Sunday, December 30, 2012

As Syria Collapses, Bashar al-Assad Has Disappeared From The Public View

Syrian Leader Assad Said To Be Isolated, Fearful As Regime Faces Collapse -- Washington Post

His official portrait still refers to Bashar al-Assad as “The Hope” of the Syrian nation, but signs are increasing that the man who presides over Syria’s embattled government has little of it left for himself.

Accounts of conditions inside the Syrian regime in recent days have shed new light on the psychological toll of the nearly two-year-old civil war on Assad, depicting the Syrian leader as isolated and fearful as his regime appears to be on the verge of crumbling around him.

After months of nearly continuous setbacks for his government, Assad all but vanished from public view in recent weeks, giving no interviews or speeches and making no “live” appearances on state-run television. U.S. and Middle Eastern officials now say Assad is nearly as invisible within the shrinking world of his presidency, restricting contacts to a small circle of family members and trusted advisers.

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My Comment: When you read stories like this one .... that is when you know that one day he will be killed/assassinated.

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