Friday, January 25, 2013

Do Drones Make Perpetual War Possible

U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Efren Lopez

Drones In Our Time -- Rosa Brooks, Foreign Policy

Why Obama was fibbing about America's wars coming to an end.

Philip Larkin, that famously crotchety British poet of political incorrectness, knew a lot about a lot. He knew a great deal, for instance, about the general f***ed-up-ness of families, the shimmering mirage of the sexual revolution, and the creeping fear of old age and death.

But he never even conceived of drones.

This, at any rate, was the thought that flew irrelevantly into my head as I listened to President Obama discuss "peace in our time" in his second inaugural speech. (And this, mamas and daddies, is also why you shouldn't let your babies grow up to be English majors: they will fritter away their time writing columns, and find any excuse to name-drop famous poets).

But really -- what would Larkin have made of drones?

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My Comment: Drones do not make war .... people make war. Drones are just a tool, and even if they were not in existence, wars and conflicts will still be happening. The only difference is that we will be having boots on the ground conducting the strikes against targets that our spies and intelligence agencies have spotted .... instead of drones.

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