Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Chinese View On U.S. Military Cuts

Sequestration: How China Sees The Prospect Of U.S. Military Cuts -- Marketplace

Now that a budgetary doomsday scenario has been laid out for the world’s largest military, you might think China would see this as its golden opportunity to assert itself regionally. Think again, says Jin Canrong, International Relations Professor at Beijing’s Renmin University.

"In the coming years the defense budget will be cut, but the military power of the United States is far ahead of China," says Jin.

But China’s catching up. Last September, Beijing revealed the country’s first aircraft carrier. Ten years ago, the U.S. spent 19-times what China spent on defense. This year, it was down to 5-times.

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My Comment: The Chinese are not going to cut their defense budget .... their goal has always been to be the dominant military power in Asia .... and that is where they are going even if it takes another two or three decades to achieve it.

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