Saturday, March 16, 2013

Co-Founder Of Khmer Rouge Regime Dies Before End Of Genocide Trial

The Mass Killer Who Has Escaped Justice By DYING: Pol Pot's Brother-In-Law And Co-Founder Of Brutal Khmer Rouge Regime Dies Before End Of Genocide Trial -- Daily Mail

* Ieng Sary was on trial at international tribunal over his Khmer Rouge past
* Was Pol Pot's brother-in-law and third most powerful figure in regime
* Death raises fears that no members of regime will be punished for crimes

One of the leaders of Cambodia's brutal communist Khmer Rouge regime has died aged 87 before he could be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity.

Ieng Sary was on trial for causing the deaths of 1.7million people in association with his brother-in-law Pol Pot, one of the most bloodthirsty dictators of the 20th century.

His death has raised fears that the two remaining defendants in the special Khmer Rouge tribunal might not survive until a verdict is reached, meaning that no one will be prosecuted for the reign of terror which engulfed the south-east Asian country in the 1970s.

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My Comment: No justice for the families .... none at all.

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oldfatslow said...

I haven't read enough about
the politics of all this, but I
can't understand how so little
has been done to bring the
Khmer Rouge leaders to
justice. Maybe the current
leaders of Cambodia all
have compromised pasts
they think will be brought
to light.