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Pentagon's Sequestration Briefing - -March 1, 2013

In his first press briefing as defense secretary, Chuck Hagel discusses the onset of the sequester and the grave impact it will have on national security and military readiness during a briefing at the Pentagon, March 1, 2013. After taking initial questions from reporters, Hagel introduced Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who provided details on the impending steep cuts. DOD photo by Glenn Fawcett

Chuck Hagel On Defense Budget Cuts Under Sequestration: 'We're Adjusting To The Realities' -- NBC

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday that the cuts under sequestration “will cause pain” and potentially impact readiness ”across our force,” but avoided any doomsday scenario for the impact on national security. Hagel also expressed optimism the White House and Congress would come to an agreement to head off any serious consequences.

In his first briefing for reporters, Hagel said America “has the most capable, the most powerful fighting force in the world” and the Pentagon will “not allow this capacity to erode.” Hagel added “we’ll do what we need to do to assure the capabilities of our forces.”

“We’re adjusting to the realities.”

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