Thursday, January 24, 2013

Has Famine Returned To North Korea?

North Korea's New, Man-Made Famine -- Todd Crowell, Real Clear World

TOKYO – Recent foreign visitors to Pyongyang are often impressed by the new construction that seems to be sprouting up everywhere in North Korea’s drab capital. New high-rise apartment buildings have been erected, department stores and theaters refurbished and even amusement parks and theme parks opened.

“Ever since Kim Jong-un assumed the position of supreme leader, the media in North Korea and visiting foreigners have reported on the beautifully developing capital, Pyongyang. But in the shadow of the ‘gorgeous’ capital a hidden famine has broken out,” says Jiro Ishimaru, chief editor of Asiapress in Osaka, a North Korean watchdog with numerous clandestine reporters throughout North Korea.

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My Comment: My friends and contacts in South Korea have been saying the same thing to me since November of last year .... a state of famine now exists in certain parts of North Korea.

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