Friday, March 1, 2013

Civil War In Syria -- News Updates March 1, 2013

Damascus In The Grip Of A Tense Stalemate -- L.A. Times

As Syrian rebels try to break through to the capital, the government keeps tight control of the city core, as well as strategic roads out should it need to escape.

BEIRUT — Rebel forces have dug in to the north, east and south of Syria's capital, occupying stretches of suburban and rural terrain and threatening to break through to the heart of Damascus.

Government troops have largely pulled back to a well-defended core, including the city center and loyal bastions to the west.

After nearly two years of fighting in Syria that has mostly spared the capital, an uneasy stalemate reigns in Damascus. In recent days, the city has experienced mortar attacks and car bombings, while the military has responded in its usual fashion: withering bombardment of outlying rebel strongholds.

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More News On Syria's Civil War

Syria Live Blog -- Al Jazeera
Syria crisis: Scud missile lands in Iraq - Friday 1 March 2013 -- The Guardian

Syrian rebel chief says his fighters are in desperate need of weapons, not food, bandages -- Washington Post/AP
Violent clashes continue in Syria as Russia criticizes Western support of rebels -- FOX News/AP
U.S. vow of non-lethal aid for Syrian rebels fails to satisfy Assad opposition
-- McClatchy News
New Syrian Aid Slammed by Rebels -- Wall Street Journal
Rebels unenthused by new Syrian aid -- UPI
Aid to Syrian Opposition Falls Short of Expectations -- Voice of America
Rebels receive training for fight against Assad -- The Australian
Syria crisis: European countries expected to start arming rebels -- The Guardian

Syria, Moscow condemn US aid to rebels
-- Global Post/AFP
Moscow says US aid for Syria helps 'extremists' -- Christian Science Monitor
Russia condemns Western help for Syrian opposition, says more civilian suffering inevitable -- Washington Post/AP
Russia says "Friends of Syria" encourage extremists -- Reuters
Russia says ‘Friends of Syria' decisions encourage extremism -- RT
Friends of Syria Group ‘Encourages Extremists’ - Moscow -- RIA Novosti

Map of the Northern Front of the Syrian War -- New York Times
Clashes raging near military facilities in Syria's Aleppo -- Xinhuanet
Syria regime blamed for massacre of 72 people near Aleppo -- The National
Syria Massacre: Government Forces Accused Of Executing 72 People In Malkiyeh -- Huffington Post/AFP
Activists: Bodies of 10 men, most of them shot in the head, found by road near Syrian capital -- FOX News/AP
Syria jihadists take Iraq border post: watchdog -- AFP
Once a curiosity, captured tanks a growing part of Syrian rebels' arsenal -- Stars and Stripes/McClatchy News
Syrian Rebel Leader Deals With Old Ties to Other Side -- New York Times
Syrian rebel put his dreams on hold in civil war -- Denver Post/AP
Syria rebels say looting fighters to be punished -- Swiss Info

Syria conflict: Suspicions of deeper Hezbollah role grow -- BBC
Syria rebels accuses Hezbollah of attack -- UPI
Syria Rebels: Hezbollah occupying border villages -- Ya Liban

Syria Rebels Seek Premier-in-Waiting as U.S. Steps Up Help -- Bloomberg
US help might see Syrian rebels form alternate govt -- RT
Fighting Shortages, Syrian Civilians Take Reins in Rebel Areas -- New York Times
Kerry discusses Syria crisis in Turkey -- Al Jazeera

Syria risks "dissolution", U.N. chief says -- Reuters
Syria heading towards 'dissolution': Ban -- Global Post/AFP
Syria's Assad deluded by his inner circle, U.N. envoy Brahimi says -- Reuters

Decisive time in Syria's war
-- Kansas City/Miami Herald editorial
Can aid without weapons help resolve Syrian conflict? -- Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC News

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