Thursday, January 17, 2013

U.S. Navy's Top Admiral Is 'Terrified' Of Sequestration

Photo Credit: US Navy

'We're Terrified' Of Sequestration's Impact On Readiness: Navy 4-Star -- Aol Defense

CRYSTAL CITY: Navy readiness is already under strain, America's top admirals say. And looming budget cuts will only make things worse. And they are very worried -- "terrified" about some effects -- about just how bad this may get.

The automatic budget cuts known as sequestration are set to slice 8.8 percent out of Navy operations and maintenance funding -- and about the same from almost every other federal government program -- starting in March. If Republicans and Democrats can't come to terms on how to avert the cuts, Deputy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has told the Navy to delay or cancel the regular "availabilities" in which ships are tied up in port for major maintenance.

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My Comment: So the top Admiral is now voicing what everyone else has been saying for the past few days on the US Navy's budget problems and how sequestration will limit it's ability to field an effective Navy. I say .... be prepared for an even worse scenario because even if sequestration kicks in, the budget deficit will still be unsustainable and even more cuts will be necessary.

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