Monday, January 28, 2013

President Obama's Voices His Doubts On What To Do About Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, January 24, 2013. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Obama Says Struggling Over Whether To Intervene In Syria -- Reuters

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama said he has been wrestling with the question whether a U.S. military intervention in Syria's 22-month-old civil war would help resolve the bloody conflict or make things worse.

In a pair of interviews, Obama responded to critics who say the United States has not been involved enough in Syria, where thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced according to U.N. officials. Transcripts of both interviews were released on Sunday.

The United States has called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, and has recognized an opposition coalition - but has stopped short of authorizing U.S. arming of rebels to overthrow Assad.

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My Comment: The New Republic interview with President Obama is here .... the question on Syria is the last one.

Update: Two must read commentaries on President Obama's 'dilemma' over Syria:

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