looks at the situation in Somalia.

Another article on Eritrea supplying weapons to Somalia insurgents is here.

Panel Urges Overhaul Of US Military Health Care

A bi-partisan presidential panel called Wednesday for sweeping changes to the US military health care system months after revelations that war veterans faced dismal conditions in the country's top military hospital.

Darfur Rebels To Hold Peace Talks

Too many dead. Too much bad blood. Peace talks may just be a photo-op.

Reporter's Notebook: A Dark Cloud Over Lebanon

News reports about Lebanon being plunged into another civil war are making the runs again.

Update: Lebanese army bombards Islamic militants

Miliband Calls For Calm Amid Pakistani Anger At US

Pakistan is isolating itself from its main allies.

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 26, 2007

Korean Shot By Taleban Was Group's Leader -- Times Online
Korean Found Dead As Taliban Threaten To Kill More Hostages -- Independent
General Faces Demotion In Tillman Case -- MSNBC
Taliban Hints At Break In Korean Hostage Deadlock -- Guardian
US-Led Forces Kill More Than 60 Taliban Suspects -- Guardian
U.S.: More Than 50 Taliban Killed In Battle -- MSNBC

War On The Political Front -- July 26, 2007

War Foes Plan New Way To Pressure Bush -- CNN
Democrats Push New Iraq Withdrawal Bill -- Yahoo News
Gates Tries To Calm Clinton-Pentagon Exchange -- MSNBC

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 26, 2007

Terrorists Bomb Soccer Fans In Baghdad! – Gateway Pundit
Commentary: Surging Support For The Invasion – Just One Moment
Commentary: Hilzoy's 10 Lessons From Iraq – Obsidian Wings
Commentary: Imagining Defeat In Iraq – Scripps Howard News Service
SCOTT THOMAS BEAUCHAMP Comes Out of Shadows at TNR -- Gateway Pundit
Haditha Marine: "I Didn't Know There Were Women & Children in House" -- Gateway Pundit
30 Less Terrorists To Worry About In Fallujah (Video) -- Gateway Pundit
More Accurate Green Zone Attacks Aided By Iran: U.S. -- Yahoo News
Baghdad Bomb Kills 21, Burns Building, Cars -- USA Today
Five US troops Killed In Iraq Battles -- Guardian
Bomb Kills 25 In Shiite Area Of Baghdad -- Yahoo News
Khalis Tribal Leaders Sign Peace Agreement -- Operation Iraq Freedom
U.S. Envoy: Troops Holding Down Violence -- Yahoo News

Fighting Continues In Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province

Taliban maintain attack tempo as the government scrambles to save the Waziristan Accord.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Disturbing News About Hezbollah

The Thin Red Line: Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Mike McConnell, warned last week that Hezbollah sleeper cells are in the United States waiting for orders to attack. “The expected trigger for Hezbollah attacks, both in the secret assessment and the censored version, is if America or Israel crosses what McConnell calls a “red line” as far as Hezbollah is concerned: an attack on Iran.” (Ha’aretz, via The Volokh Conspiracy)
H/T to Pajamas Media

Lebanon Army On 'Final Assault'

Lebanese Army Begins Final Push Against Militants -- Reuters
Lebanese Army Fires Shells In Camp -- Yahoo News
Lebanon Army On 'Final Assault' -- CNN

Bush's Frequent Talks With Iraqi PM Touch On Religion: Report

Pakistan Feels Pressure Over Al-Qaeda

If history is any indication, to keep al Qaeda safe havens in one's country is a recipe for disaster.

Another story comes from Strata-Sphere, and Tigerhawk discusses how "Pakistanis Are Cleaning Up The American Mess".

Somalia -- War Updates July 25, 2007

Somalia: Police stations attacked, insurgent killed -- Somalia Net
Somalia: Overnight bomb blasts wound two in Mogadishu -- Shabelle

One Soldier Dead, Another Wounded In Chechnya Battle - Ministry

This war has never ended.

Pakistan Warns US Not To Send Troops After al-Qa'ida

With allies like this, who needs enemies.

Pakistani Villagers Fear Anti-Al Qaeda Offensive

Everyone knew that this conflict was coming, it was just a matter of time.

