Monday, December 10, 2012

The Tale Between An American Bomber Pilot And A German Ace

Photo: HONOR IN WARTIME:American WWII pilot Charlie Brown (left) was struggling to keep his damaged bomber airborne in the skies over Germany in 1943 when Luftwaffe ace Franz Stigler (right) flew alongside. Instead of firing, Stigler gave a salute.

Amazing Tale Of A Desperate WWII Pilot’s Encounter With A German Flying Ace -- New York Post

On Dec. 20, 1943, a young American bomber pilot named Charlie Brown found himself somewhere over Germany, struggling to keep his plane aloft with just one of its four engines still working. They were returning from their first mission as a unit, the successful bombing of a German munitions factory. Of his crew members, one was dead and six wounded, and 2nd Lt. Brown was alone in his cockpit, the three unharmed men tending to the others. Brown’s B-17 had been attacked by 15 German planes and left for dead, and Brown himself had been knocked out in the assault, regaining consciousness in just enough time to pull the plane out of a near-fatal nose dive.

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My Comment: No spoilers here, you will have to read the entire story.

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