Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life Under Al Qaeda Rule Was A Disater For One Yemen Province

Amputations, Beheadings And A Crucifixion: Horrific Stories From Yemen Where Al Qaeda Has Imposed Sharia Law -- Daily Mail

* Suspected sorcerer beheaded and alleged thief had hand amputated by Ansar al-Sharia militia
* Yemenis have suffered 'human rights catastrophe' in conflict between government and Al Qaeda group
* Dozens more killed during 'reckless' counter-insurgency by Yemen forces
* Charity says tragedy will 'haunt Yemen for decades' unless perpetrators are brought to justice

Al Qaeda committed 'truly shocking' human rights abuses including crucifixions and the beheading of an alleged sorceror during its 16 months in control of a southern region of Yemen, a report by Amnesty International claimed today.

The London-based charity has also released a video which appears to show a suspected thief having his hand amputated by the Ansar al-Sharia militia, which seized power of the Abyan governorate in February 2011.

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