Friday, February 15, 2008

Kosovo Independence -- A New War In Europe?

Summary Of News On Kosovo:

Serbia Braces For New Nation -- Washington Times

Kosovo Vow As Independence Looms -- BBC News

Serbian President Tadic Vows To Preserve Kosovo -- Reuters

Serbia To Act Against Kosovo -- LA Times

Kosovo Breakaway Illegal, Says Putin -- Video From The Guardian

Kosovo A Frustration For Russia -- LA Times

On The Road To A Lawful Kosovo: Evictions -- International Herald Tribune

War’s Dead Haunt Both Sides In Kosovo -- MSNBC

Kosovo: Born Under A Bad Sign -- Analysis From The Financial Times

My Comment: I can appreciate and respect a people who wish to be independent. A majority of the population in Kosovo wants this independence, and if we are a people that respects democracy and freedom we must also respect this desire among the Kosovars for their own independent country.

Unfortunately, this pathway to independence is not going to give a positive outcome. The history of the Balkans is filled with blood and conflict. Instead of going through a slow and steady pace that would help future generations to adjust to this new situation, this rush to be independent is giving the impression (probably correct) that minority opinions and recommendations will be ignored .... and also history be damned.

Santayana is usually correct .... ignore the past and be prepared to repeat it.

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