Thursday, January 31, 2013

World News Briefs -- January 31, 2013 (Evening Edition)

Syria Warns Israel Of 'Surprise' Retaliation -- Al Jazeera

Diplomat's threat comes as Syrian ally Iran says air raid near Damascus will have significant implications for Israel.

Syria has threatened to retaliate for an Israeli air attack while its ally Iran says there will be repercussions for Israel over the attack.

Ali Abdul-Karim Ali, Syrian ambassador to Lebanon, said in Damascus on Thursday that Syria "has the option and the capacity to surprise in retaliation".

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White House warns Syria over 'weapons to Hezbollah'.

Suddenly it looks like Assad could win the Syrian war.

Syrian rebels make slow headway in south.

Factbox: Rising Syrian death toll, refugee wave.

Syria threatens Israel with retaliation.

Israeli jets strike deep inside Syria.

Israel strike on Syria 'unacceptable': Russia.

Iran threatens 'serious consequences' for Tel Aviv.

Israel may feel need to strike Syria again.

US Patriot deployment in Turkey mired in bureaucratic red tape.

Bahrain opposition leader wants crown prince at talks.

Diplomats: Iran prepared to up nuclear program.

Exclusive: Iran crude oil exports rise to highest since EU sanctions.

Kurdish militants dismiss Turkey withdrawal reports.

UN inquiry says Israel must end settlements.

Two militants, five soldiers killed in Yemen: sources.


North Korea placed under 'martial law', told to 'prepare for war'.

Gunman kills Pakistani Sunni leaders in apparent tit-for-tat hit.

“Will not repeat 1989 mistakes,” US assures Pakistan.

Pakistani Taliban enter fray around strategic NATO routes.

US and South Korea monitoring for third nuke test by North.

Japan ex-minister warns of Okinawa unrest, secession.

Clashes mark Bangladesh general strike. Scores hurt as Islamists take to Bangladesh streets over tribunal.

Exclusive: Austerity in India - Defense and welfare spending to be slashed.

Beijing takes steps to fight pollution as problem worsens.

In Vietnam, rage growing over loss of land rights.

Chinese court convicts two Tibetans for 'encouraging self-immolation'.


France says Mali mission 'succeeded'. The French are winning handily in Mali.

'Mali militants in disarray' after French air strikes.

With easy part of Mali mission almost over, Chad is poised to take lead.

France calls for Mali peace talks.

Egypt opposition gears up for protest after pledge to end unrest.

Egypt rivals hold rare meeting and call for dialogue. Egypt politicians renounce violence at crisis talks.

S. African convicts seek exoneration for apartheid-era crime.

Somalia: Anger over woman charged after alleging rape.


Candidate in Armenia’s presidential election shot and wounded.

Russia's freedoms crackdown 'worst since USSR fall'. Russia's 2012 crackdown worst since Soviet era -rights group.

Analysis: Italy's Monti struggles as Berlusconi takes revenge.

British political rivals unite against EU exit.

British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives in Libya.

Greek transport workers, doctors strike over austerity.

Poland hurt by EU aid freeze over suspicious road deal.

Spain's Rajoy, ruling party deny secret payment scheme.

EU peace fund to target young Northern Ireland loyalists.

City renames itself Stalingrad to mark battle.

Red Cross struggling to aid Europe's 'new poor'.


Biden and Donilon preparing for new nuclear discussions with Russia.

Argentina declines invitation to Falklands meeting.

Canadians' possible role in Algeria attack of great concern to U.S..

Suspension of U.S. debt limit wins final congressional approval.

Mexico City 'explosion' at Pemex, state oil giant.

US puts Colombian gang on drug kingpin list.

Colombian rebels say they have 'right' to take hostages, putting peace talks on edge.

Colombia rebels free seized oil workers, kill four soldiers.

Obama sees immigration deal within six months.

Cuba dissidents approved, denied for passports.

Huge Chinese expo center planned for Cancun riles Mexican businesses, environmentalists.

A look back at Clinton's years as top US diplomat.


Drone strike prompts suit, raising fears for U.S. allies.

U.S. faces new Al Qaeda threat as terror group's 'strike map' is revealed.

Guantanamo 9/11 suspect hearings face rough start.

U.S. policy toward countering al-Qaeda 2.0 (commentary).


BlackBerry shares slide as new devices face uphill battle.

Migrants' billions put aid in the shade.

EA boss denies video games encourage violent attacks.

Wall Street Journal 'also victim of China hacking attack'.

New York Times 'hit by hackers from China'.

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