Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Case For Better Body Armor

Army Specialst Arielle Mailloux gets some help adjusting her protoype Generation III Improved Outer Tactical Vest from Capt. Lindsey Pawlowski recently at Fort Campbell, Ky. Army photo / Megan Locke Simpson

Making All Our Troops Bulletproof -- Rep. Niki Tsongas, Time

Shoot, move, communicate. This was the clear, succinct analysis given by an Army major when asked to describe the key components of a military mission.

In three words, the major illustrated the reality of modern war theatres — one in which a soldier’s safety and success relies as much on mobility as it does on strength.

Clearly-drawn front lines have become a thing of the past, due to complex locations with ubiquitous enemy threats. In places like Afghanistan, the line is barely visible at all. Constant and pervasive danger makes agile movement a high priority for all soldiers, whether they are assigned directly to combat or not.

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My Comment: Improvements have been done .... but this is one of those instances where more needs to be done.

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