Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who Murdered MI6 Agent Gareth William?

Suspicions: Relatives believe a third party was either present when Gareth Williams died or broke into his home afterwards to destroy evidence, lawyer Anthony O'Toole said

Did MI6 Agents 'Specialising In Dark Arts' Kill Spy In Bag? New Evidence Emerges Sparking Fresh Questions From The Victim's Family -- Daily Mail

* Gareth Williams's family believe a third party was either present when he died or broke into his home afterwards to destroy evidence
* Crime scene forensic scientist’s OWN DNA was found on Mr Williams’s hand
* Relatives wanted to know why the alarm was not raised when Mr Williams failed to turn up at work - by then his body was badly decomposed for analysis
* It also emerged that a Mediterranean couple police wanted to speak to were irrelevant to Mr Williams’s death

The MI6 spy whose body was found locked in a sports bag may have been killed by a secret agent, his family said yesterday.

Their barrister suggested a sinister cover-up had left them with no way of knowing how and why Gareth Williams died.

One theory is that he died at the hands of a colleague. Another is that a foreign agent killed him because of his espionage work.

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My Comment: A very strange case. You would think that the murder of an important MI6
agent would result in an all out attempt to find the killer and the reasons on why he was killed.

Hmmm .... apparently not in this case.

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D.Plowman said...

Very strange...

Seems more likely that he was killed elsewhere, put in a body-bag and dumped into a clean environment with no evidence. It was made to look like a break-in so that investigators would naturally assume it was the killzone, and perhaps the only reason the body remained in the body-bag was to keep in the smell from decomposing corpse...

At least, that's my theory...