Friday, March 1, 2013

Moderate Syrian Rebels Are Working With Islamists

A member of the Nasr Brigade, a Syrian rebel group, inspects a newly arrived rocket propelled grenade launcher in Kfar Nbouda, Syria | David Enders/MCT

Rebel Cooperation In Syrian Town Shows Challenge Of Isolating Islamists -- McClatchy News

KFAR NBOUDA, Syria — Sophisticated new weapons now in the hands of rebels in north-central Syria underscore how difficult it will be, once more lethal aid begins to arrive, to keep those weapons from Islamist extremists who’ve become key to rebel military advances throughout the country.

Rebels who belong to the Victory Brigade – a group whose alliance with the Hama provincial military council makes it acceptable to U.S. officials who are deciding where aid should go – were giddy as they showed off their new weapons this week. They included Russian-made RPG-27s – shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenades capable of piercing the armor on the Syrian military’s most advanced tanks – and RG6 grenade launchers, another Russian-designed weapon, this one capable of spewing projectiles that explode on contact.

But the brigade doesn’t fight alone, and a video that another rebel group, the Islamist Ahrar al Sham, posted to YouTube this month showed fighters using the same kinds of weapons in an assault that was coordinated with the Victory Brigade.

“Of course they share their weapons with us,” said Ali Ankir, a spokesman for Ahrar al Sham. “We fight together.”

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My Comment: The enemy of my enemy is my friend .... we are seeing this rule being played out by Assad's enemies in Syria today.

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fred lapides said...

in this case: the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy...perhaps we ought to let them kill each other off?

Assad a rotten dictator who kept Iran at bay for some time...the rebels have a lot of jihadists and they are interested in harming the West!