War On The Political Front -- July 25, 2007

President Bush Accuses Congressional Critics Of Misleading Public About Al Qaeda In Iraq – FOX News
President Bush Says Military Needs Time To Defeat Al Qaeda In Iraq – LA Times
Dems Taking All-Or-Nothing View On Iraq – Yahoo News
U.S. Making Progress In Iraq, Says ET Lawmaker -- Knox News

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 25, 2007

Not A Good Time To Be Sunni And Arab In Iraq – Strategy Page
New York Times Quietly Edits Article on 'Shock Troops' – Little Green Footballs
Iraq Report: Tribes In Khalis Pledge To Fight Al Qaeda – Weekly Standard
The Invisible Enemy in Iraq – Strategy Page
Iraqi Insurgents, Together at Poolside – Time Magazine
New Plan For Iraq Maintains Major U.S. Presence For 2 More Years – FOX News
Iran To Consider More Iraq Talks With US – Yahoo News
British Troop Withdrawal From Iraq Hopes Fade – Telegraph
Sunni Bloc Suspends Iraqi Gov't Membership – Yahoo News
Desert Where Insurgents Are Kings Of The Castle – Telegraph
Baathists Announce Plans For Iraq Once Democrats Complete Withdrawal -- Gateway Pundit
More Progress In Diyala As Shieks Sign Pact To Fight al-Qaeda -- Strata-Sphere

Afghanistan -- War News Updates July 25, 2007

Afghan, Pakistan Tribal Elders To Meet For Peace -- Reuters
Taliban Kill Hostage -- Reuters
Taliban Say Kill Korean Hostage, Set New Deadline -- Reuters
Taliban Kills South Korean Hostage- Dumps Body on Highway -- Gateway Pundit
Britain Losing 'Hearts And Minds' In Afghanistan -- Telegraph
Afghan Taliban Set New Deadline For Korean Hostages -- Reuters
Report: Afghan Police Find Hostage's Body -- CNN

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Muslim Majorities Turning Backs On Terrorism: Survey

After so many deaths and destruction, 70% of Palestinians believe that suicide attacks are justified.

US Accuses Iran Of Supporting Iraq Militias

The diplomatic freeze may have ended ...... but both sides have a long way to go.

How The West's News Media Supports Our Enemies

The Counter Terrorism Blog examines how The Washington Post, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune are openly providing forums for Pro-Jihadi spokesmen to preach their propaganda.

It is enough to get your blood boiling.

The Best Hotel in Hell (Somalia)

Time Magazine's "hotel of choice" in the hell of Mogadishu, Somalia.

Their War

Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population serves in our military. In a time of war, what should that mean to the rest of us?

This is an observation that is examined by the Washington Post.

Did al-Qaeda Move Its Leaders And Expose Them?

Is pressure on Al Qaeda making them expose themselves to attack?

Poll Shows Muslims Rejecting Suicide Bombings, Therefore al-Qaeda’s Strategy

Strata-Sphere highlights all the major points in his recent post.

Belarus to Sell to Venezuela Weapons For $1bln

The start of an arms race in South America.

Pakistan War Updates -- July 24, 2007

Pakistan: Govt investing in equipment to curb suicide bombs
Foreign attacks in Pakistan intolerable
No unilateral military strikes in FATA: US
Standing US offer of air support, 'supporting fires' to Pakistan: officials
US provided Pakistan with intel about senior Al Qaeda leaders in tribal region
Pakistani students display a radical Islam
Wanted Pakistan militant blows himself up
Militants kidnap, kill two Pakistani soldiers
Official: Islamic militants have launched fresh attacks on security forces
20 militants, 2 soldiers killed in Pakistan fighting

Reuters: No Arms Smuggling In Lebanon

Reuters has a story that implies that there are no arms smuggling in Lebanon. But a Lebanese Blogger differs.

Former Guantanamo Inmate Blows Himself Up In Pakistan

This is why they were originally locked up.

SKorean Talks With Taliban Raise Hostage Hopes

If history is any indication, there is not much to really hope for in this hostage crisis.

Coercion In Counterinsurgency

Belmont dissects Tigerhawks thesis on counterinsurgency. A must read discussion.

Pakistan 'No' To Bin Laden Strike

Pakistan expressing its firm disapproval for a strike against Bin Laden is not going to win any friends in the U.S.

Troops Killed In Sri Lanka Blast

The war continues in Sri Lanka.

