Monday, December 10, 2012

Should President Obama Shakes The Hand Of South Korean Rapper PSY

The Moment Obama Shook Hands With The Rapper Who Sang 'Kill Those F****** Yankees': Outrage As Gangnam Sensation Psy Performs For President At Charity Concert -- Daily Mail

President Barack Obama has been pictured shaking hands with a South Korean rapper who sang about wanting to kill American soldiers.

PSY, born Park Jae-sang, performed at a White House charity event on Sunday, despite a deeply controversial performance in 2004 that has shocked and outraged American fans.

The rapper showed off his signature dance moves while performing 'Gangnam Style,' which has the most watched YouTube video in history.

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My Comment: It is only after the story broke that PSY (born Park Jae-sang) apologized. Hmmmm .... something tells me that he is not sincere. Unfortunately .... being one who has visited South Korea on numerous occasions since the mid-1980s .... PSY's (2004) opinions of the U.S. are shared by many of South Korea's youth. Many are vehemently anti-American .... and even more do not accept the official government policy that North Korea is a threat. As to President Obama shaking hands with such a rapper .... I am saying to myself that it is Christmas, and everyone should be forthcoming with good cheer.

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