Monday, January 7, 2013

Britain's First Private Navy In Almost Two Centuries Is Being Created To Take On Somali Pirates

Somali pirates hunting international shipping in the Indian Ocean

Glencore Chief Simon Murray Launches Private Navy To Combat Somali Pirate Threat -- The Australia/The Times

BRITAIN'S first private navy in almost two centuries is being created by a group of businessmen to take on the Somali pirates who are terrorising an expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Its armed vessels - including a 10,000-ton mother ship and high-speed armoured patrol boats - will be led by a former Royal Navy commodore. He is recruiting 240 former marines and other sailors for the force.

It will escort its first convoy of oil tankers, bulk carriers - and possibly an occasional yacht - along the east coast of Africa in late March or April.

Typhon, the company behind the venture, is chaired by Simon Murray, a millionaire businessman who joined the French Foreign Legion as a teenager and walked unsupported to the South Pole aged 63.

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Update #1:
British Private Navy to Wage War on Somali Pirates -- IBTimes
Update #2: Dad’s navy: Retired sea dogs to protect shipping from Somali pirates -- RT

My Comment: Somali piracy has declined in the past year .... but it is still there, and I am sure that for this 'private navy', there will be more than enough work for them

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