Israeli Planes Strike Gaza Strip

The war starts to heat up between Hamas and Israel. Report 1, Report 2

War On The Political Front -- July 24, 2007

Commentary: Political Correctness Has Triumphed Over Common Sense -- Examiner
Clinton Enlists Other Senators In Pentagon Fight -- Newsday
Troop Withdrawal: Considering the Consequences (Video) – Heritage Foundation
New Military Plan At Odds With Congress -- CBS News
Pressure on Capitol Hill Representatives To Get "John Doe" Provision In Homeland Security Bill -- Washington Times
Bush Stresses Links To al-Qaida In Charleston Speech -- Charleston.Net
Bush: Al-Qaida Is A Direct Threat To U.S. -- Houston Chronicle

Afghanistan -- News Updates July 24, 2007

6 soldiers killed in Afghanistan – Yahoo News
US: 75 Taliban Killed In Afghan Clashes -- Yahoo News
Afghan, Foreign Troops Kill Dozens Of Taliban -- Yahoo News
Afghanistan Troop Surge Not On The Agenda, Says Miliband -- Guardian
Taleban Commander 'Kills Himself' -- BBC News
Camel-Riding Former Gitmo Detainee Blows Himself Up -- Gateway Pundit
Pakistani Taliban Commander Abdullah Mehsud Killed During Raid -- Fourth Rail
Afghanistan Buries Its Last King -- BBC News
Report: Taliban Moving Closer To Kabul -- UPI
Afghan Tribal Elders Act As Go-Betweens In Hostage Talks -- International Herald Tribune
Increase In German Troops In Afghanistan Possible -- Expatica

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 24, 2007

Doubts Raised on Magazine’s ‘Baghdad Diarist’ -- New York Times
MNF-Iraq Releases Statement on TNR's Soldier Stories -- Gateway Pundit
U.S. Seen In Iraq Until At Least "09": Goal Is Set As Security Nationwide -- New York Times
U.S. May Stay In Iraq To '09, Based On New Plan -- MSNBC
U.S. Sets 2008 Goal For Iraq Security -- Yahoo News
U.S. Brokers Iraqi Tribes Security Accord – World Peace Herald
NYT's Baghdad Bureau Chief: U.S. in Iraq ‘Very Important Inhibitor Against Violence' – News Busters
A Flight To Nowhere: How Iraqis Are Treated In Jordan – Pajamas Media
Iraqi Qaeda Group Denies "Fictitious Leader" Claim – Reuters
Kurdistan: The Price of Oil – Global Voices Online
U.S. blockades Shiite Stronghold – Yahoo News
U.S.-Iran talks Resume In Baghdad -- Yahoo News
Iraq Talks Marred By 'US-Iran Clash' -- Telegraph
US 'Confronts' Iran As Talks Resume On Iraq -- Guardian
U.S., Iran, Iraq To Start Security Panel -- Yahoo News
Turkey Steps Back From Iraq Invasion After Poll -- Times Online
Iraq Car Bomber Kills At Least 24 In Shiite City -- MSNBC
Suicide Car Bomb Kills 26 At Iraq Children's Hospital -- Yahoo News
Four Headlines on Iraq -- Futurist
Al-Qaida affiliate In Iraq Denies In Web Posting That U.S. Troops Captured Its Top Iraqi -- International Herald Tribune
Commentary: The Surge Is Succeeding In Iraq -- American Thinker
Syria Scraps "Iraqi Resistance" Conference In Damascus -- Gateway Pundit
Baghdad Crackdown Swamps Jails -- Sydney Morning Herald
Iraq Report: Taji tribes Turn On Mahdi Army And al Qaeda -- Weekly Standard

Monday, July 23, 2007

Starvation Returns To North Korea

Strategy Page examines North Korea, and the changes that are developing there.

Jules Crittenden On War And Psychology

Jules Crittenden writes a must read piece on War And Psychology.

S.Lanka Tigers Run Multi-Million Dollar Empire-Report

Every conflict and war needs a bankroll ........ now we know how the Tiger Guerrilla movement in Sri Lanka does it.

Syria Threatened To Fight In Lebanon War-Hezbollah

Syria warned Israel it would send troops into Lebanon during the Jewish state's 2006 war against Hezbollah militants if its forces advanced into a Lebanese region adjacent to Damascus, the head of the guerrillas said. ..........

This information is leaking out now ....... is someone trying to send a message?

Pakistani Forces Kill 35 Militants In Waziristan

This conflict is not going to end soon.

