Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is President Obama Responsible For The Uprising In Libya? (A Commentary)

Anti-Genocide Advocate Credits Obama For Libyan Uprising -- Washington Times

White House aide Samantha Power, a former news reporter turned anti-genocide advocate, said President Obama’s two-year campaign to promote human rights helped trigger the uprising in Libya against Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s rule.

In a speech Monday at Columbia University, Ms. Power, director of multilateral affairs at the National Security Council, defended her support for the military operation against Libyan government forces and said the president’s efforts, through speeches in various foreign capitals, made it easier for other nations to stand with the United States against tyrants.

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My Comment: The person who is making this claim is director of multilateral affairs at the NSA and a senior White House aide. The idea that Libyans are revolting because they had listened to President Obama's advocacy of human rights ..... and that other leaders in the region have followed suit ..... hmmmm .... that is not what is happening, and what is worse it is rewriting history. But I understand the politics behind such a claim .... next year is a Presidential election year, and many of his supporters are trying their best to brand President Obama as a major force on the international scene. Unfortunately, his clout and influence in shaping the Middle East as revolution is spreading in the region is (at best) very minimal .... and in cases like Syria, non existent.

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