Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Civil War In Syria -- News Updates September 5, 2012

Blood-Soaked Streets Of Syria: Horrific Images Show City Devastated By Government Air Strike With Parents Struggling To Help Badly-Wounded Children -- Daily Mail

* Local residents say the attack was launched by Syrian government forces onto a densely populated area of Aleppo
* It is believed that in one of the deadly attacks seven children were killed
* Rebels in the north of the country today said they had shot down a government fighter jet
* Syria came under scathing international criticism today with Turkey calling the country a terrorist state

They are horrific pictures which show the brutality and destructiveness of war.

As doctors battle to save injured children, blood runs through the streets of Aleppo in Syria following an air strike by government forces.

Residents of the battered city are seen struggling to cope following the devastating attack.

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More News On Syria's Civil War

Syria Live Blog
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Syria troops 'bombard Aleppo districts' -- BBC
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Iraq's role in Syria war poses problems for US -- Bloomberg Businessweek
As Iran Assists Syria, Iraqi Airspace Becomes a Diplomatic Battleground -- New York Times
Iraq Rejects U.S. Claims That Iran Using Airspace to Send Arms to Syria -- ABC News
Iraq demands evidence from U.S. of Iran shipping weapons to Syria through Iraqi airspace -- CBS News/AP

France gives Syria "liberated zones" aid, mulls weapons - source -- Reuters
Syria rebels prepare to unite -- Financial Times
Syrian rebel leader calls for "Marshall Plan" to rebuild country after Assad regime falls -- CBS/AP
A Syrian Village Is Oasis Of Calm Amid Conflict -- NPR

More than 100,000 refugees flee Syria in one month -- CNN
UN says 100,000 refugees fled Syria in August, highest monthly total since crisis began -- Washington Post/AP

Turkish PM says Syria has become "terrorist state" -- Reuters
Turkey's Anti-Assad Policy Ricochets Back -- Wall Street Journal

Syria Rebuffs Egypt's Bid for Negotiated End to Conflict -- Voice of America
Egypt's Morsi Urges Arab Action on Syria -- Voice of America
Egyptian President Warns Assad That ‘Your Time Won’t Be Long’ -- New York Times
Egypt president to Syria's Assad: Step down before it's too late -- L.A. Times

Syria Turmoil Exposes Rifts Among Arab Intellectuals -- Aida Alami, New York Times
The conflict in Syria: Worse and worse, and no end in sight -- The Economist
With Syrian endgame in sight, now is the time to get involved -- James Traub, Gulf News/Washington Post

In pictures: Battle for Aleppo -- BBC

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