Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 22, 2013

Algeria Hostage Crisis May Be Future Of Terrorism -- CNN

At this still inconclusive stage it is difficult to know exactly what the aim of the groups involved in the attack on the gas installation in Algeria was. Did they truly want to ransom the hostages they took or massacre them, and was money or punishment to the Algerian or French government’s the driving motivation? What is clear is that the incident has immediately captured international attention, highlighting again how terrorism continues to be a tool that can be used by groups to bring focus to their causes. The deadly operation itself further highlights the direction that we are likely to see Islamist terrorism continue to go in over the next few years.

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2,150 French Troops in Mali; Germany Balks at Aid -- Military.com/AP

Early Lessons From France’s Mali Action Emerge -- Defense News

Algeria hostage crisis: why even Britain's special forces might not have done much better -- The Telegraph

SAS and spy planes set for Mali as Britain offer more support in battle against 'terrorist scourge' of Al Qaeda -- Daily Mail

How The French Air War In Mali Really Went Down -- Business Insider

Japanese Deaths in Algeria Intensify Military Debate -- Wall Street Journal

Iran to Unveil New Defense Achievements in Days -- Fars News Agency (Iran)

European Drone Plan Seeks Political Backing as in Boost to EADS -- Bloomberg

Israel`s Defense Ministry tests 'upgraded' Iron Dome -- Jerusalem Post

Russia Sells Record $15 Bln of Arms in 2012 -- RIA Novosti

Russia ready for seeking a compromise with NATO on air defense -- Space Daily/Voice of Russia

China’s Focus on Aerospace Raises Security Questions -- New York Times

Marine commander: Taliban acting like Mafia --Marine Times

Latest U.S. military incident in Japan: apparent game of ding-dong ditch -- CNN

Gray Matter for Gray Hulls: The Intellectual Software Powering the U.S. Navy’s Asia-Pacific Rebalance -- Information Dissemination

Tiny Satellites To Give Warfighters a Bird's-Eye View of the Battlefield -- Raytheon

U.S. Complacency in Space? -- Space Daily

Satellite Hacks Proliferate -- Strategy Page

Intelligence: Data Masters See The Future -- Strategy Page

The Air Force Is Turning Combat Planes Into Airborne Wireless Routers -- Business Insider

DARPA Wants to Remake Manufacturing -- MIT Technology Review

Panetta: Drones to be 'continuing tool' of U.S. -- Politico

U.S. Services Detail Fiscal Crisis Impact -- Defense News

Fiscal crisis, budget battle mark Panetta's tenure
-- AP

Military cuts could mean 8,000 fewer soldiers at Fort Bragg -- NBC

Should U.S. Military Aid To Israel Be Cut? -- Brent E. Sasley, Daily Beast

Is it time for Congress to clip drones' wings?
-- Thomas Frisbie, Chicago Sun Times

Obama: U.S. To Maintain Global Presence -- Defense News

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