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Civil War In Libya -- News Updates March 13, 2011

Advance On Benghazi: Gaddafi's Men Take Another Key Oil Town On Road To Rebel HQ -- The Daily Mail

Colonel Gaddafi’s forces moved closer to the Libyan rebel capital of Benghazi yesterday after taking another key oil town.

Al Brega fell after a fierce bombardment from land, sea and air.

I watched rebel forces stream back along the desert coast road, after failing to stem the regime’s recent rapid counter- offensive. Morale is low, a huge volte face from the euphoria of a week ago.

Libyan state television declared that Al Brega had been ‘cleansed from armed gangs’. Over the weekend Gaddafi loyalists also recaptured the oil port of Ras Lanuf, 100 miles to the west.

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More News On The Civil War In Libya

Reuters Live Wire On Libya -- Reuters

Gadhafi forces assault western rebel-held town -- Yahoo News/AP
Gaddafi's troops press ahead in east -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Libya jets bomb rebels, French press for no-fly zone -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Kadhafi forces launch new attacks -- Yahoo News/AFP

Rebels Lose Ground in Libya -- Wall Street Journal
Libyan forces gains control of more rebel-held territory -- Washington Post
Air strikes hit rebel town as Gaddafi advances east -- Reuters
Libyan government steps up fight against rebels -- ABC News (Australia)
Gaddafi forces attack western Libyan town-residents -- Reuters
Kadhafi forces launch new attacks -- Sydney Morning Herald
Libyan Rebels Report Airstrikes on Eastern Town -- Voice of America
Libya: Rebels say Brega retaken from Gaddafi troops -- BBC
Libyan rebels say they've reclaimed Brega -- UPI
Libya crisis: Brega falls to Gaddafi's forces -- The Telegraph
Gaddafi forces consolidate position -- Press Association

Bravado fades away as rebels prepare for last stand in Benghazi -- The Independent
Libyan rebels retreat but vow to keep on fighting -- Sydney Morning Herald
500,000 rebels face death -- The Sun
Rebels Struggle to Regroup Against Confident Regime -- Wall Street Journal
Qaddafi rout of Libya rebels pulls morale to a new low -- Christian Science Monitor
Benghazi braces as morale sinks -- News24
Two fighters, shoulder to shoulder, show the diversity of the Libyan rebel forces -- Washington Post
Anti-Gaddafi rebel leader appeals to world for weapons -- Sify News
Rebels fear other regimes are throwing support behind Gadhafi’s forces -- Globe And Mail

Libyans in Rebel Stronghold Say No-Fly Zone Key to Beat Qaddafi -- Bloomberg Businessweek
UN security council meets to consider options on Libya, no resolution expected yet -- Canadian Press
US backs no-fly zone over Libya -- Al Jazeera
Arab League's backing of no-fly zone over Libya ramps up pressure on West -- Washington Post
World still divided on Libya as Gadhafi forces retake rebel-held cities -- Deutsche Welle
Gadhafi forces recapture western Libya as world debates intervention -- Haaretz

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Libyan rebel leaders over Moammar Khadafy crackdown -- New York Daily News
Libya opposition to meet with Clinton in Paris today -- Christian Science Monitor
Hillary Clinton arrives in Paris to discuss Libya -- Politico
Hillary Clinton in Paris for Libya talks -- AFP
Clinton holding talks in Paris on Libya crisis as US formulates position toward Gadhafi foes -- Washington Post

Migrant Workers Fleeing Libya Vow Not To Return -- NPR/AP
Crisis building on Libyan border with flood of evacuees -- Washington Post
Thousands of Africans, Asians fleeing fighting in Libya go home broke, vowing not to return -- Washington Post
Humanitarian emergency on Libya's borders -- MSNBC Photoblog

How far – and how fast – will Qaddafi's forces push into Libya's 'liberated' east? -- Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor
Libyan revolutionaries make final stand for freedom -- Ahram Online
What do we do about Gaddafi? Let Arabs take him out -- Peter McKay, Daily Mail
Libya despatch: Force triumphs over Ras Lanuf's conscientious uprising -- Richard Spencer, The Telegraph
Gaddafi's Victories Highlight Rebels' Daunting Challenge -- Vivienne Walt, Time
Will Gaddafi reverse the tide of the Arab Spring? -- Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Fiddling While Libya Burns -- Anne-Marie Slaughter, New York Times

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