Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When Will Captain Will Swenson Get His Medal Of Honor?

Former Army Capt. Will Swenson, center in red tie, is shown Sept. 15 at a White House ceremony where Dakota Meyer was presented the Medal of Honor by President Obama. Swenson is now being considered for the Medal of Honor, according to an officer who was with Task Force Mountain Warrior, the brigade that oversaw Swenson’s unit during the 2009 battle at Ganjgal. Rob Curtis / Staff

MOH Verdict Stalled At White House: Congressman -- Army Times

The long-delayed Medal of Honor nomination for a soldier credited with saving numerous lives more than three years ago in Afghanistan has been stalled at the White House for months awaiting approval, a congressman told Military Times on Monday.

Will Swenson’s nomination for the nation’s highest valor award reached the White House sometime during the summer, said Rep. Duncan Hunter, R.-Calif. It’s unclear why the award — once lost by Swenson’s Army command in Afghanistan — has not been approved.

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My Comment: Everyone who was involved in the battle of Battle of Ganjgal are in agreement that Captain Will Swenson's actions deserve a Medal of Honor .... including Medal of Honor recipient Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer who fought beside Captain Swenson during this battle. Why the delay .... I suspect that the reason why is that then Captain Will Swenson made the unforgivable error of criticizing the rules of engagement for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan .... and as a result some commanders lost their job and/or were demoted. This is Pentagon politics and payback at it's worse .... obstruction and obfuscation .... but with no one claiming responsibility for it.

I have been following this case for the past few years, for more info go to the following links.

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