Friday, December 28, 2012

Who Is Going To Be The Next U.S. Secretary Of Defense?

Michele Flournoy, right, with secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at her farewell gathering in January 2012. (Photo credit: Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo/ Department of Defense)

If Chuck Hagel Won't Be Secretary of Defense, Who Will Be? -- The Atlantic Wire

Will President Obama still choose Chuck Hagel, the suddenly embattled former Nebraska senator, as Leon Panetta's successor at the Pentagon? Several different comments came back to haunt Hagel since his name surfaced as the "likely" cabinet nominee, but over the long holiday weekend the opposition expanded from familiar Republican faces to a growing chorus. On Meet the Press, New York senator Chuck Schumer declined to say whether he endorsed Hagel's nomination, and while Politico's Mike Allen is already calling Hagel "toast," The Atlantic's Robert Wright and others quite rightly say the decision is still "in Obama's hands."

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My Comment: Sen. Hagel's past comments have come to haunt him .... both Republicans and Democrats are going to oppose him but for different reasons. Michèle Flournoy does not want the job .... she has a family that she wants to be with, not in some committee room arguing with politicians over defense cuts. Ashton Carter is an interesting possibility .... he has the background on defense procurement and budgetary issues, but politically .... he is unknown.

Hmmmm .... maybe President Obama will be forced to ask Leon Panetta to stay on the job for another year or two. Unlikely .... but a possibility .... after-all .... that was the reason why Bill Gates stayed as Sec. of Defense for an additional few years .... no suitable replacement.

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