Sunday, June 24, 2012

The USS Jane Fonda?

Vietnam Veterans Outraged Over Navy Christening Of USS Jane Fonda -- The Duffel Blog

Washington, DC – Both the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars issued a joint statement today condemning the U.S. Navy over the launch of its newest warship, the USS Jane Fonda.

“Without getting into Ms. Fonda’s activities during the Vietnam War, we feel that it is highly inappropriate to name a warship after an actress with no ties to the military,” said James Mitchell, a spokesman for both groups.

The ship’s name, which had been kept under wraps until right before the launch, was revealed yesterday at a star-studded event presided over by Ms. Fonda.

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Orion said...

Don't DO That - Until I saw where the link went to I thought this was real - especially after the USS Carter and USS Murtha...What's next? The USS Benedict Arnold? USS Stalin? USS Mao? How about the USS Great Leap Forward? It matches a current campaign slogan, I believe.

Okay heart, resume beating.