Monday, January 21, 2013

The CIA Will Get A Pass In The Counterterrorism ‘Playbook’

CIA Drone Strikes Will Get Pass In Counterterrorism ‘Playbook,’ Officials Say -- Washington Post

The Obama administration is nearing completion of a detailed counterterrorism manual that is designed to establish clear rules for targeted-killing operations but leaves open a major exemption for the CIA’s campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan, U.S. officials said.

The carve-out would allow the CIA to continue pounding al-Qaeda and Taliban targets for a year or more before the agency is forced to comply with more stringent rules spelled out in a classified document that officials have described as a counterterrorism “playbook.”

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Update: US targeted killings guidebook allows CIA drones in Pakistan: Report -- Express Tribune/AFP

My Comment:
No public consultation or debate. Everything is being done behind closed doors and in secret. If President Bush was doing this, the media and the pundit class will be on it 24/7 and we will have demonstrations occurring on a daily basis. But with this President .... nothing but deafening silence.

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