Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did Army Capt. Will Swenson`s Criticisms On The Botched Battle Of Ganjgal Prevent Him From Receiving An Award For Valor?

Army Capt. William Swenson calls for air support on his radio as troops take cover while Afghan security forces and their U.S. military trainers were ambushed on Sept. 8, 2009. A Sept. 14 report by The Wall Street Journal says Swenson is being recommended for the Medal of Honor. Jonathan S. Landay / McClatchy Tribune

Did Soldier's Open Criticism Prevent Him From Receiving Valor Medal? -- Stars and Stripes

WASHINGTON — Dakota Meyer’s Medal of Honor revives lingering questions about the botched battle of Ganjgal, including whether another soldier in the fight is being marginalized by military officials for publicly blasting command decisions that endangered U.S. troops’ lives.

Two other Marines were honored with Navy Crosses for their heroism in the fight, but Army Capt. William Swenson — a man Meyer credits with saving his life — has received no valor award for his contribution.

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Update #2: Report: Ganjgal hero recommended for MoH -- Military Times

My Comment: A four-star General is now taking on his case. I expect the President to sign-on and correct this great injustice.

WNU Editor: War News Updates has covered the battle of Ganjgal quite extensively over the past two years. Here are some links for more information. Warning .... I blogged on this battle two years ago, and the anger that I feel still leaves a bad taste in mouth.

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