Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Case Against Cluster Bombs

A US-made M42 unexploded cluster bomb found in southern Lebanon after the Israel-Lebanon conflict. (UNMACC/IRIN)

A Cluster Bomb Killed My Father -- Foreign Policy

It's time to outlaw these dangerous weapons once and for all.

As he did most days when I was home from university, my dad came into my room at six in the morning and placed a cup of Turkish coffee on my bedside table. He had been awake for a couple of hours, and he was getting ready to head back into the orchard under our house, in Bhamdoun, a picturesque town overlooking Beirut, to water the trees.

I had planned a "cleanliness campaign" that day with our Friends of Nature Club at the village. We had started the club that year as part of a fledgling environmental movement in Lebanon, but in the days following the Israeli invasion of 1982 we turned our attention to clearing up the rubble and debris of the aerial bombing of the Israel Defense Forces.

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