Friday, February 8, 2013

The Inside Story Of One Of Afghanistan’s Deadliest Battles


Defending The "Indefensible": Inside One Of Afghanistan’s Deadliest Battles -- CNN 

Next week, President Barack Obama will award former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha the nation's highest award for combat valor for his actions in repelling a deadly insurgent onslaught in Afghanistan in October 2009. He is the fourth living recipient to receive the award for service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Romesha describes his thoughts about seeing Combat Outpost Keating for the first time. The remote outpost was at the foot of three large mountains and surrounded by a river on one side as well. By all military standards, the base was virtually impossible to defend because of the looming mountains that would ultimately give the Taliban a tactical advantage to shoot down into the base and offer deep cover to those fighters in the rocky mountainsides.

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WNU Editor: There is even more on Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha here, who for his actions at Combat Outpost Keating will receive the Medal of Honor at the White House next week.

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