Poll: U.S. Support for Iraq Invasion Inches Up

The American public is slowly shifting away from old perceptions and beliefs on Iraq. The implications of this poll from the New York Times cannot be underestimated.

In the meantime .......... Washington Post And ABC News have a poll contradicting the New York Times poll ........ what are people thinking?

Six NATO Troops, 60 Taliban Killed In Afghanistan

Roadside bombs are now becoming the norm in the southern part of Afghanistan.

Qaeda Vows Attacks In North Africa

Al Qaeda's Algerian wing threatens more violence and bloodshed.

Captain's Quarters sums up my feelings perfectly.

Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Sue US Government Over Health Care Horrors

A continuing scandal.......

Commentary: Guns and Brains

The evolving shape of the American Military, and society's view of it is discussed here. A must read article in the New Yorker.

Analysis: All Quiet On The Mideast Front?

All quiet before the storm?

Iraqis See Progress In Iraq

A different take from main stream media reports.

Bloggers Raise Red Flags Over New Republic's 'Baghdad Diarist'

The column in the New Republic, described as being penned by a U.S. soldier in Iraq, is filled with tales of petty, stomach-churning behavior. The "Baghdad Diarist," writing under the pseudonym Scott Thomas, says he was "shocked by my own cruelty" as he recounts soldiers getting their kicks by running over dogs with Bradley Fighting Vehicles and playing with Iraqi children's skulls taken from a mass grave. But now......more from the Washington Post.

More on this story from the Weekly Standard with blog links, and from the American Thinker.

The Story Of Mr. Basam Ridha, Iraq's Hangman

The L.A. Times has a piece here, and Westhawk provides commentary and analysis.

Iraq: Resolving The Coercion/Intelligence Dilemma

Tigerhawk looks at the implications of low level Al Qaeda operatives becoming informants.

Al Qaeda Family Feud

Newsweek extensively examines the state of Al Qaeda today.

Pro-Taliban Leader Warns Against US Military Incursion In Pak

In response to the last post ..... the Taliban have put their line in the sand.

Bush Aide: Military Could Go Into Pakistan

Someone in the U.S. Administration is rattling sabers, or knows something that we do not know.

Bin Laden Hiding In Pakistan, Say US Intelligence

The war of words between Pakistan and the U.S. is heating up. Pakistan is underestimating American anger on this issue.

Commentary -- Dogs Of War

War talk on Iran is heating up.

Natl. Intel Director Worries About Terror Sleeper Cells in U.S.

ABC reports.
Worry ....... be very worried.

A Relaunch For The Victory Caucus

The Victory Caucus, a must go place for those interested in the war, relaunches their website. It has a lot of useful news-aggregation features.
My ego wonders if it is all because of little me and the launching of War News Updates.......yeah right.

United Kingdom Terror Investigations Update - Week Ending July 22

Counter Terrorism Blog provides a roundup and update of UK terror investigation news stories for the week ending July 22.

Pentagon to Junk Millions in Combat Gear

My question is why?

China And Its Muslim Insurgency

Belmont discusses the Chinese response and handling of its Muslim dissidents.

TIME Magazine Shows Its Military Expertise

American Thinker looks at how Time Magazine screwed-up a cover of one its stories. This story highlights one of the reasons why I started this blog ..... I have always felt insecure about my military background (or lack of) ..... but even I would not do the mistake that Time does.

Reducing Friendly Fire Incidents

Friendly fire has always been a fact of life for the military. Threatswatch examines what has been learned after recent indicidents.

Nasrallah Says Hezbollah Can Hit Anywhere in Israel

A story from Gateway Pundit examines the developing situation in the south of Lebanon, and Israel's vulnerability to Hezbollah attack.

Pakistan's Waziristan Region Erupting

Captain's Quarters comments on a Yahoo story on the continuing conflict in Pakistan's tribal regions.

Longterm problem with no easy military solutions.

War On The Political Front -- July 23, 2007

Senate Democrat Calls To Censure Bush Over Iraq -- Reuters
Commentary: Keeping The Flying Imams Airborne -- Investors Daily
Commentary: Redeploy and Then? Defeatists Are Not Looking Past 2008 Elections -- Threatswatch
U.S. Sens. Warner and Lugar Call for Revised Iraq Strategy by October -- ABC News
Commentary: Milking Defeatism For Political Gain -- Washington Times