Friday, January 25, 2013

The Pros, Cons And Controversies Of Drone Warfare

Exploring Technology, Effectiveness, Consequences of Drone Warfare -- PBS News Hour 

PBS's NOVA explores the pros, cons and controversies of drone warfare, as well as the technology behind drone strikes. Jeffrey Brown discusses with Seth Jones of RAND Corporation and Chris Anders from the American Civil Liberties Union.    


JEFFREY BROWN: And now to our second story about the military: the turn to drone warfare in the hunt for terrorists. Tonight's edition of "NOVA" explores this sophisticated technology, its uses and the controversy it's stirred. This excerpt shows a U.S. military training exercise for those charged with directing drones to track and hit their targets.  

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My Comment: A must see for those who are interested in knowing how drone pilots are trained and where America's drone warfare is heading.

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