Thursday, March 14, 2013

France And The U.K. Want To End The Arms Embargo Against Syria's Rebels

France and Britain are pushing for an arms embargo on Syria to be lifted so they can help rebel forces. Daily Mail

France, Britain To Push EU To End Syria Arms Ban: Fabius -- Reuters

(Reuters) - France and Britain want an urgent European Union meeting, possibly this month, to persuade their allies to lift an embargo on supplying arms to the Syrian opposition, France's foreign minister said on Thursday.

The two countries accuse Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of gambling on a military victory, and hope the threat of arming the rebels will force him into talks and a transition of power after a two-year-old conflict that is destabilizing the region.

Following Britain's line, Laurent Fabius warned on Thursday that Paris could break with the embargo, which in any case will lapse on May 31 unless all 27 EU states agree to renew it. That could pave the way for arms supplies to rebels.

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