Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Speed Neptunus Lex

A Remarkable Man Has Stepped Into the Clearing; Captain Carroll LeFon USN (Ret.) 1960-2012 -- USNI

As the sun’s rays broke over the top of the eastern hills this morning, the military blogging community was coming to grips with the loss of a truly remarkable man. Retired Navy Captain Carroll LeFon, who was known to thousands of his “nom de blog” of Neptunus Lex, died when his Israeli-built F-21 Kfir single-seat fighter aircraft crashed at NAS Fallon at around 0915 yesterday morning.

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My Comment
: I must confess that I am at a loss for words on the passing of Captain Carroll LeFon USN (Ret.) .... or known to thousands of his readers as Neptunus Lex .... and as a result I have been thinking and reflecting for much of this evening. We exchanged emails a year or two ago .... giving praise and encouragement for what we do in the mil-blogging community .... and finding out that we had much in common .... including our age (I was also born in 1960). And while I do not know if he was a regular reader of my blog, over the years I definitely became a regular reader of his.

And now he is gone.

And yes .... he will be sorely missed.

Our prayers are with his family and friends.

His website is here, and the comments thread is where you can leave a thought and/or your condolences.

xbradtc has a touching post on Captain Carroll LeFon. That link is here.

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