Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Does The U.S. Navy Holds Its Commanders More Accountable Than Other Services?

Navy Woes: here is the USS Guardian, on the rocks. For the commanders of the USS Vandergrift last fall in Vladivostok, the problem was vodka on the rocks. Navy photo

The Navy Ethos -- Mark Thompson, Battleland

The accompanying photograph is painful to see. It not only documents the “complete loss” of the $277 million USS Guardian minesweeper, which ran aground off the Philippines last month, but it is likely to signal the end of one or more Navy careers (we’ll have to wait to see how much blame a lousy chart ultimately is assigned).

But not only has the Navy has issued several statements about the calamity, it has published at least two photographs. We posted the first here on Battleland last Friday – under the headline USS Scrap — and we’re publishing the second today (the service even distributed it as one of its Photos of the Day).

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My Comment: I for one am glad that the US Navy airs it's dirty laundry. It gives me the opportunity to post something in this blog on those "quiet" days.

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