Monday, November 19, 2012

Was President Reagan Right On Missile Defense?

Reagan Vindicated: Missile Defense Works -- Max Boot, Commentary

The latest Gaza war is only a few days old, but already one conclusion can be drawn: missile defense works. This is only the latest vindication for the vision of Ronald Reagan who is emerging as a consensus pick for one of the all-time great U.S. presidents.

For it was Ronald Reagan who made missile defense a major priority for the U.S. and our allies. His 1983 speech on the subject was widely derided as “Star Wars” because he envisioned that some missile would be intercepted in space. For years critics claimed that it was impossible to intercept missiles in flight, or that at the very least it would be prohibitively expensive to do so. But now the U.S. West Coast is actually protected by a limited ballistic-missile defense system based primarily around satellites, sea-based Aegis and X-band radars, and Standard Missile-3 interceptors. We don’t know how the system would work in combat but it has been vindicated in testing.

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My Comment:
It is still too early to determine how successful Iron dome has been in stopping missile fire from Gaza .... but it appears that this form of missile defense can work. As to President Reagan's speech on missile defense .... he was referring to ballistic missile defense .... the missiles being used by Hamas are nowhere near the capability of ballistic missiles, and as such are easier to shoot down.

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