Monday, March 4, 2013

Half Of Britain's Special Forces Could Go

Revealed: Nearly Half Of Special Forces Could Go In Deepest Cuts In 50 Years -- The Telegraph

The elite units could be cut by up to 40 per cent, with two famous Territorial SAS regiments being “demoted” to serving with the regular Army, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

The restructuring programme is designed to return the Special Forces to their pre-Iraq War footing as a smaller, less expensive, but highly capable covert organisation.

The proposals will be presented by the director of Special Forces – the officer in control of the Special Air Service (SAS), the Special Boat Service (SBS) and other units – to Gen Sir David Richards, the Chief of the Defence Staff, in the next few weeks.

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My Comment: The British government is calling this "restructuring" .... I call this "gutting".

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Orion said...

Doesn't surprise me.

They've been gutting their military for years.

They no longer have much of a Navy or an Air Force, they lack most any form of transport, etc.

Why keep expensive troops around you lack the will, or the methods, to use?

The UK has decided to go quietly into that good night. They're far from the first nation to have come and gone on those isles. I'll miss them.