Friday, February 8, 2013

If Defense Cuts Occur, The USS George Washington May Be The Only Carrier Ready To Respond To A Crisis

USS George Washington (CVN-73). Wikipedia

If Cuts Take Effect, GW May Be Only Carrier Ready To Respond To A Crisis -- Stars and Stripes

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — The USS George Washington may be the Navy’s only aircraft carrier that will be ready to respond to a crisis later this year if Congress does not cancel billions of dollars of automatic spending cuts set to take effect next month.

The Navy has canceled ship maintenance and other projects to make up for a $4.6 billion funding shortfall it faces in 2013 because it is operating under a temporary congressional resolution limiting the Pentagon to 2012 spending levels.

Most of the immediate cuts are concentrated on larger bases in the United States and spare Navy operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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My Comment: If the US Navy wants to "scare" the American public, the U.S. government, and our allies with reports like this one .... they are doing a very good job.

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